Foscam IP Camera (Part Two)

Jul 23, 2009

I have to add an update (already) on the FI8908W that I presented earlier, and this time, there's good news for Linux, Mac and Firefox users! (corresponding firmware for fi8909w-NA and fi8903/04w here)

Since people at Foscam already proved very responsive, I sent them another question about the chances to see some support for non-ActiveX browsers in a future firmware.

While I expected something like "sorry, this is not planned for this product", the actual answer was:
"Here is an updated firmware with server push mode (for Firefox, chrome an such) and also the method to directly intercept the video stream into VLC"...!!!

To the reply was attached a newer firmware and Web UI to replace the original and Web UI
After that update, the login page presented an additional login section for the non-ActiveX browsers (Server Push Mode).
IP Camera login page

The control interface is similar to the operator interface of the ActiveX version presented earlier (no visitor section, so, no sound control and no multi-device support), but this time, it's platform independent!

I only started to play with the new interface today, but here are some possibilities already:

Loading the live view directly:

Taking a snapshot from the camera (convenient when accessing from a mobile phone):

Loading the stream into a media player such as VLC:

Below is the updated verdict:

+ Good set of features
+ Good image quality day and night
+ Responsive technical support
+ Platform Independent, Linux friendly, Apple friendly, Mobile Phone...
+ Video stream can be intercepted into VLC

- UPnP still not usable
- Poor embedded speaker quality

A word of caution about non-Foscam clones and firmware update:
I became aware that some ip cameras exactly similar in look to the fi8908w are using a totally different firmware. Their fw cannot be flashed on Foscam and Foscam fw cannot be flashed on them. This would instantly turn your device into a paperweight.

With recent feedback, it appears that the cameras sold by DealExtreme are not specifically from Foscam. On eBay, it's also a mix and if you are lucky, the seller will show some screenshots of the interface on his page.

If the interface of your camera looks like any of these:

...chances are that you have a camera that is not compatible with Foscam firmware.

Pay also attention to the box appearance when showed by the seller (Foscam box look like this).

So beware, don't try to mix and match, it takes just 10 seconds to brick your toy forever!


  1. @Christian
    I'm familiar with power outages in my area but (so far) it I never really affected my cameras.
    Check if the ip camera tool can detect your camera.
    Otherwise plug it to the Ethernet and try to re-configure it from there.

  2. I have and i can only connect wirelessly if there is no security.

    anyone having similar problems?

  3. I upgraded to and now I can connect!

  4. Hello Bubbah,
    could you say me the different model names of that "foscam clone":
    Maygion, EasyNP ????? don't know ??

    here is the picture:

    Best regards

  5. hi there,
    is there a new firmware for our ipcams ?
    i still wait that hidden ssid work

    i sent mail to foscam, i wait

  6. @paillassou
    Salut paillassou, I think that's a Netwave (
    The model would be RC-CS301WPT2, you need to select Chinese to see some updated content (use Google translate).
    When tracing a Foscam, there are mentions of netwave in the datastream, so I wonder if they are maybe the originators of the Foscam firmwares.

  7. i can rarely get my camera to work wirelessly. i often have to reset multiple times before i can find the IP.

  8. Pins 1 and 2 are controlled by a ZANTY Z12-5 reed relay. If you click on the chain icon in the operator device control, the normally open contacts of pins 1 and 2 will close until you click on the break-chain icon. If “I/O Linkage on Alarm” is set, Pins 1&2 will close upon a short of pins 3&4, and remain closed until reset by click on the break-chain icon.

    The current limits for the ZANTY Z12-5 dry reed relay connected between I/O Alarm pins 1 & 2 are a Maximum current of 1A/24VDC, 500mA/125VAC (24W), resistive. Use appropriate protection R/C circuits with inductive or capacitive loads.

    Six still photos are attached to the “EXTERN ALARM” email regardless of closure time, although a short of pins 3&4 of at least .5 second is required to trigger an alarm.

    During a power cycle closed contacts will open and stay open.

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  10. I found that these cameras sometimes have trouble connecting wirelessly (sure most of you are having this problem) Taking it for granted you have set the thing up correctly, i have found if you plug in the cat5 cable into the camera, dont plug the other end into anything it is a lot more stable and well accessible. I know this makes no sense as to why; perhaps it somehow increases wireless signal strength with the cable plugged in (I know is make no send b4 you all respond, just try it !) !?!?!

  11. Foscam release a new firmware:

    web ui firmware

  12. Hello Bubbah,

    I recently purchased a genuine Foscam.
    Got a couple of questions:

    A) is there a command to set the frame rate permanently to a certain frequency? It seems that the GUI lets me change it, but then after login off and login in to view the image it seems that it is not set permanent.

    B) is ther a command to turn off the blinking light? My wife would like to throw the cam outside because of the blinking light

    C) is there a command to turn off the infrared lights? They seem pointless as I have the cam pointing against a window and at night they just produce glare.

    D) When nobody is viewing the foscam does the camera produce upstream traffic? My line has only 256 kbps usptream and I would like to know if there is nobody watching the stream, does the camera incur traffic (besides marginal DYNDNS trafic, etc).

    I updated to the latest Firmware thanks to your help.

    Please let me knwo if you have the answer to any of my questions.

  13. A) yes, with the latest firmware, as explained here

    B) this camera is wife-proof!

    C) You'll need to either disconnect the led ring from inside the camera, or, simpler, apply some black tape on them.

    D) nope, the stream is only generated on request. Other traffic sources can be the auto-upload of pictures when the alarm function is used, the email alerts.

    Have also a look here

    Have fun!

  14. Thanks for the great reply.
    As for the first question I am unable to find the command.

    Could you write it out here please?
    In the link you refered to it shows how to set the patrol rate and something else. Both work for me, but I can't find the full command for setting the frame rate.

    This would be much appreciated.


  15. Hi Felix,
    well, the frame rate can be changed when using the videostream.cgi of videostream.asf, but I don't know if you can set this otherwise. I would imagine something workign with the set_misc.cgi command but it is not documented.
    The .cgi command can be used with Firefox or Chrome to get the video stream, while the .asf will allow VLC to intercept the video+audio.

    Typical url would look like this:

    Typical VLC command line:
    vlc -vvv

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  17. Hello Bubbah

    I have:
    Device Firmware Version
    Device Embeded Web UI Version

    The cam is working both externally and internally, however, I can't get my FTP and Mail settings to work.

    I have checked my FTP settings and they are correct, worked and tested on XP DOS prompt as well. I tested my Mail settings via Thunderbird and it works.

    Not sure how else I can troubleshoot? Thanks first for your help.

  18. @Jerry
    try to see if the settings have been really saved in the camera by using this url:
    It will display your configuration.
    If you see missing parameters, try ActiveX interface on IE for this, it tends to work slightly better than the push server mode which seems to not always save the changes.

    Also make sure that you are using standard ports and also no SSL host, that's not supported by the camera (see the faq for ip cameras on this blog).
    Always "apply" the settings before testing.

    I hope this helps

  19. Hi, I have 2 foscam cameras. Problem is although I have configured both of them, when I launch the IP Camera tools, they cannot appear together. One will appear and disappear, the 2nd one will then appear and disappear. Can you please help?

  20. Regarding using ISP SMTP servers:

    Please enter your ISP email address in the "Sender" field.

    If you enter something random, it may show a Test...Failure message

  21. Hi Bubbah,

    I got my FTP working now, thanks! But, my E-Mail setup is now returning this message.

    "Test ... Failed
    The message is denied by the server. Maybe because of the anti-spam privacy of the server

    Any ideas? Thanks again for all your help.

  22. That's possibly because you're specifying a smtp server that uses SSL (like Google). Check the faq on this blog.

  23. OK Dumb question I know......I have got a Foscam clone I bought on Ebay, or maybe it is real I don't know, It said on the spec that the chroma and saturation are controllable, so can someone tell me how?? Are any IP cameras available that have adjustable saturation, white balance etc. The camera i have got has a very good quality pic, nice and sharp but the colours are all washed out which is a shame.....

  24. how to turn down the micrphone sensitivity? I can hear constant beeping even when I put the fi8908 in a dead quiet area.

  25. @TY
    there's no control over the microphone sensitivity, however you should check for any device causing interferences nearby the camera.

  26. @Bubbah
    I have found nothing that can cause interference. Here is what it sounds like when there is no noise around.

  27. Hi there - I have 3 of the Foscam IPcam02 models (FW I set them up and they all work very well on the wireless network, e-mail notification, etc. However, I can't seem to get access to them from the internet. I have assigned each of them an IP address and set up DynDNS as the manual says but I can't get it to work. I have tried to set up UPnP and DDNS from the camera admin panel but I get errors (port conflict). I use a Linksys router but I haven't changed any settings on it yet as I'm not sure what to do.

    Any suggestions?

  28. @Paul
    You should have a look a this post:
    "How to access your IP camera from the Internet"

    The best approach is to setup the DDNS only on the router as well as the necessary port forwarding. The 3 cameras can use port 80 in your intranet because they have different intranet ip's, but you'll need to set up a different entry point from the Internet int he form of a different external port, i.e: incoming external port 80 to internal cam1:80, incoming external port 82 to internal cam2:80, and so on. It's all explained in the article.

  29. Hi there - thanks very much for the info. I've set it up as described but I still can't access from the internet. Just as a co nfirmation, I set the DynDNS host to point to my router's external IP address. Is that correct? If so, then I think my issue is with my router settings but I don't know enough about this. Any suggestions (I'm using a Linksys router).

    Thanks again.

  30. @Paul
    On the host setup page in, you will see what DynDNS detected as your external IP address. This is likely to match the address your router is using and that has been given by the ISP.
    If you want to put DDNS out of the equation for the beginning, go to and use the ip address returned to test your access from the Internet. Note that you may not be able to test your external access from within your own intranet.

  31. @Paul
    A good link to help you troubleshooting:

  32. Still no luck. The strange thing is that the internet IP address shown on my router status page is different from the one I get through dynDNS or whatismyip. I've tried both and neither work but I wonder if this is the issue.

  33. hi, I purchased two fi8908w but when listening from PC or look at a registration, the audio from the internal microphone has a boring pulsing sound
    Is It right?

  34. Hi there,

    I have got one of the clones. Is there any newer firmware for these and is it possible to turn off the ir at night


  35. Hello Bubbah,

    I have successfully been able to configure the Foscam FI8908W for wireless operation and have set up a DNS through DynDNS. When I was at home I was able to access the camera through the address that I set up with DynDNS. I used port 8005. I was able to see and operate the camera when I was on the same network, but now that I am away using a network at someone elses house I cannot gain access to the camera at all. Can you please help me? I have a linksys wrt54gs router. Is this a common problem? What am I missing?

    Thank you

  36. @Matt
    It could be that you didn't setup the port forwarding. Check this page for a comprehensive guide:

  37. Hi Bubbah! Great site for an IP Cam beginner as I am.
    I bought on Ebay a genuine Foscam FI8908W, firmware upgraded to, Web UI version to Everything works fine inside the LAN, wired and wireless.
    My problem: I can connect from the internet ONLY if the home PC is on and the “IP Camera Tool” software have been launched. If I close the Tool after a while the external connection is not possible anymore, and it is available again as soon as I launch IP Camera Tool: this makes my ip camera unuseful if I’m not at home. Is it a known issue? Thank you!

  38. ADDENDUM: IP Camera Tool currently installed is
    IP Camera Tool Version:
    IP Camera ActiveX Control Version:

  39. Help needed with FTP settings!
    I cant configure the FTP settings
    It requests

    FTP Server
    FTP Port (Defaulted to 21)
    FTP User
    FTP Password
    FTP Upload Folder
    FTP Mode (defaulted to PORT)

    Ive set up an FTP server with Filezilla
    put in all the settings but when I hit "Test"
    a pop up links straight to DynDns domain I set up to point to the IP Camera???

    and states
    "Test Failed cannot connect to server"
    also in the URL it adds /test_ftp.htm
    after my unique Dyndns domain name?

    Why is it pointing the test to my domain and not to the Filezilla FTP account?
    Please help, and any advice on the above
    settings Thanks Ant

  40. Hi there, please forget about my post as above on FTP, I have solved it after seeing that Bubbah advised earlier in this blog that the DDNS settings should not be in use. I reset them
    now my FOSCAM sends video to a file on my laptop, I can only assume is via LAN ??

    It all works fine, until I shut down the FOSCAM link or website, then it wont record? Does this mean there has to be an active window to the website or ip? Please advise

  41. Hello im having a problem with FTP and email. My ISP have SMTP-server with no SSL-authentication and im having 2 different FTP servers. But when i try to test the email or ftp connection, camera just get stuck at TEST... and i can wait over 10minutes and nothing happens not even failed. So any suggestions? Everything else is working great..

  42. Hello all, great forum and some fantastic advice. Well done.

    I am a network engineer with over 10 years experience working on hardcore networks. This camera nearly broke my heart. For those of you experiencing issues with WiFi then perhaps you can try what worked for me.

    I tried every possible configuration before realising that the camera's firmware has a very poor implementation of the wireless encryption protocols. I only managed to connect by scaling back to WPA-PSK [TKIP] and using a simple passphrase with only 9 characters. Those characters are only letters or numbers. This is not massively secure and I am not happy I had to scale back my security to get this POS working. I should also mention that I am running and

    I couldn't have got this far if it was not for all of the quality posts on this forum. Really well done guys.

  43. I spoke too soon. These cameras really are complete rubbish. Without changing anything it has dropped off the network and won't connect without disabling encryption. I am going to enjoy riping this thing apart piece by piece. Fed up of buying cheap crap from China!!!!!!!!!

  44. Back again. I am eating humble pie. I persevered and changed routers from a Netgear WNR2000 to a Belkin N1 Vision (I have an attic full of networking kit)

    Bam, worked straight away using the highest level of encryption and a massively complex pass phrase.

    For whatever reason, the camera just did not want to play with the Netgear. I retract my previous statement. It's not that much of a POS. Still, I shouldn't have to change router to get this working.

  45. I ordered and received 3 Foscam IP cams last week: 2 x FI8909W-NA and 1 x FI8908W Wifi pan/tilt camera. I'm a mac user.

    After some trying I succeeded in wireless connecting to a FI8909W. Works fine, also via the internet with the build-in DDNS function.

    I also succeeded in linking to the second FI8909W, but all I see is a black square. No video whatsoever. I suppose there is something wrong with the cam. I'll send it back next Monday.

    But what I would like some help with, is with the FI8908W. I'm able to connect with a ethernet cable, I find the IP address, I can log in to the camera by typing that IP into my browser. I see the live video, and I'm able to fill in all my Lan settings (SSID, WPA password, ...) and basic network settings. I give the camera an IP address (for example and reboot the cam.

    Then (within 30 seconds) I remove the ethernet cable. After a while the LED on the camera blinks rapidly, meaning it found my wireless network. But I'm not able to connect wireless.

    What could be the problem?

  46. I realize you mainly deal with Foscam cameras but maybe you can help !

    I am using IP cameras from two different suppliers in China namely MWR and Tenvis. I am also streaming this to Active Webcam V 11.5 and I am getting great results. ( As far as I am concerned this is great motion detection/recording software with very nice and handy features.)

    The original problem was that AW 11.5 did not have any of these makes as a "standard" option so I had to search and experiment for quite some time to get the "setup string" for the cameras. I now get good results for video but so far have been unable to get the setup string for audio, especially for the Tenvis camera.
    If I access the camera via IE I can get the audio as well but as I understand from the manufacturer, this is "built into" the firmware when using IE. ( Only IE works...but not Firefox )

    Now, my question is:

    Does any one have an idea how I should go about finding the string for the audio ? In the AW software there is a section to do the audio setup but I have no idea what this should be.
    Help would be greatly appreciated !

  47. @martinco
    it seems that MWR at least shares the same CGI instructions set as the Foscam cameras (some clues found here:
    So I don't know for AW, but, for instance, with VLC, you would use a command line like this:
    vlc -vvv http://ipcam-url/videostream.asf?resolution=32
    videostream.asf deals with streaming sound and video (while videostream.cgi sends only video).
    You will find several posts with information that likely can be used with your MWR. Check the Faq for IP Cameras, Shortcuts to CGI functions, third-party software for Ip camera, ...
    For tenvis, I would suggest that you try contacting them directly to obtain some SDK reference document (

  48. Thanks Bubbah,

    The MWR cameras respond well to the .asf string, however the "resolution=32" freaks it out.
    With regards to the other make, they are either ignorant or simply do not want to pass on such info.
    They want the customer to use their software which is totally lacking in versatility. They actually sent me the SDK but I had a HDD crash in the meantime and lost that info........pity !

    The following is the setup string for video:

    Does the above string help ? Can you maybe suggest some possibilities ?

  49. I have managed to get a "source" file from the IE picture in notepad format. I can email that to you if this can help.

  50. Bubbah,

    Sorry for the monologue but I have found the SDK for the camera. Can I email this to you ?

  51. Can anybody tell me how to record video, everything else works fine except I don't know how to record video, I know the is suppossed to be conected to a computer and the computer is suppossed to be on, but how do connect the camera to the computer (should I do it trough ethernet cable?)How and where do I configure the path to save all videos to my connected laptop? please if somebody can help me write at

  52. @Juan Carlos
    Recording is only possible from the ActiveX interface (for IE only). It's one of the ugly little icons in the "for visitors" section.
    Otherwise, it can be done using a third party client software as presented on this blog (in Third Party Software for Ip cameras)
    VLC can also be used (see "Faq for ip cameras")

  53. Hi guys,

    I've just received my Foscam FI8908W, and since I only Linux at home, I've been playing with the asf streaming.

    Have you noticed that, after a continuous playback from mplayer or vlc, the image/sound gets delayed?

    I mean, if I connect to the asf stream, during the first moments, the image I receive is more ore less live (less that one sec of delay), but after some minutes, this delay gets bigger.



  54. Hi;
    I have problem with ftp server. I cannot transfer the video files with my foscam ip camera. Differnt kinds of errors occure. Isn't ther any embeded ftp client in the camera. Is there any free ftp server that would solve the problem? i would appreciate if anyone can help me through.

  55. @Ahmad
    the ipcam ftp is only for sending (still) pictures to a remote storage when the motion alarm is triggered. For videos you'd need to use an external application. Check the post "Third-Party software for Foscam IP Cameras" for some suggestions.

  56. HI
    I have Foscam 8908W that recently lost the wireless function.I can use it with the LAN but no wireless no matter what I try.Does this mean wireless radio has died?Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  57. hello
    First thanks to Bubbah for hosting this forum for our benefit.I recently had a series of emails back and forth with Foscam tech support and it was finally decided that my 6 month old 8908 had a defective wifi module.They told me to go back to the authorized seller and deal with them or mail it back to China.I live in Canada.We all know that to send anything back to China is not worth the cost because the postage is usually more or equal to the cost of item and they take advantage of it.They could have had a happy customer for a lousy $5 part but instead chose to dick me around.Just a word of caution to future ip camera buyers be aware that once you receive your item from Foscam you are on your own.Learn from my experience and you will not have a camera sitting in trash can.Thanks for reading and once again thank you to Bubbha for allowing us to vent our experiences good and bad.I also have an Axis and Linksys that preform great and no pink trees.

  58. Thank you for supporting the Foscam. Without the information learned in your blog, I was ready to send mine back.

    I learned something that may help others. While struggling for many hours trying to get the WiFi to work, I found that after I initiated the WiFi set up on the camera I should then START A NEW SESSION on the IP CAMERA TOOL. Previously I had been going back to the existing "Device Management" or the "Device Status" expecting the camera to show up (after unplugging the Cat 5 cable). It does not work this way, at least on my IMac. But by starting a new session in the IP Camera Tool I was able to make the WiFi work. I wish I had realized this earlier as it would have saved me many hours of frustration.

    Now to see if I can figure out how to make the other features work.

    Keep up the good work with this very helpful blog.

    Bret C

  59. I just bought a Foscam (original) and it is working fine..
    I cannot use the motion detector because it is pointed at the street. I believe if I short pins 3+4 it will do the same thing , ie trigger the alarm... But I believe they need to be shorted for 5 seconds which is a long time (thief/visitor already at the door) is there a way round this?

  60. I have Foscam FI8908W (no logo) camera with System Firmware version and Web UI

    In the PDF guide for the upgrade they ask to contact the support before upgrading.

    I would like to upgrade to the latest version: and

    is it ok ? Won't it crush my camera? Do I need to upgrade to other firmware and then to the latest?

  61. Hello,

    Need help to setup my mail service settings. I can view the camera home and work althoughi do have "UPnP Failed: Errors in Chat with UPnP Device" Do i need to fix this first?

    Does anybody using ymail or yahoo or gmail that can receive alarm?

    Sender :
    smtp port:465

    Are those correct?

  62. @J.Claude
    don't worry about the uPnP, it does that to me as well. I think it only works if you setup the ddns from the camera.
    For the email, you must find a non-SSL host, that's your current problem. See pt #3 in the "FAQ for IP Cameras".
    note: you can still send emails to yahoo or gmail even if your setup a different smtp server. Try the one from your own ISP or mobile operator, they often don't even require a login.

  63. J.Claude said...
    Thanks. Seems all is good now. I can receive mails at work but 1 think i have one last thing to resolve- Am getting emails for url change but it is not sending me any pics on motion alarm. Anything i shoould do? I have the scheduler tick on. Do i need to tave the time slots in bold to get the motion dectection working?

    If the scheduler is activated, you indeed need to select time slots otherwise nothing will happen. If you want to test the email, you should maybe first start with the scheduler off.
    I advise you to use the backup feature once you have a schedule grid defined as it is the most fastidious thing to re-do if you ever reset the camera.

  64. I tried but could not access the snapshot.cgi page from my Foscam with Kindle 3 web browser via the included free 3G.

    I guess the reason is the Kindle broswer does not support multiple window so the pop up window for username and password could not display.

    Any ideas to overcome that? Thanks

    (Kindle 3 browser uses the WebKit Rendering core I think)

  65. @Bobem
    If the problem is with the login prompt, you could try to include it in the url. There are 2 methods:

  66. Thanks Bubbah. But my assumption was wrong. It didn't work. So the problem is somewhere else. The Kindle is great with its free 3G. I must try to figure out a way to see my Foscam with that browser. Any other ideas?
    (The browser seems to work well with many other websites including Gmail, Google map, ...)

  67. Help!!! I bought a foscam from their site it was shipped from ravet trading I cannot get any support I am completely lost with the setup is ther an idiot proof step by step on how to connect with my iPhone ?? Thanks in advance for your help

  68. I got a less than a year old Foscam 8908W with the latest F/W

    I also have issues with the Wifi module, it can detect any wireless(receive) but it cannot connect anymore to any wifi! even without encryption!
    It seems that this might be a common fault on Foscam cameras Evil or Very Mad

    The bad thing that Foscam told me that they do not sell any parts, although the wifi module takes just 5min to replace!

    Answer is : Camera is not useful anymore because can only work via Ethernet cable Sad Sad

    Careful guys !

    BTW, how much you have to spend to find a decent wifi camera that is capable of streaming a 30fps video like those available on earthcam Rolling Eyes

  69. @Pilotair

    >I noticed that indoor the quality is quite clear & sharp but when I direct it
    >to outside the picture becomes overexposed (white pic)rendering the camera

    Lots of people are running into this, it works fine at night or in low light, but not in direct sunlight. What's worse, the brightness/contrast controls aren't useful in trying to fix things. This may be an artefact of the fact that the sensor doesn't have the usual IR filter on it, making it excessively sensitive to objects warmed by direct sunlight. However, the lack of effect of brightness/contrast controls in fixing things seems like a software bug.


    >For the purple color, it's a know problem.

    That's definitely an artefact of the lack of an IR filter, take a standard CMOS sensor and remove the filter and you get a kind of weird colour-negative effect with a side-effect of most colours tending towards grey. I don't think you can fix it without losing your IR sensitivity.

  70. hello, the person who carried out the installations of the camera with POE. can send some diagrams, thanks

  71. I'm having a problem with viewing over internet. My config is as follows:
    Cable Modem ---> VOIP box ----> Wireless Router

    Whenever I put the IP address to access the camera from another location, I only get the VOIP box login screen.

    I tried to PORT FORWARD from the camera to a different port but it still doesn't work.

    The above configuration seems to be the only way my internet works. I can't seem to set up my config to be: Cable Modem ->Wireless Router-> VOIP.

    Any work around on this?

  72. Hello guys!
    i have this same problem in 2 foscam
    see video

    and ear clicks when it power on.

    i change firmware many times, and it not fix.

    some idea?

  73. Any one found a way to bypass the login screen when using the live.htm link in the URL
    I can get it to work but I can't get around having to enter a user name and password. Have tried the
    url ( user=username&pass=pasword
    and that gets nowhere.

  74. @rcrouse
    try this instead

  75. Hello Bubbah and David
    I bought a Foscam FI8908W, it is supposed to be compatible with Vista, but I can't make it show in IP Camera Tool. It works fine in XP though. I tried to deactivate the firewall and antivirus, but still not showing under Vista. The router configuration shows the IP cam was assigned a local LAN IP. Any ideas?
    Thank you

  76. @Sorin
    You're problem is likely more with IE than Vista itself, check the "faq for ip cameras" for the most likely causes and solutions.

  77. Got audio working with Buzz Player for Iphone/iPad. Make sure you have an iPhone3gs. I am listening to my baby on my iPad now.

    Enter the stream info like this and it will trascode the stream like VLC does.

  78. I was coming here to ask that same thing, and right in the last comments, there it was the solution. Thanks.

    direct authentication via URL:

    Both methods work. :) Thanks!

  79. Hello all, not sure if this forum is still, active. I have a question about the active X component. I found it states that the AX component is installed on the OS when the IP Cam Tool is installed. On other cams (other then Foscam) and DVR's ive worked with, the AX component "downloads" and installs upon access of the unit (DVR or Cam ) via the internet or LAN.

    The question is : when the IP Cam Tool is installed, is the AX component download via the internet and then installed, or is it just part of the install and gets installed locally when IP Cam Tool is installed ?

    Also, is there just a separate AX component to downlaod from Foscam ? Just wondering, thanks.

  80. Actually, the ax component is normally sent upon first access to the camera. The ip camera tool also installs it, hence the importance of using a version contemporary to the firmware in use.

  81. Thanx Bubbah for answering so fast. Now.... Am i correct in assuming that when the IP Cam tool is first installed that the AX component downloads and installs ? Or does the AX component install from the local IP Cam program? (in other words, it doesnt download)

  82. Yes, that's the way it works. According to the docs, the IP camera tools is the workaround when getting the AX controls from the web is a problem.
    I suppose there's some version checking to have the latest controls installed but not sure.

  83. Hi i bought a foscam FI8904W to view my pond i want to put a link onto my website so a visitor can view the live stream without having to input the username and password is this posible ????

  84. @paul
    you just need to create a user with "visitor" rights, with or without a password defined and then use a link such as
    where viewer is the user name for instance.
    You also can use videostream.cgi or videostream.asf depending if you want to stream the sound or not (I guess it's not necessary for a pond). Check the "FAQ for ip cameras" around topic #8 for examples.

  85. Thank you Bubbah i think thats working okay been trying to sort this out for weeks might add another camera under water next

  86. Hi, Brilliant blog by the way. Unfortunately discovered via Foscam technical support am a victim of a fake product too unfortunately. Product was bought from a UK reseller as well - not via eBay.
    WiFi issues and wanted to upgrade firmware hence contacting Foscam. Understood that there were icamview fakes on the market but hadn't any idea at all that these were fakes too.
    Any idea's where to get support from on these non-Foscam IP-Cams at all please?
    Keep up the good work.

  87. Hi, Forgot to add that this is the web-interface that the IP-Cam bought has:-
    Would be good to have an idea of what manufacturer has made these for support and also to have an idea of where to buy genuine Foscam IP-Cam's from (for definite without risking taking receipt of a fake). Thank you.

  88. @Digifusion-FVRT100
    From the screenshot it looks like an Apexis APM-J011-WS
    It safer to confirm with them directly:

    They seem to have recent firmwares and there are many positive feedbacks on the web so you're not too unlucky with this brand:

  89. @Bubbah,
    Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated. Shall contact Apexis straight away.
    Keep up the great work on this blog - very informative and concise.

  90. @Bubbah
    Oops :( Think it's been 'bricked' upgraded the firmware now getting a 'http 404' error message. Any idea's on how to get back up and running again please?

  91. Hi,
    Regarding a USB to UART converter that is suitable for repairing a bricked Foscom clone....

    Not entirely sure that this is a USB to UART converter (mentions 5v and 3.3v however)....
    eBay item No. 350466560323

    eBay item No. 290526138405

    Failing that an idea of what 'recommended' converter needs to be bought for this repair (costing as little as possible please) would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  92. @Digifusion-FVRT100
    they both look ok so the cheaper one should do. I don't retrieve the ones I bought when I unbricked mine.

  93. @Bubbah,
    Thank you.
    Please advise what URL you'd recommend is followed for unbricking this particular Foscam clone (providing unbricking is possible).
    Thank you :).

  94. @Digifusion-FVRT100
    my post "Bring your FI8908W paperweight back to life" is based on my experience of unbricking my own Foscam with the help of Foscam support who provided the recovery files and the procedure.
    I don't have an Apexis model so you have to elaborate from there, with possibly different recovery files (try to get them from Apexis)and different addresses to flash the files to (because the memory chip and firmware might be different size than Foscam models).

  95. Can some one help me i have Maygion ip camera 601 that has the monitoring software called IPCamera Master , so far i have 2 versions of the software, the first came with the camera that crashes and the second software dont crash but the flip and mirror function will not remain it just flicks back in under a 1 sec , but here is the funny part (not really funny ) the recordings is in the right way according to what i have chosen in the flip and mirror , here is my questions :
    1, any one know of a 3rd part software that works fully with the maygion IP camrea 601
    2, is there any one that have another version of the IPCamera Master , the versions i have is oct 8 2010 and apr 9 2011 ?
    please get back to me as soon as possible any one

  96. Singapore based has a user friendly and FREE surveillance/video monitoring app for the iPhone. One can use the service to watch over pets, children, elders, etc., when you're compelled to leave them alone at home or with a nanny. This service can also be used to monitor small businesses.

    The process of getting started is very simple. All you need to do is set up a GotoCamera Account (also free) to use this app - if you do not have a GotoCamera account, you can create one at Just follow the simple instructions on the sign-up page and you're good to get started.

    The idea behind this app is to assist to make communities safer, and give home owners peace of mind when they’re capable of remotely monitoring their home and loved ones. Considering the fact that they're being used by people in over 180 countries, looks like GotoCamera is definitely doing something right. :)

  97. Hi Bubbah the url
    seems to work okay on firefox and google chrome but not on internet explorer says error cant find the url or may be a spelling mistake,any idea on how i can get it to work on internet explorer

  98. @paul
    this is a "feature" introduced as a security update to IE:

    The only other option is to use that form:

  99. Hi bubbah sorry for the delay been away for a few days
    should the url look like this now i have just used admin and admin for username and password will change this when i know if the url is right.

  100. Hi paul,
    that url is a bit mixed up, it should look like this instead:

  101. Hi bubbah thanks for the reply i think we might be getting somewhere with this one

  102. Not familiar with set up of Foscam - clone. Managed to connect camera to DSL route (AT&T). Lights came on camera. Installed software IP Camera Tool but get a blank white screen. Can anyone help me from this point? New at this. Need step-by-step instructions. Windows Vista. Trying to set-up on laptop (Toshiba). Manual says if camera is mounted correctly, IP Camera Tool will load camera type. Have I set up the camera wrong?


  103. Hi,
    have you checked how many concurrent web users are allowed?

  104. Hi,
    Is there a url for the tilt and pan buttons?
    with the above i can view the stream, but is there a url to tilt and pan? i was hoping to make my own webpage that just shows the stream up the top and a few buttons to tilt and pan.


  105. hi Bubbah,

    great blog!

    i have a question:
    Bought a fake foscam (apexis APM-J011-WS) the cam is working fine, wired.
    But when unpluged and go to wifi, it doesn't work.
    It will find the camera in the ' Camera IP Tool' but when i double klik. it will open a new window with the message that there is no connection. ( just like opening a webpage when you do not have a internetconnection.
    Triend a lot op options, but nothing tries to help. Removend the webpassword and firewall.
    Hope that you can help me.
    Edwin from Holland

  106. @Edwin
    At the beginning, setting the ip camera can be kind of tricky: if you don't disconnect the Ethernet cable early enough, the camera would still be running in wired mode. First, check the post "Start up guide for new wireless IP camera users"
    Also in "FAQ for IP Cameras" > "Q. What does the activity led blinking rates means?"
    you'll see what the different LED blinking frequencies mean, the fastest blinking indicates a wireless connection.
    A few more important points:
    -These camera don't deal well with complex and/or long Access Points name and passwords. Try simple and short ones (no symbols)
    - AP needs to be in broadcasting mode
    - MAke sure you use the right encryption (WEP, WPA, WPA2 PSK...)
    - Try keepin the camera just beside the router to find out if the problem would come from a faulty Wifi antenna on the camera.

    Good luck

  107. Hi Bubba,

    I am a litte further now.

    When i disconnect the cable on time, i hear a litte click and the cammera is doing the initial rotation sequence and the led is blinking fast.

    I think that i found the problem, but i don't know how to solve it.

    When i run ' look@lannetworks' the ipadres of the IPcam is 'offline'.
    How do i get it online?

    Is that what you mean with ' AP needs to be in broadcasting mode'

    btw: i have no encription and the router stands next to the IPcam.

    But still no

  108. I have purchased an IP CAM and it was working fine in my LAN network and it's IP was shown in IP Camera Tool and I can access to it easily, but after i updating with firmware, it is not shown an IP Camera Tool even when it is connected through the network by wire and And the green led light is not lit.
    Network lamps light up,also the red sensors around the lens lit
    Can somebody help me on that?

  109. Hi,

    I am wondering whether there is a way to talk to the camera without using active x ? Thanks a lot for your help

  110. @d0740
    nope, only listening is possible without IE using VLC.

  111. Hi bubbah my foscam FI8904W packed up the other day looks like a bit of rain got in it still lighting the little led on the board but cant see it on my router any ideas, can i buy the boards that i require

  112. I don't think you can get spare parts to repair this yourself I'm afraid. Contact Foscam to see what they suggest.

  113. It CAN connect to WPA2 but I've figured out that it can't obtain IP address by DHCP via WiFi connection, only through wire ethernet. Just set up it to have a static IP and voila it works via WPA2 WiFi.

  114. We dropped ours, then had to hardwire the power supply as the internal connector broke.
    Now when we turn the camera on, the device appears in the IP Camera Tool as Anonymous while the lens assembly rotates.
    However, the lens stops in an almost vertical position and the camera disappears from the IP Tool again.
    Any ideas?

  115. Izahan,
    Were you able to figure out who the manufacturer was for your "Not Foscam" IP Camera? I too have the green UI screen for my IP camera. My version has both Wireless (WPA2-AES and WPA2-TKIP) and wired connection.
    I can tell you that our IP cam is NOT made by FOSCAM.
    My device info:
    Device Firmware Version
    Device Embeded Web UI Version

  116. hi i have 3 IPCAM, I wonder about the trazeiras outputs, I / O 1 and 2, I am using to connect the external alrme and off, but the hole is used for writing audio that would be to connect an external speaker, please someone help me, now very grateful. att silas

  117. Hello. My Foscam FI8908W stopped working after about one year.
    I'm Quality Mgr of an electronic company with facilities in China, then I'm aware about several process issues in Far East.
    I disassembled the cam and cleaned up all the internal printed circuit boards with a deflux product (isopropylic alchool should be OK) expecially between the pins of the connectors, and the IP Cam was resumed to full functionality.
    This did not require extraordinary skills, just take note of the disassembly sequence.
    I hope to give a solving suggestion to other users before scrapping. Good luck.

  118. Hi all, im trying to stream audio and video straight to my web page from my foscam clone cam. I can open the URL to my cam:


    But when I try to publish the asf file to my web page, it just won't run. I have a feeling its something to do with the format the asf stream is in... Can anyone help?

  119. @sporadic_kit
    you should try to use videostream.cgi instead. If you inspect the source of the "push server" page, that's what they use.

  120. I have tried using videostream.cgi but it only gives me video. I have a requirement to stream Audio and Video straight from the cam to my web page. Is this possible?

  121. The CGI manual says this for videostream.asf:
    Ipcam send videostream of asf format, only support vlc player and mplayer
    Syntax /videostream.asf[?user=&pwd=&resolution=]

    The implementations I've seen so far (like ip cam ptz 1.9 extension for Firefox) were all using .cgi (no sound) so I don't know if it's possible at all with .asf.
    As a test, try just throwing the url with videostream.asf in any browser url... doesn't give much hope.

  122. When I go directly to the videostream.asf url, it opens the ASF file in a separate VLC player window and I get audio and video together. I would really like to get the video and audio stream embedded into my page.

    I have tried with mplayer and it just doesn't run it, although you say its supported so this means it must be possible... is there something specific that needs to be set with the CLASSID value in mplayer?

    It won't run in my local media player either.. Im sure its the format its encoded in..

  123. Here are two examples, both with live demos. Both are free.

    For MJPEG IP Cameras: Click Here for MJPEG IP Cameras

    For H.264 Cameras: Click Here for H.264 IP Cameras

  124. i have been given a watchbot ip camera that had its files removed by the previous owner lol because it stopped working no ip no pan tilt test at power up i have tryed foscam firmware myself via serial but still nothing does anyone have the correct and romfs.img for this camera please

  125. @phil
    They seem to have a fairly good support page:
    at the end of it, there's an email address ( Might be worth trying them for getting the recovery files and specific instructions for flashing.

  126. try watchbot support its been nearly a week and no reply :(

  127. been a week now heard nothing from watchbot support does anyone know were i can get the firmware split for this camera been told its a clone of a foscam and apexis ip camera but tryed there firmware and nothing throws up errors

  128. Hi Phil,
    I've been unsuccessfully searching for recovery files for Watchbot and assumed clones. If by any chance you had another one in working condition, or know someone with one, there should be a way to extract the working firmware from it and inject it in yours. The openipcam forum documents such a method.
    But don't give up pinging Watchbot support as it's still you best option by far. Good luck!

  129. I bought a Wanscam JW0004.

    Everything works, it mails images on alarm and I can view and control the camera when at work (WAN).

    But, FTP server settings still give a "test failed, can not connect to server". The FTP server is on a multimedia disk with ftp support, and I can access it easily in a browser of filezilla etc.

    I read a comment in 2010 in your blog about a guy who states that there must be a home of ftp directory in the root. I did that, no difference.

    Any clues?
    Your hint of viewing the params with "get_params.cgi" gives a solid view of the FTP settings: server IP, port, username, password and ftp upload directory as "/". Seems fine to me. Still it doesn't work.

  130. @JeroenJ
    I recall having had a case where the test was wrong the upload on alarm actually worked.
    Otherwise it could be that you used an ftp account too long or complex (user and password) for the camera.
    Try something simple (like test/test), no accent, no symbol, and short.

  131. @Bubbah tried the test/test for the FTP but still no effect.
    I think I will have to live with a non-functional FTP. At least the alarm images are received by mail.