Some official download links to Foscam material

Feb 28, 2010

I just noticed today that Foscam web site does finally contain some working links to the manuals, softwares (IP camera tool) and latest firmwares for all models in their Download Center (under "Supports and Downloads")

Feb 22, 2010

Power cuts are very common in my area with about 2 incidents monthly. So far, the damage has been minimal with just one hard disk full of games lost. It would have been another story if it happened to the NAS dedicated to my  photos, music and movies.

After comparing different brands and models, the BE700G(-UK) from APC appeared as the obvious choice.

Feb 11, 2010

It is inevitable that questions already covered are coming back again. In particular as new visitor, you are not supposed to know that there are plenty more posts related to the one you landed on.

So check this quick tour on how to find information on this blog, your answer is likely not that far away...

One step closer to Google Wave

When I saw that little "Buzz" icon in my Gmail yesterday, I though "Oh great it's there finally, let's share some maps, pictures and documents in real time...", but I was mixing up with Google Wave.