Inside views of the Dericam M801W

Just for the fun of it...

Of course, this would void your warranty.

the four screws are under the rubber pads

As expected the microphone is in the base, not below the lens

JTAG connector (J2)

2 speakers, one on each side of the base

Screws are concealed behind these plastic pieces

Only in cases of serious focus problem, theses long screw may help to re-focus.
To be done with the camera connected to see the change in real time.

As seen before, this microphone cover is purely cosmetic


  1. can you check if the fw supports WiFi channels 12 & 13 (as most cheap chinese ip cams don't)?
    and maybe post a bootlog (on

  2. @schufti
    Mine is currently connected to a ZyXELL router on Channel 12.
    I'll have to plug it one day for the bootlog, but then I'll post it. It's likely to be very similar to the FI8908W.
    Openipcam is in good hand if you're the schufti from openwrt and macsat forums (just sold my wmu6000fs last week)

  3. Hi,
    this is good news. Another manufacturer that cares about europe ...
    yes, the very same,

    (p.s. seems to me that intex doesn't exist any longer)

  4. Sorry to hijack this thread, but do you think this is a good deal:

    €49 for an unknown PTnZ camera...

  5. Looks like a clone of the Apexis APM-J802-WS

    The price is attractive (if they don't catch up with the shipping fees).

    Hopefully the software is recent enough as there will likely be no fw upgrade.

    Also found it here (but seriously overpriced)


  6. hmmm missed those shipping fees :-/

    Ah never mind then, I can get a no-name no-upgrades camera cheaper from dealextreme, with comments from people that bought one before.

    Thanks for checking it out! :-)

  7. Disable IR-LED's Check is Link:

    Only the IR-LED's wil be disable The IR Cut Filter is than still working.

    Greetings Kees

  8. DO you know what kind of "OS" this cam is using?

  9. it's Linux-based like most of them.

  10. hello,

    i recently bought a Neo Coolcam NIP-09BHEW3A2Z3 ip camera (ptz + 3x optical zoom).
    web software is crappy, there is no newer firmware, there is no option to focus !!!
    manual says that there is a ring on the lens (but there is not), reseller says that i can adjust focus via the software (but there is no option)..

    before adjusting focus with the long screws, as you describe, how can you normally adjust it ?

    take a look at mine, i think there is something missing..

    1. It normally shouldn't need adjusting as it is a varifocal lens (the focus changes with the zoom). One of mines was out of focus and, since there's no focus ring, I had to open the lens casing and play around with the screws, while keeping the camera connected so I could see the result in real time.

    2. take a look at this capture:

  11. did you figure it out yet (same problem here)