Add your logo to the IP Camera interface

Nov 30, 2012

On most MayGion V3 compatible IP Cameras, the free access to the WebUI via FTP allows some easy customization, like adding your own logo...

Nov 29, 2012

CyberNova is releasing a new firmware today to resolve a problem with some 3rd party Smart Phone software. Again, they shown a great reactivity in solving problems reported by their customers...

Nov 27, 2012

A new firmware ( has been released by CyberNova on 19th of November 2012.
While they didn't publish any changelog, so we have to figure out by comparing with an older version, like

Nov 22, 2012

I decided to replace my older IP cameras with some of the newer mega pixel models available. One is the CVLM-I234-2GEN (aka CN-WIP604MW), and the other, the Tenvis IPRobot3. Both are supposed to have identical  specifications.