Wanscam HW0036: same as Digoo BB-M2 with same flaws

Jan 16, 2017

Following my recent uninspiring experience of Digoo BB-M2 and Veskys cameras, I had hopes that the new Wanscam HW0036 would be better, since it's part of the very good HW series.

The sad reality is that Wanscam is just selling its branded version of the uninspiring "Netcam inc" camera that already sells under various names like Digoo BB-M2, Veskys, or Cam360. The front face design is probably just an older and less cost-effective conception with 3 screws holding the globe parts together, while the Digoo/Veskys design needs only 1.

As a Netcam inc product, it comes with a flawed Onvif implementation (known issue for over 2 years now) that will make the port 10080 very unreliable.
It also does not support audio through the RTSP channels, and so in turn, not to ONVIF.
It only affects people who want to use this camera with their own NVR solution.

The Wanscam firmware is slightly older (A70. than its twins and the web interface lacks some options, like muting the annoying voice prompts when the camera starts, that competitors have in their newer firmware (A70.

However, the missing options in the GUI can be changed by using the appropriate URL. In the example below, the door_bell_set_language.cgi changes/disables the voice prompts:


Valid "language" values: 0 = none, 1 = Chinese, 2 = English

T10 SoC with Mediatek/B-Link MT7601UN and ULN2803AG

Wanscam promotes the use of its own camera app, e-View7, however it is also entirely compatible with  Netcam360 / Digoocam (both are the same app), and I found this app slightly more complete, and convenient to use with my existing clones from Digoo and Veskys.

Identifying the Wanscam products with Netcam firmware
The HW0036 comes with a unique ID beginning by XHA which has it's own setup category in e-View7 during the setup phase. If you're looking for a model that is fully ONVIF compliant (like most of the HW series has been so far), check for the WXH (HW0041, HW0046, HW0049, HW0050, ....) or HWAA (older generation like HW0026) prefixes. This is sometimes specified on the product page under the P2P specifications.

It is unfortunate that Wanscam included the HW0036 in the reputated HW series. The traditional Wanscam firmware that comes with  models like HW0049 and HW0026 is clearly superior.
For ~20€, it remains a good camera but exclusively for use with eView7 or Netcam360.
For a full review, just read the Veskys and Digoo review.


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  2. Thanks!
    Although I have used the voice to indicate when/if the camera got connected successfully, I must admit that it was getting slightly annoying to listen to.
    So thank you for the mute thing.

    I do have a question regarding the HW0036.
    As you mentioned, e-View7 is somewhat the "standard" app for this camera.
    And while I've succeeded in using other apps, e-View7 seems to be the most "straight forward" solution.
    My problem is that no matter what I do, I can only view the stream @5 fps.
    When IR is activated, it can jump to 10fps. But nowhere near the 25-30fps, that the camera is marketed to do.
    I've used "EyeCloud" for PC, tinyCAM pro (android), and a couple more programs for PC - and all those (including the e-View7 app for android) locks the FPS @5/10 fps.

    Did u have encounter the same issue - and if so, do u know how to fix it?
    Atm I have 2x HW0036 cameras..and both of them seems to be limited to 5-10fps.

    (I have tried to change 50/60hz, with no change)

    Kind regards

    1. Ohh...nevermind, I actually found a solution to it :))
      ONVIF Device Manager (currently: v2.2.250).
      Log in, Video Streaming, Frame rate, fps (5 -> 25)

      And now it runs very smooth with the intended 25fps :))

    2. You can also change this from the http interface (port 81). It's on the right side of the main screen, just below the resolution.

    3. Yeah, I realized when experimenting with the mute option. But thanks and in any case, probably wouldnt have found out without ur review :)

  3. DO you have problems to record on ftp, or received notifications on email?

  4. hi,
    please help me. I have a camera wanscam HW0036. After turning on the camera everything goes ok but after a few minutes, the camera is disconnected from the network. More is not connected to the network. I have to disconnect it from the power supply and reconnect.