Calibrating a drifting MX3 Air Mouse

Apr 5, 2017

The MX3 Air mouse is a inexpensive 3-in-one (~10€) 2.4Ghz remote, keyboard and wireless mouse.

Its weakest point is the documentation and many users ignore that a calibration procedure exists to cure SDPS (Self-Drifting Pointer Syndrome)!

Very popular with the MX3 Android Smart TV Box, but also great with PC, PS4 and any Android device, the MX3 Air mouse is sold now under all kinds of "brands" (Rii, W-Shark, Moxmay,...), and with variants improved with a microphone or back-lit keys.

All variants have in common the double-sided keyboard/IR-learning remote design and a gyroscope that allows to point and click at the TV like a Wiimote.

Another think they share is the poor documentation!

While looking like a good setup guide, the copy below lacks some important troubleshooting information that could have saved so many users from a very frustrating experience.

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1. A very common issue reported is the air mouse pointer drifting away by itself on screen. This is just due to a badly calibrated gyroscope...and apparently, none of "brand" selling this remote thought useful to document the simple calibration method available.
This is by far the most important omission which lead many users to think they had a faulty device.

Wake up the remote (press any button)
Place the remote keyboard down  on a flat surface
Keep HOME + OK buttons pressed (as shown in the picture above) until the top LED starts blinking. When it turns off, the calibration is complete.
Try the mouse cursor again: it should now stay still.

2. Another undocumented tip: the hibernation  mode can be disabled if you find it annoying by pressing the "Cursor Lock" button for 3 seconds.

3. Finally, the instructions could also have included a note like this one: It is normal to not see any cursor on screen even if the pairing was successful. You need to press the Cursor Lock button first.


  1. Hi, is there an option use both sides at the same time not only 1 with the orientation? its annoying to have the remote orientated up right to use the panel

  2. Thanks so much, I did. Work perfect

  3. большое спасибо! долго искал как откалибровать.

  4. Just bought this but don't know how to pair with PS4

    1. Maybe it's just a matter of pressing the cursor lock described above? The fact that the cursor is not enabled upon pairing mislead me in the beginning, thinking it was not paired.
      If the LED on the remote stops blinking fast, it should be paired, and then is should work as well with PS4 than with any other computer.