RTSP hack for Xiaomi Mi Square (XiaoFang)

Apr 6, 2017

I reviewed the Xiaomi Mi Square aka XiaoFang recently and I regretted that this excellent IP Camera would only work with its dedicated app.

Well... this has changed thanks to some talented hackers...

This is a work in progress that started early this year and gives promising results already!

The #fang-hacks project reminds me of the joys of hacking the H502W some time ago, and effectively jail-breaks the XiaoFang camera by adding various services (rtsp, telned, ftp, ...). 

The ability to disable the Cloud service is a good news for those concerned that it would put their privacy at risk. 
The IR Control script might require attention as it could be related to a known Overheating issue.

Once the hack is installed on the camera (everything you need to know is there: https://github.com/samtap/fang-hacks , proceed at your own risks!), the scripts can be controller via a web interface. 

The installation:
- Proceed to the release page to download the latest SD-Card Image archive
- Unzip the SD-Card Image file 
- Use a tool such as Win32 Disk Imager to perform a raw copy of the fanghacks_vx.x.x.img to a micro-SD card.
- Power up the XiaoFang 
- Insert the micro-SD card. If you hear "ting-ting" shortly after, you can proceed to:


- Finally, click on "Apply" button to apply the hacks.

Again, proceed at your own risks!  

I applied it to my camera after updating it to the latest firmware currently available ( and now have a working addition to my Synology Surveillance Station using RTSP:


...and this includes the audio stream!


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