H1 2.4GHz Air Mouse: don't repeat my mistake...

Sep 10, 2018

The H1 Air Mouse is another inexpensive remote controller.

The large touch-sensitive surface on the reverse side can be used either as a keyboard or as a touch pad.

This remote is absolutely fine, but you must use caution when purchasing it.

For a while now,  my favorite air mouse has been the TZ-P3. It's pretty much all you'd need from a remote and I don't expect any major breakthrough in that type of product that could change my mind.

However, some new models manage to stand out with either a nicer design or a smarter combination of features.

This seems to be the case of the H1 Air Mouse.

Like the P3, it has a replaceable and rechargeable Ni-Mh battery, back lit keys, gyro-sensor and IR learning (for the 4 dedicated color buttons).
Its shorter size makes it more comfortable to hold.

But the killer feature of this remote is on the alpha-numeric keyboard side:
A "mode"button on the side turns this into a full size touch-pad.

When in touch-pad mode, all the well known one-fingered and two-fingered gestures can be used to click, move or zoom. I have only one regret with that feature: there is no back light. No big deal for the touch pad, but another story if you plan to type text in the dark.


So where did I make a (small) mistake?

There are in fact 2 slightly different versions of the H1! Can you spot the difference?

One subtle change is that the first version (my version) has a "Light" button, while the second version has a "Play/Pause" button instead!

The only purpose of the "light" button is to adjust the back light intensity (3 levels available).
The play/pause function is far more useful, in particular when you control any media player.

Conclusion: choose the right version!

The H1 is an excellent remote with the pros and cons below. 
To me, the lack of a play/pause button is a significant inconvenience, so I recommend to buy the version with play/pause button (11.46€/13.24$)

+ USB rechargeable
+ Big multi-capacitive touch screen surface
+ Convenient arrangement buttons with classic Volume +/- and Channel +/-
+ Good range (15m)
- Keyboard side not back lit
- IR learning limited to power and color keys

H1 with the light button (12.35€/14.27$)

H1 with play/pause button (11.46€/13.24$)

The TZ-P3 (10.97€/12.68$ ) is still an excellent choice if you don't need a touch pad.
It is presented in more details here.


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