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Firmwares for FI8904W and FI8909W-NA

8/08/2008 09:35:00 AM 52
Each Foscam camera model needs its own specific firmware. Latest versions I could obtain for FI8903W/FI8904W and FI8909W-NA are found below. They all implement the Server Push mode.

Please check your current firmware version first. If your camera was recently manufactured, you may already have the latest one. If the numbering sequence of your version is different, consider that you may not have a Foscam camera and avoid using these files, they would brick your device.
Never flash your camera 'over the air', use the Ethernet connection during this operation! Always start flashing the system firmware file (starting by lr_cmos...), then the web ui file (if necessary).

If you need a version that is not available here, just email Foscam with your device ID.

FI8903W(18 IR LEDs)/FI8904W(24 IR LEDs):
Since March 2010, the latest firmware can be downloaded directly from Foscam download center.
Firmware - web ui (MD5 - DF3DC037603C04757E5E98B719005AA2
Firmware - web ui  (MD5 - D33FA1CFC8F1E1E85AA2D6837393E8A3)
Firmware - web ui  (MD5 - EBDC797117177AD1C7C0D2BBCEF816FE)


Since March 2010, the latest firmware can be downloaded directly from Foscam download center
Firmware for FI8909W

See the FI8908W Firmware History Page for more information on fixes and enhancement between firmware versions.
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Foscam FI8908W Firmware History Page

8/08/2008 08:08:00 AM 147

This page contains the various firmwares released by Foscam.

They are intended to be used only on the non-branded generation of Foscam FI8908W. The ones bearing no logo on their casing.

Please, read this first:
Some externally identical IP cameras may not be from Foscam. Generally their packaging and web interface is different. Flashing a non-Foscam camera with the firmwares above can render it irrecoverably useless.

Over time, it became increasingly risky to use a Foscam firmware... on a Foscam device, because of the distinct generations that appeared within the same model FI8908W (see this note). So, contacting Foscam with your DeviceID and Firmware version to get the update from them remains the recommended option.
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