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Foscam FI8908W Firmware History Page

This page contains the various firmwares released by Foscam.

They are intended to be used only on the non-branded generation of Foscam FI8908W. The ones bearing no logo on their casing.

Please, read this first:
Some externally identical IP cameras may not be from Foscam. Generally their packaging and web interface is different. Flashing a non-Foscam camera with the firmwares above can render it irrecoverably useless.

Over time, it became increasingly risky to use a Foscam firmware... on a Foscam device, because of the distinct generations that appeared within the same model FI8908W (see this note). So, contacting Foscam with your DeviceID and Firmware version to get the update from them remains the recommended option.

Never flash your camera 'over the air', use the Ethernet connection during this operation! Always start flashing the system firmware file (starting by lr_cmos...), then the web ui file.

There are 2 distinct generations of Foscam FI8908W: The non-branded (they call this neutral) and the newer ones bearing the Foscam logo on the casing (they call this logo cameras). Do not use these firmwares if your Foscam camera is a "logo" camera. Contact Foscam directly instead!  

These are NOT for FI8918W.

system + Web UI
-> Download directly from Foscam (November 2010)

- New button to prevent the folder where the videos are saved from popping up.
- Control of the preset position of the camera.

- Messed up Sunday timing in the alarm scheduler (settings from 0800 through 1600 override those from 0000 through 0800 for Sunday)
- Scrambled pictures send by email (not verified)

system + Web UI
-> make sure to use the latest ip camera tool from the same download page.
--> mirror (July 2010 release - MD5 B8347A2DD2ED84B59D2D658D7B2BA0F5)

Update of the update (July 2010) : new files same version, the WebUI now has a section for specifying the patrol rates.

- Wifi Disconnections resolved
- Wrong timestamp in log resolved
- Log now reports motion detection events  
- Videostream FPS can be adjusted
- Ability to Backup/Restore  the settings
- PTZ errors are now solved

- the patrol speed is set to maximum, which can be re-set to normal by the following command:
http://[ipcam]/set_misc.cgi?ptz_patrol_rate= 20

Updated CGI documentation:

  rate: 0-23
    1:20 fps
    3:15 fps
    6:10 fps
    11:5 fps
    12:4 fps
    13:3 fps
    14:2 fps
    15:1 fps
    17:1 fp/2s
    19:1 fp/3s
    21:1 fp/4s
    23:1 fp/5s

system "bis" + Web UI "bis"

Around March 2010, Foscam started to actually host the latest firmware in their "Download Center". Both update files are still showing the same version but they changed in size. I suspect that some minor bug fixes
have been included. Because of this inconsistent versioning, I won't mirror these files to avoid any accidental mix up.

Changes: It is unclear what improvement has been brought by this version. There's a FPS parameter that is not functional, and up and down movements (tilt) are affected by a bug in the WebUI, resulting in an error being displayed and the tilting movement to continue until stopped manually.

system + Web UI 
-> mirror
October 2009

- Contains minor updates and bug fixes on the server push mode side.
- A pan and tilt issue reported by some users has been resolved.

The WebUI file is still the same that came previously with, so it's only needed if you come from an older firmware.

- timestamp sometimes wrong in the camera log (1970-01-01)
- the camera cannot reconnect to the network if the connection is lost.
(I don't mention the DST "bug" anymore. Most Chinese cameras don't implement this because China stopped observing Daylight Saving Time since 1991 )

system + Web UI
-> mirror
August 2009

Several improvements including:
- disabling the activity led (see Basic Network Settings section)
- a camera activity log

- Clock synchronization does not account for DST
- some parameters can only be saved from the ActiveX interface.
- timestamp sometimes wrong in the camera log (1970-01-01)
- the camera cannot reconnect to the network if the connection is lost.

system + Web UI
-> mirror
June 2009

Enables the server push support (non-IE browsers compatibility) and allow applications such as VLC to intercept the video stream through the videostream.asf page.

- Clock synchronization does not account for DST
- the camera cannot reconnect to the network if the connection is lost.

(There is an equivalent update for fi8903w, fi8904w fi8909w-NA here)

system + Web UI
-> mirror
February 2009

The interface relies on an ActiveX control and therefore requires Internet Explorer.

- Clock synchronization does not account for Daylight Saving Time: returns local time-1 hour
- the camera cannot reconnect to the network if the connection is lost.


IPCAM user guide 4.1.2  - mirror
IPCAM CGI SDK V1.7  - mirror
IPCAM CGI Application Instruction v109  - mirror
IPCAM Protocol  - mirror

For compatible monitoring software look here.

The material on this site is made available AS IS without warranty of any kind.


  1. Wish: ability to use daylight saving time, preferably automatically.

  2. Is't right that wireless search doesn't work with the latest firmware?

  3. @Rutger
    The AP scan function was actually introduced with the latest firmware ( It does work. Some reported that it returned the wrong MAC address, but it actually returns the wireless MAC address of the router which is usually the Ethernet MAC+1.
    Beside, it is still possible to enter the router's parameters manually.
    In general, that firmware is very much a work in progress, while it introduces some (not vital) new features, it also introduce some small but irritating bugs.

  4. I'm having troubles with the wireless connection, but only after a random amount of time. sometimes 10 min., sometimes 12 hours...
    Led is then blinking slowly, not able to connect with router any more.
    Tried changing of the channels, didnt help...
    any ideas?
    Im using latest firmware... anyone tried downgrading for this problem?

  5. same thing here. I ve tried all the old firmwares and they all do not help. Are you trying to connect to DI-624 router? I am using this one and have problem wirh wifi connection, same as you. I read somewhere, here or t DX forum, there is one person have wifi problem like us using the DI-624.

  6. Hi Anthony,
    i'm using a Philips Router, so the problem occurs with different types/marks...
    Tonight, i will install another (bigger) antenna, i'll report if that would work better...

  7. I had the same issue with the wireless connection using WPA. With WEP the connection is steady on (but less secure)...

  8. i'm using the less secure wep already...
    i'm using dhcp instead of fixed address now, and it seems to hold. for now... (would be very strange if this would 'fix' this very annoying issue.)

  9. @Bubbah

    I have an an IP camera Foscam FI89 a week now. Everything works well localy or through Web, apart the sound quality that is very bad (I do not know if it is due to Wireless I am using, or something else...).
    I am trying to record the output to Web. I am using the IE activeX interface and in the visitor page I press the button "record". Nothing happens. Sorry my ignorance, but can you please help a little bit. I mention that I have not setup up yet FTP...



  10. @Theodore

    Did you check under "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents" ?
    The user interface doesn't give any visual clue that you are recording, but you should see a file created under this location looking like camera_name+timestamp.avi

    The recording path is defined in the "User Settings" section.

  11. Something more about the wireless disconnect problem that some people have: it seems that the connection can be lost when using a microwave in the direct neigbourhood. (NOT always, but often)
    anyway, changing channels, bigger antennas,... would probably make the disconnects happen less often, but the real problem is that the cam doesn't reconnect. OR that it does try to reconnect, but that something isn't initialised correctly, causing the reconnect to fail...

    @Bubbah: something for 'your Foscam friends'? i think this problem can be solved by software... (reboot without 'cooling down' the cam solves it, and the cam CAN detect a broken connection-led blinking slow)

    regards from Belgium:)

  12. Same disconnection problem here. Whenever there is a problem with the connection (bad weather, router reboot) the camera does not reconnect automaticcaly. Might try using an electronic timer that cycles the power i.e. every 24 hours.

  13. a timer would, mmm, suck right?:)
    did an interesting test:
    - wireless seems to crash faster if i do multiple connections to the cam, and on the LAN (not from the internet). That way, more data is processed by the wlan module from the ipcam.
    When crashed (slow blinking led), a just connected a UTP cable, et voila, camera becomes alive again (wired of course).
    When i disconnect the UTP, the wlan immediately tries to reconnect, and presto! it works!
    So it is definately solvable with an firmware upgrade... (reconnect going wrong... initiation or something going wrong...)


  14. i wrote a mail to foscam concerning this issue.
    Hopefully, i get some respons.
    I'll post later on...

  15. Opticam Outdoor FI8903W as sold by finnish store ( works with the firmwares you have on this page. It's actually made by Shenzen.

  16. Good news: got answer from Foscam Support!
    1)'random' wireless connection disconnects.
    ===>> Yes, I have informed our R&D Team this issue. They will try best to modify the firmware to slove this problem. I will inform you once I get the updated firmware from our R&D Team.

    I'll keep you informed!

  17. Massimo. Is italian? Please write me

  18. Hi guys! I have same FOSCAM IPcam and when I put new firmaware the cam blocked!! Some solution??


  19. @Alberto,
    are you sure it was a Foscam ? Check here for some information to help you find out. If the interface looked any different, then it was likely not a compatible ipcam. Otherwise, it should be covered by the warranty.

  20. Hi Bubbah!! Many Thanks! Yes, it´s a FOSCAM but I can not find how recovery the cam! The led it´s on forever! and the cam not work.

    Thansk again.

  21. Hi Bubbah,

    please add to the wishlist: They should sign their activeX with a valid certificate.
    I have trouble on each and every computer to install the activeX.

  22. I bought a camera on ebay from world-brand. Seller told me it was a foscam. It worked great for 2 days, and had the foscam web ui. Then I flashed the new firmware and it no longer works. Green light stays lit and doesn't even try to connect to router even with lan cable. Hopefully ebay guy will exchange for me. So fyi just because it has similar web ui does not make it a foscam.

  23. @Eric
    another one to be aware of "goodlucksell", his reply was in approx. English but he certainly meant "not compatible"

    "Dear friend,
    Thanks for your mail.I'm sorry that the item compatible with Foscam's firmware.
    Best regards1

    - goodlucksell"

  24. Thank you for the new firmware.

  25. went to go to down load your pdf's but, the page said you've reached your limit. Where else is this documentions?

  26. @Eric,
    Here are a few alternate links, the original urls should be available again within 24h:

  27. .46 firmware bricked my clone, no movement at startup... .43 was awesome and I should have left it alone...I just can't help myself sometimes

  28. The recorder function is gone withe the new firmware 43???

  29. The FI8903W works very good with WLAN. But on distances exceeding 4 meters, the connection breaks (a ping to the ip-adresses resolves no answer anymore). The WLAN-Router can't be the reason because other WLAN-Devices (in a distance from about 8-12 meters, I use a Netgear WGR614 WLAN-Router) work properly. Does anyone have a tipp for me to solve this problem? Or is the WLAN-antenna of the ip-cam a very poor one? I've upgraded the firmware with the version I got from my distributor (fireware lr_cmos_11_15_1_43.bin), but the problem still is the same.

  30. @Roro: hello.
    Yes, the antenna/wifi trasmission is quite poor.

    I can use this ipcam from a distanca of 15 m because i put a 5dB antenna on the router and a 9dB antenna on the ipcam. Please consider that the provided antenna/ipcam connector is not common.
    To use a standard antenna you'll need a RP SMA Female to SMA Male Adaptor
    Like this


  31. Thank you for sharing this new firmware.
    I can now connect to the camera from my mac:)
    The update went right, all settings were retained.

  32. My camera has the following type: ES-IP607W ARM_V1.0 090318.

    - The camera has the following firmware information:
    Device ID 000C5D7508CB
    Device Firmware Version
    Device Embeded Web UI Version

    I have updated my camera with:
    - system + Web UI from this website: (Foscam)

    Since I updated my camera, I can see with the “IP camera tool” that the device firmwire is loaded to the system and the Web UI shows camera from the network (ping).
    The camera is restarting everything 15 seconds.
    I have 2 seconds to connect with

    Have anyone the good firmware?
    Can i use this update whit uart?

    Greets Rob,

  33. I used firmware, and UI Version. Do you think there will be new versions ? With more option for this cool webcam. I would like to have more options with FTP service, filename for example could be the same instead of changing each capture ...

  34. @Pierre,
    I know that another user has contacted Foscam about this and they said they would look at it. I believe there is at least one more fw coming but I don't know when. Things go slower this month in China because of their Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

  35. Is there a way to use this camera feed to an iphone. Unfortunately the ActiveX does not work on Safari browser on iphone, any work around for this?

  36. Prashanth: there is an app in the app store: search for foscam IP control, nice app...

  37. Hey, I resolved my reconnect problem after lost connection. This problem completely about your wireless router. I'm using Linksys WRT54GCv3, I upgraded my router firmware and now, my camera automaticly reconnecting when I plug in my router adapter. My camera firmware version: system + Web UI

  38. If you get lost connection, use firmware is work. FW is keeping disconnect randomly. Also, you need set your router to be G only no mix b,g,n. It is work only on G. I have DIR-655 router but i have to run a belkin link with it same time. I am sure this Cam loves Belkin draft N than DIR-655. If you have two spare routers, you can hook it up together see which one the Cam love.

    Hope will help someone out.

  39. Need help connecting Iphone to a Foscam working through a WRT160NLinksys Router. I have a good connection on LAN, but nothing shows on wireless connections for Iphone using the Livecams-iphone program.

  40. @Roy - you need this little app for iPhone:

    Not a load of features, but it has panning and rotating camera controls, plus it's made specifically for this IP camera. It works like a charm.

    The part with Linksys router configuration - I can not help you since I'm not Linksys router user. I use the latest Airport Extreme Simultaneous Dual Band router and setting it up was super easy. You just need to forward whatever port you're using for your IP camera, to your camera's static IP (you need to do that too inside your DHCP client list). Once port is forwarded, everything is a piece of cake.

  41. Hi.
    I've firmware and UI. Don't know about you, but i've the problem that the network LED still remain on also if i uncheck the flag in "Basic network settings".

    I solved it using the CGI SDK documents, where i've read about "set_misc.cgi" command to send config parameters to webcam.

    Using http://ipcam_url/set_misc.cgi?led_mode=2 i can switch off the network LED, and also (in this way) the flag in "basic net settins" results unchecked.

    As many other i have problem with FTP settings: there is no way to solve "username/password wrong" problem? Obviously, i use valid ftp account... in DOS mode i'm able to connect my FTP server without problem


  42. @Timpoldo
    A few settings are not saved when using the "push server" interface (ActiveX works fine). The upnp check box is also affected.

    I never had issues with the ftp login, but I use a very simple user and password. I didn't try, but it's possible that the camera doesn't deal well with accents or special symbols in the login if you use any?

  43. @Bubbah
    I'm sorry to contraddict you, but all parameters changed using CGI have been saved. I've unplugged AC adaptor 2 times tomorrow, and network led still is OFF (changed using set_misc.cgi).

    Don't know about ActiveX mode, as i never have been able to use it (my XP ever rejected the ocx plugin): i use Firefox, and sometimes Chrome. Works fine both.

    About FTP issue, it's not a special symbols problem.
    But i've solved also that problem, simply using another FTP server. Nothing special done: i've just used another account on a differente server, and magically it worked!
    I think FTP client in Ipcam is not fully compatible with FTP protocol: i can't explain otherwise.

    The FTP servers where Ipcam can't access use "NcFTPd" server and "BFTPd" daemon, both under Linux. The one that works use Pure-FTPd. Don't know if that can make the difference....


  44. Important note: in the Web UI bis firmware, in the Firefox (PUSH) interface the tilt function is broken.

    "It reports two javascript errors (in both Firefox and Chrome): "support on mousedown event" and "support decoder_control function". The camera then moves up anyway, but has to be stopped with an extra click on the stop button."

  45. YES i confirm what MAURICE says:
    in the firmware, there is a control fault on the down order (check on FIREFOX)... error message generated if up order
    "support on mousedown event"

  46. Can someone please give me a step by step guide on how to add extra Foscam cameras. I have one running and on the Interent via wireless. I can't figure out how to add more ??


  47. @Eric
    Check the last topic from the post "Faq for ip cameras". You can't expect the local ip's specified in the multi-device section to be accessible from the Internet, what you need is to define a port forwarding for each camera, and enter the "external" url (ddns) instead of the local url.

  48. Salut Bubbah ;o)

    y a un truc qui me chiffonne concernant le dernier firmware
    [system + Web UI "bis"]
    que tu mets à disposition ici.

    Si je compare celui que tu proposes en téléchargement en haut de page

    avec celui que FOSCAM propse en téléchargement

    => il y a des différences. ??!!

    Pour les deux WebUI.bin => OK les deux fichiers sont identiques.
    Mais par contre, les deux fichiers binaires "lr_cmos_11_14_1_46.bin"
    eux sont différents ???

    Une explication ?

    Merci encore pour tout ce que tu fais.

  49. @Paillassou
    J'avais téléchargé ce firmware du download center de Foscam en février dernier.
    Le contenu a changé depuis, mon lr_cmos_11_14_1_46.bin est daté 11/09/2009, l'actuel est daté 15/03/2010. Et toujours pas de changement de version, pas très sérieux ça!
    Je crois que je vais me contenter de copier le lien de leur download center pour les fw >=, ça réduira la confusion.
    P.S.: je me demande si, du coup, le réglage des FPS fonctionne, je vais essayer ça asap.

  50. Un gros MERCI pour la réponse ;)

  51. For information about the Maurice's post
    BUG in the WebUI fw online (10/05/2010)

    Important note: in the Web UI bis firmware, in the Firefox (PUSH) interface the tilt function is broken.

    "It reports two javascript errors (in both Firefox and Chrome): "support on mousedown event" and "support decoder_control function". The camera then moves up anyway, but has to be stopped with an extra click on the stop button."

    Bye BUBBAH ;)

  52. Please help. My camera work only over the lan cable. If connect camera with wifi, ping is working, but in internet explorer nothing happend. I have instaled the latest firmware but it doesn't help.

  53. @zoudlik
    try with the camera just beside your wireless router. If it works better, then it could be that the antenna connection inside the camera is loose. Quite easy to fix usually.

  54. Hi Mate,
    I've got an original FosCam (didn't brick it /w upgrade to FI8908W-fw11.14.1.43 in 2009/11).
    But after upgrading (over LAN) to FI8908w-fw11.14.2.17 (only firmware, webui not yet upgraded) the device is not available at its programmed IP anymore. It gets an IP via DHCP. But at that IP no web page is available. It just says
    404 Not Found
    File not found.

    Have you got any hint how to access the camera again? how to upgrade the webui?

    Thank you!

  55. @rsc
    I thought it was just me, but it appears that this firmware upgrade wipes the existing config. I had to retrieve the camera using the IP Camera tool, which started by telling me that the subnet was invalid. Once I changed the network settings through the tool, the camera was back into the lan.

  56. thanks mate, it worked though the IP Camera tool first wanted/needed to install WebUI.

    BTW have you noticed the possibility to save/restore config now? Next upgrade migt be a bit smoother.

    Regards, Ralph

  57. @zoudlik
    try to issue this command at DOS command line (black window):
    arp -d [IP of your cam] - for instance arp -d

    As long as the arp cache is alive the IP of the cam is assigned to the mac address of the lan interface and not the mac of the WLAN...

    HTH, Ralph

  58. I update the system firmware to 11_14_2_17, but is impossible to upgrade the Web UI. No version are installed now.


  59. Trying upgrade the Web UI, this message display using IP Camera Tool:

    Error file of web UI!

    Pls HELP.


  60. @waga
    try with this newer version ip camera tool 7.5.32.
    Some had this problem too with the one distgributed initially by Foscam.

  61. @Bubbah
    Tks a lot! It´s working nice with the update!!!

  62. Hi, I was moving the camera via internet then suddenly the image freeze, and after that the camera cannot start, every 10 seconds , the camera try to start (the green led turn on) no movement and died, than start new cycle like that. Pls help

  63. @waga
    are you sure you have a Foscam ?

  64. @Bubbah,
    I don't know, I bought at site dealextrem.


  65. @waga
    ok so it's not a Foscam really, but still, this copy is illegaly using the Foscam firmware so it should be working fine anyway. Maybe you should try to re-flash the whole thing through the IP camera tool?
    Don't flash through Wi-fi, do it only through the Ethernet port.

  66. @Bubbah
    Tks for your fast answer. I connected direct to the Ethernet port, but the cam doesn't start, then the IP camera tool doens't reconize the cam at the Lan. I think the software crashed and now it isn't possible reset itself. Are there any way to rebbot (reflash) direct?

  67. @waga
    maybe try the reset button on the bottom of the camera, keeping it pressed for a good few seconds. If nothing works, then
    check the post titled "Bring your FI8908W paperweight back to life"
    It's just strange that apparently your cam has been working after the update and then failed some time after. Usually the troubles show directly after the flashing if it went bad.

  68. Configuring Camera to Send Email:

    Does anyone know how to configure Email for a yahoo account? I am using firmware version: and it does give an option to disable security settings or input a port....

  69. @Chris
    You'll find the information in the post "FAQ for Ip Cameras".
    I think Yahoo doesn't provide SMTP and POP3 services unless you pay.
    You'd need to use a free public SMTP server, or try the one from your ISP. Once you've got a working SMTP configured, you can still state any email address in the "Receiver" and "Sender" fields

  70. @Bubbah
    The cam came back to work normally after 24hs. It´s very strange.
    Tks for yor attencion!

  71. I've figured out why I'm getting connection problems. It turns out the webcam stops responding to arp requests. Adding a static arp entry to your PC will immediately fix the issue.

    See my blog for more details:

  72. My camera stopped working after 24 hours and 24 hours after another starts up again. It's a cycle. Anybody knows what can I do?
    system + Web UI

  73. I have the Uart converter.
    When i connect it whit the pc i see something like :
    ^dds%32jsd2!532 ......

    How can i go to the bootloader?

    Please can you help me?

    Thanks Rob,

  74. @Rob
    that what I got when my connection was loose, check the post "Bring your FI8908W paperweight back to life".

  75. Need help,

    Got camera working thru lan line but, when I try to connect wireless, the Ip address shown on dlink di-655 is and ip tools will not show the camera. Camera connection light is blinking fast, have router set to b/g, using wpa.

  76. @John
    some ideas:
    - latest firmware for DIR-655 ?

    - Loose wi-fi antenna connection inside the box? Does the camera work better when sitting literally on the router?

  77. @John
    forgot something: check that the router broadcasting is ON. The camera cannot connect otherwise due to some bug.

  78. Hi! i have buy one of the foscam clone from Chinavasion, is not with foscam chip, is ARM type the chip. After 15minutes of use the camera burns!!! smokes out of the back and then the green led doesn’t blinking any more. I send her back to the Chinavasion, they have repaired her and then after one and half month and post cost 22 eyrw, i have her back. One day work and the other again the same!!! the camera is dead, only IR working and the leds from ethernet, no green led, and pc can't see her! no what i can do? i open the camera today and i cant find something burn out. I don’t know what happens again! the camera is this here :

  79. @nikiforosgt
    as it seems that you will have to return it again, you may suggest them to replace the power adapter as well. Maybe it's faulty and delivers too much power.

  80. Hi,

    it looks that there is new version

  81. yes, I'm testing it before updating the page. It's already their 3rd update under the v. & Foscam seems very casual when it comes to implement a consistent versioning.
    Main change is the new PTZ settings section apparently

  82. Hola alguien podia explicarme paso a paso como configurar el correo para ke me mande las imagenes, no he podido dar con eso aun usando la cuenta ISP, y el gmail ..... gracias

  83. @olmedo
    lea el punto 3 de este artículo. Estás probablemente tratando de configurar un cifrada SMTP, como Gmail, y eso no es admitido por la cámara.

  84. Hola all !
    I've a wzr-hp-g300nh Buffalo router, wired everything is ok, but wireless i can't have a stable connection. It connects and then suddently disconnect and it let me just few seconds to get access at the camera but nothing more.

    staying more close to the router i had better results but i still had problems connecting for the first time (i had to restart the camera more than once...)

    Another experiment was to power on the camera staying more close to the router room and then i was able to move the camera faw away with a continuosly stable connection. hmm

    The firmware version that im using is the last one i think (v. &

    Any other with the same problem? or the same router?


  85. Foscam has published 3 different firmwares all labelled as so make sure to download the current one from their website and their latest ip cam tool. It also happens that the antenna wiring inside is loose, but then it would only work when sitting on the router.

  86. Thanks for the reply, Bubbah

    about the antenna, i've already checked the antenna connection and its ok, its connected at the "main" connector of the internal wifi board. There is also an "aux" connector but i dont know if its possible to connect a second antenna.. hmm

    However how can i know that the firmware is the last one if there are 3 different models all labelled

    From where i can download it?

    here they deleted the download with this explaination:

    "Dear customer:
    there may be lose of data when you download the file because of the network, and if there is data lose of system fimware, it will cause a serious consequence.
    so we decide not to offer the system firmware download, thank you."

    also on they dont let you download the firmware.

  87. EDIT: with no encryption it works perfectly! :D

    so now i dont know if its a camera problem or my router...

    I've tried WPA2/WPA/WEP AES and TKIP and everyones has the same issue. Seems to connect and then it disconnect after some time (20sec, max 1min)

  88. @AjK
    on the top of this page you'll find the string "--> mirror (July 2010 release)": this is the one I downloaded from them last week (and I just tried and still can download from right now !)
    If this is related to encryption, I'd check if Bufalo has any update for your router. I don't think it's the camera, it's been reported to work in wep adn wpa with many routers to date.

    One more thing: this model is a Wireless-n right ? could you test by forcing it down to 802.11b/g only?

  89. eheh, so check the rar archive that you've just downloaded ! ;P

    you will find only the webGUI and nothing more.

    By the way im downloading the last firmware from the mirror at the top of this page.

    about the buffalo im waiting the release of the new dd-wrt buffalo branded firmware.
    Its a wireless-n but it manage itself to connect only with b/g or n if its possible.

    hmm tomorrow i will try with another router, same positions, and different encryptions!

    now im gonna sleep ;P eheh

    thanks for the replies!

  90. IS there audio function available to those using the javascript UI for the Foscam ipcam02? My version of firmware doesn't apparently.


  91. Hi, some news about my problem with disconnections:

    i've noticed its a router problem rather than camera i think..

    Here there are some tests:

    -Buffalo wzr-hp-g300nh (B/G/N) with any encryption DONT WORK (the camera connects and after 5, 15sec it disconnects itself)

    -Buffalo wzr-hp-g300nh without encryption EVERYTHING IS OK

    -Digicom Michelangelo Wave (B/G) with any encryption EVERYTHING IS OK

    -Digicom Michelangelo Wave (B/G) without encryption EVERYTHING IS OK

    I dont know if its a N problem or something else, but with the Buffalo i cant force the "B/G only" connections.

    Any user is using the same Buffalo High Power Infinity N router?

    Thanks! byeee

  92. @bnm
    there's no audio function in the push server mode interface, you need to use a player like VLC with the instructions in topic #8 from the "FAQ for IP Cameras"

  93. Adding to the encryption-camera-router issue, seems ok on a billion 7402nx, but only without any security, whereas wpa encryption works fine on the Netgear.

  94. Just set my foscam FI8908W and was successful using the Foscam FAQ link here
    Key thing is only Alapha numeric characters for pass key ie (& $ ! these not allowed

    Some bad advice I read in this column but the FAQ covers the correct procedure

    enable Upnp and look in your Router because
    web access for calble and WIFI are different
    ie cable WIFI was

    After you submit wifi settings to the CAM LEAVE THE CAT cable for full 30 second countdown (CAM reboot)

    The CAM works well with my NetGear WNDR3700 @ 130Mb setting (and backward compat to /g / n

    Like I say to much wrong info here ...
    the FAQ is your start.

  95. @Richie
    I've got a 7402gxl and use WPA-Personal TKIP for encryption. It also works fine for the second camera going through my Linksys WAG200G (running in bridge mode and reporting back to the Billion router). However the broadcast mode must be enabled and I hope Foscam will arrange that later.

  96. Hi,
    I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to edit the webui firmware to create a custom one. Here is the idea... I own about 20 foscams. I also have a professional NVR, which does not support the foscams other than via a standard mjpeg stream. What I would like is hve the NVR support the PTZ functions that the foscams have. One way to do this, would be to edit the webui and to make the foscam "look like" a camera which the NVR supports - kind of a ghetto emulation to fool the NVR and map the proper URLs to the foscam's PTZ controls. The NVR is a Qnap VS series and it is closed source.

    If I could have a tool to unpack the .bin file and another one to repack it, I think i could manage the rest.

  97. @Pascal
    I've been close to buy a QNAP and ended up with a Synology which now added Foscam (with PTZ) in the list of cameras supported by their Surveillance Station.
    Check this site however, the author does a terrific job in tweaking the Foscam camera firmwares:
    Maybe he could help you.

  98. Hi my mane is Marcelo and i`ve had some problem with IP Cam Foscam FI8908 FI8908W. I can’t find the new firmware at and de web UI too, the links seems to be broken.
    Which firmware and Web UI the IP Cam Foscam FI8908 FI8908W has nowadays?

    So my problem is UPnP Failed: Errors in Chat with UPnP Device and because this I couldn’t make the configuration to see though the internet by

    How to fix this problem? Some one could give me the step by step, please?

    How to set properly at

    Thank you.

  99. @Marcelo
    The latest fw is still mirrored on this page as usual. It requires the latest ip camera tools to work fine.
    I never got the uPnP working myself and I suspect it only works when DDNS is configured on the camera instead of the router (as in my case).
    You'll find a guide on how to setup DDNS properly in the post "How to access your IP camera from the Internet"

  100. i cannot get my FI8908W to regularly connect wirelessly to my WPA - personal/TKIP. i have seen other people with similar issues on the web but no definitive solution. does anyone here have a fix? i was hoping there would be updated firmware to address this issue.


  101. @Travis
    The current firmware revision is supposed to solve this. I don't get disconnections any more with either my Billion 7402GXL or Linksys WAG200G routers using the same encryption. The only current limitation I know is that broadcast mode needs to be activated for the camera to properly connect.

  102. @ Travis, i've the same problem with my Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH, the only way to get a stable connection is using an unprotected wifi connection.

    Which router do you have?

  103. @Travis
    Assuming you have already the latest fw installed on your camera and depending which WPN824 you have (824n, 824v1, v2 or v3), you could maybe try to upgrade it to the latest firmware version ?

  104. Installed my IPCAM02 today and tested it.
    Some enhancement requests I found out sofar:

    - need a way to limit pan/tilt angles;
    - please resume patrolling after motion alarm;
    - doesn't connect to hidden (ie. no broadcast) wifi.

    Thanks for the great info on this site !.

  105. Hi. Is anyone experiencing NOTEBOOK wireless disconnection while IPCam is turned ON, but WIRED?
    I known this sounds really strange, but all my wireless devices are being disconnected at the same time at random intervals while my IPCam is WIRED to the same router/AP. When I turn camera OFF the wireless problem goes away.
    I'm connecting cam by wire because my SSID is hidden and camera can not find it.
    BTY, running

  106. @Gelson
    A commonly reported bug of was that it kept on disconnecting from the (wireless) network. Maybe this bug affects other wireless elements even with the camera wired? I think few people use the FI8908W with RJ45 cable on a regular basis so this would explain the absence of precedent.

  107. HEllo All,

    Can I Access the cam web firmware and modify it ?
    Through ethernet + Cable.

    I guess I have a non foscam cam but need to modify its firmware

    Please heeeeeeeelp seriously help I Have damaged two cams by now =(

  108. Hi All,

    After switching the camera of, then turning it back on, the macadres of the wifi changed from 00:12:...etc. to 01:12:... etc. and now it is a invalid macadres.

    How can i change the macadres of the wifi of my "China" FI8908W?

    thanks, Frank

  109. @Franz
    Check the section "Changing the MAC address" in the post "Bring your FI8908W paperweight back to life". There's a utility that could help.

  110. Hi Bubbah,

    I treed to use, this tool (Tool_MAC_changer) but i can only change the macadres of the active one, and thats not the wifi.

  111. Hi there:
    I there any way to avoid Foscam FI8908W to move on startup? Many thanks for this.

  112. Hello,
    I have the same problem Rob and Fred reported few months ago.
    After I upgraded my cam's firmware, I can't access WebUI.
    See screenshot here:
    Also, I can't upgrade firmware from IP Camera tool, option is always disabled.
    Help please!

  113. blueray, look at the instructions I posted on July 4, 2010, in the following thread:

  114. I created a pure Javascript implementation of the IPCAM CGI SDK 2.1 for Foscam IP Camera's. It brings support to linux for camera's that use ActiveX DVM_IPCam2.ocx.

  115. The Foscam FI8904W Wireless IP Camera will not upload via FTP when an FTP user name and password is entered in to the Foscam Web UI. FTP will work with FTP user = anonymous.
    I double-checked my FTP server with a Linksys IP cam FTP upload and the Linksys worked fine using a user name and password.

  116. I know, stupid.
    I upgraded the FI8908W with the wrong firmware of the FI8918W. Now the System Firmware Version is and the Web UI is
    If I try to upgrade the firmware with the one of FI8908W it says illegal file and I can't upgrade.

    Please help!


  117. oops! if it really doesn't let you flash camera even from the ip cam tool, then you'll need to follow the procedure described in the post "Bring your FI8908W paperweight back to life".
    Alternatively, you could try to download the latest ip camera tool and firmware for FI8918W on, and see if your FI8908W lets you flash them. Chances are low and you're not likely to have a fully functioning interface, but at this stage, you can't do much more arm anyway I'm afraid.

  118. Hi - could someone help?

    I ve spent load of night hours on trying to make this Foscam FI8908W show image on the internet. No success so far...
    - I can see it all OK on local network.
    - I have DDNS status OK on the camera device status
    - I forwarded port on the router (LAN IP, port 4569)
    - I have checked that the port is open
    - my external IP is, so you can see the current situation on (login operator, no pwd)

    - I have a "UPnP Failed: Device System Error" on the camera device status

    As you can see, the activeX is working and the camera server seems to respond, but there is no image. I just cannot manage to get the image, whereas I get it well if I connect locally (on

    Any idea? Is it linked to the UPnP error? if so, how shall I fix this?
    Thank you for the support.

  119. @had
    I do see a picture and I've turned the camera to the far left looking at what looks like the mantel of a fireplace. Your problem might be that you are trying to access the DDNS from inside your lan which requires some tweaking (NAT loopback).
    But what you probably really wants works: accessing the camera from outside your home.

    I see an error reported by your camera:
    UPnP Failed: Rejected by UPnP Device, Maybe Port Conflict
    ...but I had also all sort of upnp errors myself and my camera always worked fine though.

    By the way, that camera is not a Foscam (but it looks ok anyway). So don't get tempted by 'upgrading' with any firmwares from this blog.


  120. Thanks so much!
    It indeed works, and I found how to open the NAT filtering option of the router.
    Great stuff...

  121. Hi folks.
    Thank you very much for this site, information and programs.
    I find it very helpful.
    Good luck to all!

  122. I just bought an IP Wireless/Wired Camera from 'Dealextreme'. There is no brand on the camera. On the label on the bottom of the camera, is written: VNT6656G6A40. I suppose this is type FI8908W. Correct ?? Device firmware Version: Device Embedded WEB UI Version: Which new firmware should I upgrade to? After reading all post I'm afraid to do so. :-)

  123. Can someone tell me how to use the FI8918with the wireless connection? I cannot get it to work. I made all the necessary settings but I don't know how to connect to it. I don't even know what the IP of the wireless connection will be. There seems to be no place to set it. My router doesn't show the wireless clients so I cannot discover what the wireless IP is.

  124. @henkoegema
    This is more likely their FI8908W look-alike, but it's definitely not from Foscam. The firmware has been taken from Foscam though but is old enough so it work on some non-Foscam "clones" (Foscam took measures against it later on). Chances are that you'll end up with a paperweight if you try to flash your non-Foscam camera with a recent Foscam firmware! Beware!

  125. @DeMeester
    It's probably a matter of unplugging the Ethernet cable at the right time to allow the wireless to kick in...
    You should have a look at my Start-up Guide

  126. I don't know about you guys but I'm currently running the latest firmwares for the FI8918W version and

    My problem is at night both of my cameras shut off the IR illuminator when they start to record images. It then turns back on after 30 seconds or so.

  127. @Bubbah

    Thanks a lot! i solved my problem reading your website!!

  128. Hello,

    Noticed ver in foscam site (
    Will it do for our cameras?
    Is it newer than ver. which is recomended in top post?

  129. Hey Kostas,

    thank you for pointing that out!
    Despite what the website and readme say ("NOTE£º11.14.1.xx and 11.14.2.xx cannot upgrade to this verison.") I successfully upgraded 2 CAMs from FI8908W-fw11.14.2.28 to (using the webinterface of the CAMs).

    First thing I saw sending mails /w SMTPAUTH now works with my mail server.


  130. Hello josy82
    It's really curious you could upgrade from that firmware to the new I don't understand the warnings then :D !!!

    Did you notice other new features?

  131. Me neither, Migmig.
    No, I did not find/see other enhancements*.
    The whole web page appears to react faster to me but that might only be my impression "looking for what's new"

    Cheers, josy

    *On the other hand I am not that curious little girl like Bubbah :P that really looked for it ;)

  132. @Bubbah:
    Visitors: 993771
    When I come back in a few weeks and am the 1.000.000st visitor, do I win an iPad? :D

    1. LOL! with my budget it will rather be something like this.

      From a quick extrapolation based on Google Analytics, we should be there in less than 10 days...

  133. c'mon, Bubbah!
    You can't be honest or your site is not serious!

    I am a lucky one! I already won about 40 of these iPads, because I've got the '1millionst visitor' gene. At whichever (serious!) site I appear I am greeted: You're the 1millionst vistor. Unfortunately I had no need for an iPad in earlier times as I was in a relationship. Now that I lost that state I need such a gadget to be cool again, you know.

    SO: HURRY UP, if only 10 days are left! Get that bleeding iPad! FOR ME!

    Yours, sincerely,

  134. When I update my cam from to a higher version, the upgrade bar in IP Camera Tool - Update Firmware, stops half way across and then the camera seems to reset about 30 seconds later.

    Ever seen or heard of that before?

  135. @Lee:
    I always use(d) the cams web interface. Never had any issues. Never tried that cam tool.

    Cheers, Josy

    P.S. @Bubbah: I am a fan of security and all that but this CAPTCHA-and-login-and-loginagain-and... sucks so much I'm not going to help others more often.
    Choose a more customer friendly method or provider if you want more than help requests here.

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. Hi Josy89,
    I also have that system but had to switch to it because of problems introduced by changes from Google. More info in the post: 'threaded comments, why not...'
    I'll try to switch back in a near future.

  138. HAHAHA!
    Bubbah is violating the rules!
    I'll ask to ban you for double-posting :P

  139. that's my not-so-smart phone's fault! (I'll clean this up once back to a proper computer)

  140. There! You should see no more CAPTCHA. This came up enabled when I changed the comment location option from "embedded" to "full page".

    ...double posting? what double posting? ;-)

  141. I recently purchased a no-brand Wireless IP Camera. The system version is and the WebUI version is
    This appears to be the camera: (has no PTZ)

    Here is a screenshoot:

    If there any safe firmware I can try? Is possible to only update the WebUI? Is there any way in which I can back up the current firmware?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  142. Hello, thank you very much for the information. I purchased a camera to now there and bought there after consulting the service Foscam and they said it was trustworthy, but although the box was identical the original came to me without the logo Foscam, without stickers and the web ui setting is green like the link The problem is that with WPA wifi the camera connects and disconnects constantly without actually working.
    I talked with Foscam and they says that better not load the latest official version of this model, they not sure is it will work, but the page where it was bought now not exists, I can't download the firmware there...

    The model they sent me is a IPCAM02, it supposed to be a FI8908W. The firmware and device data are:

    Device ID: 00606E87FA92
    Device Firmware Version:
    Device embeded Web UI Version:

    Can you help me with firmware to put in this camera model?


    1. Hi Javier,
      You're right, it is not a Foscam but some clone. I uses a smaller memory chip and trying to update with a Foscam fw would brick it instantly.
      With the version I could find some ref. on the web:
      Heden Visioncam CAMHED021PW ()
      Hootoo HT-IP206 (, sold be
      Apexis APM-J011WS (

      For this last one they have a website with links to latest firmware (webui link is dead tough)
      ...BUT...if I were you, I'd contact Apexis to confirm the compatibility and make sure you can jump from your version to their ... Sometimes within a same model there are different hardware versions, so no guarantee. You could also contact to see if they could help.

      I couldn't locate a 100% safe firmware for your IPC but I hope the information above will help you to find one eventually.

      When bricked, these cameras can be recovered with special recovery firmware using the method explained here: but it's only in last resort.

      Good luck.


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