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Firmwares for FI8904W and FI8909W-NA

Each Foscam camera model needs its own specific firmware. Latest versions I could obtain for FI8903W/FI8904W and FI8909W-NA are found below. They all implement the Server Push mode.

Please check your current firmware version first. If your camera was recently manufactured, you may already have the latest one. If the numbering sequence of your version is different, consider that you may not have a Foscam camera and avoid using these files, they would brick your device.
Never flash your camera 'over the air', use the Ethernet connection during this operation! Always start flashing the system firmware file (starting by lr_cmos...), then the web ui file (if necessary).

If you need a version that is not available here, just email Foscam with your device ID.

FI8903W(18 IR LEDs)/FI8904W(24 IR LEDs):
Since March 2010, the latest firmware can be downloaded directly from Foscam download center.
Firmware - web ui (MD5 - DF3DC037603C04757E5E98B719005AA2
Firmware - web ui  (MD5 - D33FA1CFC8F1E1E85AA2D6837393E8A3)
Firmware - web ui  (MD5 - EBDC797117177AD1C7C0D2BBCEF816FE)


Since March 2010, the latest firmware can be downloaded directly from Foscam download center
Firmware for FI8909W

See the FI8908W Firmware History Page for more information on fixes and enhancement between firmware versions.


  1. Anyone bought this from here.

    Is it really a Foscam clone?

  2. @ Don
    From the packaging, it looks like the "authentic" FI8904W. Some reseller show screenshots of the software interface which makes it easier to identify.

  3. @Bubbah
    I just send a email to ask whether it is "authentic" foscam ipcam.
    By the way, what is the orginal foscam price for this model?

  4. I saw a reply from one of the seller threads on this ipcam, he says is the same as BSTI PD100HV2W
    so it can use the FOSCAM's FI8904W's firmware?

  5. I can't say if their firmware are cross-compatible but Foscam and BSTI outdoor cameras have visible difference in their casing.

    From picture, that eBay item rather looks like a Foscam. In the same Q&A, the seller also replies: "Dear valued friend, this is good quality, from Foscam brand,..." so I hope he knows what he's selling.
    If it's like w/, you'll find out what it is only when you'll receive it...

  6. Ya, according to the seller replies, he says is from FOSCAM. Maybe i should buy 1 to test? Hmm.. it is not cheap.

    But any site that sells original FOSCAM IPCAM, need to know its current retail price?

  7. According to here

    there is a sample, but now it seems down. Maybe have to try later., user: admin , no password

  8. @ Don,
    I think it's adequately priced for a Foscam, $128/€88 is in the average. I'm contemplating buying one myself, but from an European stock because the customs in my country will very likely intercept it for VAT otherwise.

    This other eBay page is an example of ideal situation when the seller gives screen samples.

  9. @ Buddah,

    Your ebay link is not working.

  10. @Don,

    Sorry, let's try this way:
    enter the item # in the search field of eBay: 220410244476


  11. Oh, ok. Finally took the plunge to buy from the ebay seller that i mentioned as the seller confirmed that this IPCAM is from Foscam. Now have to wait for it to sent out.

    Will try to get some shots of it when it arrives.

  12. Hi,

    The ebay item no. 220410244476 certainly looks like the foscam camera, from the web interface that is. I've owned the FI8908W camera for about 9 months and it works great. I initial brought it to use with the iphone but it only works with ie. I emailed foscam explaining and within a couple weeks they got me beta version which worked great on the iphone and also firefox. Good luck.

  13. Hi, I'm Spanish and I bought this camera ip:

    that I work with this firmware?

  14. @QS,
    It's very likely their FI8903/04W.

    I actually bought one of my FI8908W from this same reseller "voguestage88".

    But if you want an official confirmation, you could email Foscam directly with the "Device ID" of your camera. It can be found in the settings, under Device status.

  15. Hello, I've finally updated the firmware of my camera and the web cam, all right!
    previously veya more colors are now gray and lighter colors.


  16. Hello, I have brought out the log.
    so that rather than vat!

    I got the software web 43 of the moving that has at least log, and works the same.

    by the way my camera housing does not FOSCAM. weird is not it?

  17. Hi Don,

    How did the camera work out for you?

  18. Hi all, I can thinking of getting a few fi8904w and running them as webcams. I need to be able to name the jpg file that is transfered by FTP to my web server. I have emailed foscam and they say with the current firmware this is not yet possable. I am waiting for them to get back to me. Do you think it will be possable for them to write this into the firmmware. How long does things like this normally take for them to resolve?

  19. @bdveit
    That shouldn't be difficult to add a cgi command parameter to specify a name rather than leaving it to automatic naming. They usually take remark into account for their firmware evolution.
    Until October 2009, they had 1 firmware update every 2 months. There's been no more since but I think it's there's at least one more to come.
    They are busy polishing the new kids on the block FI8905/06W so that would explain why we have to wait longer this time.

  20. hi again, foscam have informed me they are working on my problem, and will get back to me. i will keep you posted if i hear anything more.

  21. @dbveit
    I'll be watching this, just received my FI8904W!

  22. What about the automatic reconnect in the case the wireless link goes down? Is this already implemented in the latest firmware?
    I'm planning to buy one of these cameras very soon


  23. @Fabio,
    I've emailed Foscam a few days ago about this and other pending issues. They replied that they're still working on it. Don't expect new fw before sometime in March due to their Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) this month. They're also very busy releasing a series of new H.264 cameras for April. I'll keep you posted on this blog.

  24. Thanks Bubbah,
    I didn't resist the temptation to buy the camera anyway, and it arrived just today with the latest firmware (
    I'll do some more tests and in the meanwhile I hope that the new firmware will be released with the auto-reconnect feature.
    Thank you for keeping me posted, this blog is REALLY useful!!

  25. Hello Gentlemen,

    I don't know if this thread is still active, but I think I've been screwed by one of the sellers on eBay selling a clone version. I wish I had known about this site earlier, it would have saved me a lot of money!

    Seller ID: savemoneyforyou

    I bought the item number: 220566607424

    ...I paid $99.99 at the time with free shipping so it seems to be close to the price for a Foscom, but I don't think it is.

    WebUI sucks and firmware is even worse. This "Out Door/Waterproof" camera can't even change it's aperture settings!---the damn thing gives me a completely white screen during the day. And although it is suppose to capture video at VGA resolutions, I can't change anything on the webUI so I'm stuck with the lower resolution output.

    I bought 8 foscom pan/tilt units and have been quite satisfied. They work well with Security Spy on my Mac Pro. Although with that many cameras on "constant record", it definately taxes all 8 xeon cores.

    Any advice on this matter would be much appreciated as I all have 8 of the "ebay item: 220566607424" cameras. Thanks Guys!

  26. @Ben,
    well that's not a Foscam for sure, it looks like a BSTI PD100HV2W.
    You should try their tech support, maybe there's a firmware update that solves your problems.

  27. I have a problem with the firmware want pictures taken with the same name but this cam is always changing its name, does anyone know if there is a firmware update for this problem? Regards Massimo

  28. Has anyone had any info from Foscam about the final firmware release, i am begining to think its not going to come, it seems a shame, in the early days Foscam seemed to respond quickly to customer requests and were alway happy to help, I do hope it comes soon.

  29. @bdveit
    I asked them one month ago, suspecting that they would "archive" this range of camera in favor of the new coming line, but they confirmed that we'll get a new firmware. I wish I could tell when, but they couldn't tell either. Yes it's a bit frustrating, these cams could really use a revised firmware.

  30. My camera is model ipcam04w. I tried to upgrade the firmware and now it has no Webui. I can't seem to find the appropriate software for this camera. I'm not sure if it is Foxcam or not. Ideas?

  31. @Anthony
    If your lucky (if the camera can still be found by the ip camera tool), maybe you just need to re-flash the camera with the appropriate firmware from the right manufacturer. Your seller could help you on this.
    If it's more serious, there's a post title "Bring your paperweight back to life", but the recovery files provided only work with Foscam models. Some managed to get another clone IP607 working with a specific set of recovery files. I don't know if they'd work with your ipcam04w.

  32. Hi Guys,

    i bought this Camera via Ebay. Can u tell me the manufacturer?
    it looks like foscam or apexis.
    which firmware can i update.

    btw: is it save to update via a remote VPN network? because the camera is 400km away from me ;)

  33. @Daniel
    not a Foscam for sure, the green UI is from another brand. Maybe the Apexis APM-J0233-WS-IR but the best way to find out for sure is to contact them with your DeviceID.

  34. Who on ebay is a real Foscam on ebay?

  35. There's a list on the "contact us" page of

  36. I purchased a FI8904W for $95.99 on eBay from USA based user greeneworld ( He claimed that it was genuine FOSCAM. The camera has FOSCAM printed on the outside. The model number on the bottom appears to relate to the WiFi card and nowhere is FI8904W indicated. My system was loaded with Firmware - web ui I took a chance on bricking the unit and loaded your posted Firmware - web ui I guess that my unit IS a genuine FOSCAM because the load worked. By the way, the site appears to be down. The unit works well BUT it seems to work better inside than in the daylight. In daylight the camera doesn't handle the color green well. Greens are a shade of gray. Also, I asked greeneworld how to adjust the focus on this unit and he emailed me a nice "how-to" on it.

  37. I have an assuming genuine Foscam FI8904W. I upgraded the firmware to but when I try to upgrade the Web UI, the camera just refuse to connect though it still can seen by the IP Cam tool and still has a IP address. Any remedy?

  38. @mlg
    maybe try admin and empty password as from factory. That update did reset all my setting which was not the case of the previous firmwares.

  39. @Bubah
    Thanks! It managed to get FI8904W to work by changing to another router. I got a FI8908W and after firmware upgrade to, it kept "disappearing", dropping its WiFi connection. Is it a bug? I had no problem using the previous firmware.

  40. @mlg
    this new firmware was actually supposed to provide a more stable connection, but some readers already reported that it did not resolve their connection issue. Maybe it's only true for some encryptions. I use WPA TKIP and it seems ok, my fi8908w's can run for days without loosing the connection.

  41. Is it possible to flash Firmware myself after a Flash-Crash? Any Tools available?

    Pls Help...

  42. Hey all I found a firmware update for Foscom Fi8904w --> and web ui ---> it worked well with the cam I have with the ----> web ui ----> does anyone know if this is the latest update for the cam, and if so I will see if I can get a file up for everyone thanks

  43. @Tdoggy
    This is the latest version available for download on
    It is only for the latest FI8904W hardware platforms from versions on.
    As stated by Foscam, It WILL brick older ones with or, so beware.

  44. @ Bubbah oh yeah I did read on the older ones will not work, actually I have 4 cams 3 of which are the and 1 of the of which the later one will not get the flash and thanks for all the info.

  45. Hi i realy need your help, i bought a ip camera. but i upgrade to the wrong verrsion. i need to get the version:
    only problem the link is broken
    pleas can you repair the link, or answere here on this forum

    pleas help me!

  46. @Luke
    I re-uploaded the file.
    If you refresh the page, you should see the link working now.
    Direct link:

    Good luck!

  47. Thank you very much for the re-upload, i got the file.
    only i got a next problem :(

    if i "upgrade" this file from to the says "refused by camera"
    you know how i can fix this?

  48. I don't have that camera anymore so cannot test, but downgrading is probably not supported, you should try some of their firmware over 2.38 in that page:
    You need to register only once.

    Try to use the ipcamtool to flash

    good luck

  49. so it isn't possible to get my camera back to there is no way to get it back to the factory settings or something. i need to hold this version or higher version?
    is it possible you can help me trough skype or something?

  50. hopely you can help with the web ui, it is still i din't get it on a higher version :(
    hopely you can help

  51. As I said, I no longer have that camera so I cannot be of much help to find the right firmware for you.
    You should maybe try this solution

    You also still have the option to contact Foscam with your device ID ( as they are usually helpful.


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