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Call to all gadget victims

Set your inner geek free!

Some people claim that technology does not always make their life easier and that they could walk away from it... any time.

These very same people are often among the first ones aware of the latest gizmo when they don't already own it!

For them, a gadget that can't be either tweaked or hacked is of limited interest.

These people often feel like they are not understood by the rest of the mankind in general, ...and by their wife in particular.

If you recognize yourself in this description, and your Geek Quotient is worryingly high ...

...this web site is for you!

So welcome, and make yourself comfortable!

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Some of the links in this blog are affiliate links, mainly from:
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This means, that, at no cost for you, clicking on some links may  generate revenue and/or motivate some shops to send me goodies to play with.

I bought most products myself and received some (in which case I mention that with thank you notice at the end of the article).
I aim however at giving an unbiased opinion on the products I review and sometimes warn you to stay away from some.

All references on this site are based on European standards (metric, 220v,...). I try to mention the prices in both € and $ when possible.

Topics and language on this blog are suitable for all family (no PG required).

Articles are gluten free, for most part, but written on a desk which may contain traces (...sometimes big chunks) of nuts!

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  1. Hello Bubbah,
    Came across your page while researching IP cams. Have a troublesome GP260 and it gives a lot of grief with the Active X control. Then I see you are living in Ennis and are interested in X10... I lived only 6 miles from ennis and have a x10 automation system with homeseer.
    Anyways based on your info, I brought a Forscam (was a bit worried about the name!) from a trusted ebay seller (surezan13) for 64e. Reading about the clones, I think he may a pulled a fast one.
    Keep up the good work



  2. Cheer Liam. That ip cam is the gadget I had most craic with.
    I wish I could say the same for X10...

  3. For all your X10 woes you need a XTB11 from Jeff Volps. I got one from him and it amps the X10 signal to 6v at zero crossing. This will overcome any niose problems.
    I see you are in to FSX as well, scary now!!! did you get the latest EINN scenery from Eirsim, its brillant.

  4. That scenery is out finaly ? I kind of lost track of it. My PC is getting way too old for enjoying FSX properly. It's about time I buy a new one soon.

  5. hey how do you put the lbels in the menu accross the top of the page like that?

  6. @theinterbits
    Just add an HTML/Javascript page element from the Blogger page designer with a code like this:
    [li][a href=""]INTRODUCTION[/a][/li]
    [li][a href=""]IP CAMERAS[/a][/li]
    ...and so on...

  7. oh yeah. thats a great idea. thanks, i might try it on my blog

  8. Dear Bubbah, I had difficulties in finding an email address, even after coming across your real name. I wanted to direct your attention towards the new Brookstone toy, the AC13 Rover. It seems to be very related to the Foscam stuff: Maybe it's interesting enough to take a look at it? Thanks! Anne

  9. Hello Anne, I came across this rover very recently and it's no my wish list. Didn't realize it used the same CGI set as Foscam. Thanks and Happy New Year.

  10. Hello Bubbah,

    Enjoy reading your site; I wish I had as good an understanding of these cameras as you but it's all I can do to muddle through. I have a Foscam F18918W set up and it gives me great pleasure boring people with live action scenes of my cat from my iPhone. What I can't figure out is why when I have an IE window running at work on my work station of my cam, if alarm is enabled etc., it will record the motion detected. There is no 3rd party software running. Dounloads the video to my computer's hard drive. If I run the same at home or anywhere else, nothing records (or I can't find it). How can I control this without 3rd party software?

    Thanks for the help

  11. Hi Rob,
    This annoying 'feature' is part of the ActiveX interface typically used from IE. When you don't see this, you probably use another browser like Firefox or Chrome (and the Push server UI).
    At best, the latest firmware will eliminate the constant pop-up of the target folder, but to eliminate the beeping and recording, you have to disable the Motion Alarm.
    So your realistic options are:
    - Don't use IE (always a good decision anyway)
    - use a 3rd party monitoring application

  12. Best monitoring app for Android tablet? I just got a new tablet and was trying to find a free app to monitor my Foscam camera. Any suggestions for something that is as good as the Surveillance Pro I use on my iPhone?

  13. @Rob Haut,
    I use IP Cam Viewer:
    It's briefly presented here also.

  14. My latest gadget is an iPod-Touch. First thing I looked for was an App to connect to my old Foscam. After trying a few, I settled on IP CAM Viewer Pro. It's not designed specifically for
    the Foscam but supports over 800 makes and models of IP cameras/servers and connected
    to my FI8908W with no problem at all. Also views my old Vivotek-clone hassle-free!
    Once I upgraded to the latest Foscam firmware which now offers Preset positions, IPCVP also supports that (though only 10 of its presets). It's also got a nifty Camera-detect option. Just feed it the IP and name/password
    and it'll step through its list of camera models to see it detects your make/model.
    I've only connected locally, so far. It's an iPod, not an iPhone, so I need the Wifi for the connection.
    It's worth a look, especially if you have cameras other than a Foscam. Updates keep on coming too. Versions for iOS and Android (though I can't test the Android).
    by robert.chou, website:
    or see it in the app-store.

    Maybe this'll help someone -


  15. Hello Bubbah I write from Chile, recently bought a camera at Deal Extreme VNT6656G6A40 IP model and now I understand that is a clone, but it throws me an error "doest not exist web UI" you can help me solve this. I do not speak English with a translator translated ye on lines. Thank you, greetings from Chile. John G.

  16. Hola JGE
    usted debe tratar de conseguir un firmware compatible a partir de y flashear usando el programa IPCameraTool.
    Algunos informaron que el firmware desde Foscam puede trabajar en los clones de Dealextreme.
    Usted encontrará algunos en el post titulado "Foscam FI8908W Firmware History Page", pero intenta con el supporte técnico de DX en primer lugar.
    ¡Buena suerte!

  17. Busque también en el foro de dx:

  18. Hello Bubbah,

    Can't find a better place to ask this... do you know of an IP Camera that operates 802.11N via the 5ghz band?

    I've got both frequencies at home, and use the 2.4ghz for my older "G" network devices.


  19. Hi Fred,
    It turned out to be a tricky question, I was confident that some high end IP cameras would do that, but all I found was for RF CCTV systems. I haven't found a single confirmation of such IP camera doing that natively. Maybe could tell you for sure?

  20. Hi robotechy, I have very little information on the Tenvis firmware structure. What I got for the FI8908W was kindly provided by Foscam themselve. Personally, my interest for the IPRobot3 drifted toward more open and stable models (H502W) and it sits at rest in a drawer until Tenvis comes up with a decent software for it, which they say is for "soon". Your may find some help in your efforts from the guys at On my side I'll ping my contacts at Tenvis to see if I can convince them to provide bin files that could be injected via jtag. If that happens I'll publish it on my site.

  21. Hi Bubbah, Can you please remove "Contacting their support was disappointing in all they would say was the camera was now broken. After a few emails and pointing out the bootloader was still intact, they offered a discount for a new camera or to send the camera to china if I pay the shipping round trip. They would not help when I pointed out I could get into the boot loader myself." from my Apr 6, 2013, 8:47:00 AM post? They are selling me a new camera for $25.

  22. Hi Bubbah,
    I was hoping you would start a new tread for mods to the IPRobot3 cam. If so, please feel free to add my posts at:,565.msg2915.html#msg2915
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Robo, yes I'll probably do that soon along with your findings on the J9 connector.

  23. Hi Bubbah, great work on ipcams!! I have also my first 720p from ebay.. i found much info on a French forum but cannot understand French.. only English... My original version was 05.02 and after updated to 05.53 lost HID auth... I remember that in the fist updates it was kept... I don't know if this is the reason that the camera every 2-4 minutes seems to reboot... could you help a little to trace the problem? Thanks in advance!!

  24. Hello BUbbah,
    could you please recommend some outdoor PTZ, wifi at least 960p without zoom camera for good price? Or "brand" to choose from?

    Thank you...

  25. Bubbah,

    I am having trouble saving any type of setting to my H502W. Once it reboots any change in settings is reset. I'm wanting to change my login and network connection passwords, but it always goes back to old settings once it's restarted. This is what the maygion website says to do: The problem is I do not use an FTP. I simply use security software for recording purposes. How do I access the "www/ocx2.exe" file? Thanks

  26. Bonjour,
    Seriez vous intéressé par un échange d'article avec le site ?


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