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Let's make some mess...

the slowest 16-bit computer ever!

Are you nostalgic of the time when it was possible to reboot your personal computer by gently hitting the desk with your fist (Sinclair ZX81) ? Have you been the proud owner of the first 16-bit computer out-performed by all the 8-bit competition (TI99/4A) ? Did you drill holes into your 45 min tapes to use them in the revolutionary tape streamer of the ColecoVision ADAM ?

I know, the Web is already packed with emulators and museums web sites, but my blog would be missing something if I didn't squeeze at least one topic about this part of my far away childhood!

Some marginals didn't have a Commodore 64 at that time


MESS (Multi Emulator Super System) makes possible to run those vintage computers and video game consoles on a PC. All you need is to collect the bios files corresponding to the system that you want to emulate. Bios and Rom files can often been found in various websites on the Internet. If you miss playing the good old Mine Storm on Vectrex or just re-visit the look and feel of a MSX, VIC20, TRS-80, ... computer, this freeware is an absolute must!  

built to last, mine is still working!

Tip: The 8-bit music from those old computers and game console is a good source for mobile phone ringtones.
Using the M.E.S.S emulator you can extract the music from any program:
Just start a game from the File menu > "Play and Record Wave Output"
then trim the resulting file with a sound editor such as Audacy. That's it, you have your vintage ringtone.

Download some samples made from Coleco and Vectrex classics here.

Must-see museum: oldcomputers.net

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