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Raving Rabbit

The little rural village where I live in Ireland has been blessed two years ago with the arrival of the 3G, and the national operator couldn't do anything against it this time (they're still making so much money with all the dial-up users!).
Some competition finally took off, and viable wireless solution became available in this Internet black spot.
So it's only in mid-2007 that I got an internet access with a usable bandwidth (and stop laughing, will you!).

This gave at last some justification to invest in a wireless router and wifi-enabled gadgets.

Thanks to that, I've been close to adopt a rabbit.

At that time, I read a lot of related articles and reviews and it appears that many customers are complaining about the randomly accessible server and the few services that actually work.
What holds me as well is certainly the price tag of the Nabaztag (€200).
The only potential competitor seems to be a wireless (not wi-fi) penguin (€150) built around the same idea, but more Linux developer than final-user friendly.

This product will certainly evolve and may become more attractive with time. So I keep it in my whish-list.

Known alternatives:

- Tux Droid penguin.

- Chumby.
- Your next TV ?

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