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Remote Sentinel

This falls into my wish-list, although I'm not really planning to get one any time soon. I just like to keep an eye on it to see how it evolves price-wise (around €300 at the moment) and feature-wise: The Rovio from Wowwee is an eye-catching IP camera on wheels.

I wouldn't count on this robot to watch over my house in my absence because it's likely to be the first thing any burglar (even with a low GQ) would actually steal!
On the security aspect, I prefer these more traditional PTZ cameras that will have time to store enough snapshots in a remote storage before being eventually unplugged by the intruders.

...but still... what a nice toy!

I'll reconsider maybe, if the next generation can also bark and bite...

Cheaper alternative:
- Meccano's Spykee
- Wowwee Spyball (due end 2009, should be below €200)

- NetTansor Web


  1. What about this robot with a foscam camera?

  2. Yeah, that's a good DIY alternative to this one

    There's also this rover below, using Foscam compatible cgi command set, but of limited interest because of its very limited wireless range:


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