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Screen Capture and Screen Recording

As a big part of my job is to make technical procedures as clear as possible for non technical people, a vital tool that I extensively use to achieve this is the screen capture utility, and, to a smaller extend, the screen recorder.

I adopted Gadwin PrintScreen. It's a closed-source freeware, but I yet have to find a matching open-source offering together the features that I required:
- substitute to the PrintScreen key
- ability to save automatically a region screenshot in clipboard as well as file without prompt.
- delayed capture
- ability to capture the mouse pointer
- jpeg support
- automatic naming
- lightweight (3.5 MB)
- fast to load and run

Open-Source alternative:
Greenshot (no delayed capture and pointer capture in v0.7, but does everything else!)

Screen Recording
At times, I need to produce a screen recording video as a software bug evidence for instance, or as a tutorial complement. The open-source CamStudio gives a very complete set of features to produce video recording in AVI of Flash along with captions and audio comment if needed.

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