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Geek flavoured Coffee

Coffee is very compatible with the geek lifestyle. It's actually the animal's primary food !

I discovered a year ago the last mug I may ever need. It comes with one typical travel mug lid, and a second one with a plunger. It also holds a concealed storage box for tea, instant coffee or sugar.

My only regret with my Double Shot model is that it is too large for the cup holder in my car.

The Senseo coffee maker is hard to find in Ireland, so I Senseo 7832 around €100purchased one on the web. It's the most economic on use, just after the traditional filter coffee machine, and makes excellent coffee, despite it's 1.5 bar pump (compared to 15 bar for typical espresso makers).
As I often travel to France and Belgium, I get the coffee refill there, but sometimes I run short on pods, and there comes a clever gadget to sort me out: the refillable pods.

There are several brands available and some can easely reach €10 piece. The ones I found, called ecopads, came in pack of 5 units for just €11! Having several pads allows to pre-fill them and store them in a box for future use.

And finally just for the eyes, a true geek trap, and - to me - the most beautiful coffee machine on the market:
the Francis Francis X1 (if only it didn't cost over €500!)

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