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Interactive Projector Technology

TI has, for many years, been present inside most technological devices (Speak & Spell toy, TI computers, BOLT-117 laser-guided bomb), and it's nearly impossible to open one without finding the little Texas-shaped logo on a component.

But most of us know the brand for having used their calculators at school. And that's in the classrooms again that the company is about to make a remarkable comeback.

DLP (Digital Light Processing) is already popular thanks to the pocket-sized pico projectors and soon to be cellphone-embedded, but below is an even more spectacular example of the DLP Interactive Projector Technology:

Below is a demo of a possible alternative (for the not-so-well-funded schools):


- GestureFX
- SmartBoard
- Gestural interfaces
- Other Pico projector
- WowWee Cinemin Swivel
- eBeam

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