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Yet another firmware for Foscam fi8908w!

Following the feedback on the updated firmware released a month ago, I took the liberty to send a recap of the remarks and suggestions to Foscam.

As before, they replied almost instantly and once again with some great stuff!

First of all, a newer firmware already!
the and Web UI
(superseded by fw
The obvious changes are:

- a colourful login page

- the ability to scan for available wireless networks:

- an option to turn off the activity led (Network Lamp)

...and a log of the visits!

While this nice update is definitely an added value to the camera, there seems to be a small problem: to me none of the settings can be validated from the server push mode page.
For instance, if I clear the tick box for the camera lamp, after the reboot, I'll find the option selected again (and the camera led still on). This is open to your feedbacks. Once confirmed it is not just me, I'll report this to Foscam.

The ActiveX interface still works fine for storing the settings, but if you have no IE to setup your camera, you may want to skip this firmware release until a fixed one comes out.

One more thing: there is no improvement for the uPnP option, that never worked for me.

Technical Documentation:
There is now an official Foscam CGI SDK documentation available.
I've put all this on a dedicated firmware page also.

Third Party utilities: Some compatible monitoring applications are detailed in this previous post.

- HTTPS implementation is planned for a future update, possibly this year.
- FI8908W cameras (black or white) produced since June 2009 have an additional audio connector.
- The units in production from this month include an improved lens filter (more accurate colour rendering).

Is your camera from Foscam ?
If you plan to use the firmwares on this site, you need to ensure that your camera is from Foscam.
If your camera looks like a twin of the Foscam camera discussed here, it may still be from another manufacturer and a Foscam firmware may brick it.

If your camera is not a Foscam, it's not the end of the world as it may be of a comparable quality with as many features but you should then obtain the firmwares from the appropriate manufacturer.

Here are a few details that can help identifying your camera origin, and it's not fool proof unfortunately:

Packaging: From official source, Foscam packaging of fi8908w is always red and white as shown, and exhibit a picture of the older fi8901w on the reverse side.
But... This is the least reliable way to identify a compatible Foscam camera:
there's been reports of cameras with the same box that were not from Foscam, as well as cameras in different box (like the white one below) that could be successfully flashed with Foscam firmware!!

The User Interface: With that said and since not all the shops display the box, another clue is the look of the web interface. The login page of the newer firmware above is a bit more colourful but the rest remains mostly as described here.
But... not all the resellers will show a sample picture in their description.

The stickers on the base: Obviously, if you were expecting to buy a Foscam in particular, you can only check this point once you actually bought the camera but it's an ultimate check point that may save your camera from a catastrophic firmware update.

In the example below, the labels on the base of the camera will show subtle differences:
On the Foscam:
- There are 2 round stickers, one with QC/OK and the other one, show the manufacturing date and a warning "warranty void if damaged".
- There are 2 rectangular stickers: one with
MAC ID: xxxxxxxxxxxx
User name(default):admin
Password(default): (blank)"
and the other with the FCC standard compliance and "Made in China"
There is no other sticker, and no Model or S/N.

Below is an example of a non-Foscam base (click on it for a close-up):

If you buy on DealExtreme, check their forum for recent posts about ip cameras and don't rely too much on the product page itself as product descriptions on this site is traditionally inaccurate.

Finally you can also consider contacting Foscam with a maximum of visual details to positively identify your camera origin before flashing it with anything from this site.

Below is the warning published on Foscam's web site:


  1. Does anyone know where I could find the dome enclosure for this model? I saw the post above with the link to some guys eBay store, but he isn't selling the camera and the dome separately. Thanks.

  2. @Bubbah
    As you know i have problem with my new cam from dealextream that it restarts all the time. so i contacted foscam and sent pictures of the bottom. They said that this cam is not from foscam and it's a clone. can you please comare the picture with the bottom of your 2 cams? thanks

  3. @Bubbah
    Yes the box is identical to the foscam box, red and white. Its really strange, i also ordered the one that dx has now (white box) before on ebay and that was a total differnt cam with other web ui etc. so now i think i will return the cam to dx and get my money back...

  4. Hi to all, i am villamany from Spain.
    My Foscam lens was broken, and I decide to change by a wide angle lens from Ebay, these are the results.

    Standard Lens

    Wide Angle Lens

  5. Ola villamany!

    That's quite impressive, the picture quality is so much better!
    Is it one of those "Jelly Lens Fish Eye" sold for under 3€?

  6. Have similar in DX


  7. The first picture is a standard web camera lens (because the original was broquen) with a angle of view about 67 degree, and the second is a Ebay lens for cctv cameras with a angle of view about 160 degree, i get it for about 6,50 Euro with shiping to Spain from "goodlucksell" ebay seller.

  8. Hi my new camera (bought from dealextream) with newest firmware version 43

    1)canNOT connect to WPA2 (TKIP+EAS).
    2)seems to connect wirelessly (LED flashing fast) to my network with WPA EAS, but I can not access to web interface of the camera.
    3) Eth cable connection has no problem and everything is working fine

    I found something here:

    I 'll try to disable UPnP to see if it works with my DLink Dl624 router, and I 'll post the result here

    Anyone has the same problem? Please suggest me a solution.

  9. I got it working, but the wifi connection is not reliable. I am not sure disabling Upnp helps in this case. When i open the web interface from internet, the camera scrashes and cannot re-eatablish connection.
    I am using Dlink DI624 router with WPA2 AES encription.

    Do you think if I reload older firmware will help?

  10. @Anthony
    I didn't test WPA2 AES myself so I can't say if an older fw would do better. One thing for sure is that uPnP has never worked with this ip camera. Foscam is aware of this and said they'd look after this in a future firmware...
    Maybe you should try some different Wifi channel ? I had unreliable results like you until I found that channel 11 worked better for me.

  11. @All,
    just got an email today from Foscam.
    In order to minimize the confusion between their products and clones, they will stick a Foscam label on the cameras from next month.
    Most resellers on eBay will accept this no problem, but some others still want blank cameras they can brand themselves.

  12. Hi!

    Anyway to recover a bad-firmware camera? I flashed the wrong version into my camera and now it's dead, it doesn't even moves up & down, left & right at start, and the ip camera program doesn't sees it even if connected through ethernet...

    thank you in advance

  13. @Bubbah
    thanks for yr comments. I finally got it working wirelessly and reliably using WPA2 AES after disabling Upnp, and trying with different WPA, WPA2, Port forwarding (different from 80), etc...

    So I don 't know exactly what has helped in my case. If anyone has similar problem, you could try all these to see if it helps.

    One thing to fix next is IE web access showing the camera is disconnected and cannot go further than the login page. Firefox works well.

  14. @ javinv

    I'm afraid there's no known recovery procedure. I've asked Foscam already in the past.
    ...maybe one day someone will find a way to hack the camera through the RS485 serial port. Some other linux-based devices can be recovered by jtag.
    If only this camera was open-source...

  15. @Anthony
    Have the same problem. can login and view the picture with server push mode (firefox) but i cant see the picture with internet explorer (activex). i receiv always the message can't connect to device

  16. my camera work fine with IE and firefox.

    My favorite is Firefox and there is a Firefox pluggin named "IE tab" for use as IE. it works fine with Foscam ActiveX mode.

  17. @Anthony and Massimo

    Your problem with IE looks like a classic.
    I was building a Q&A in a draft post, but you decided me to publish it earlier it's still a work in progress but I think you'll find your solution in the "No Image" question:

    FAQ for IP cameras

    Let me know how it goes.

  18. My problem with IE is ONLY when I access from outside my LAN from work. I am not sure it is something related to firewall?

    Anyways, I am looking for an iPhone app that can pan&tilt this camera.
    Currently there is NON, but IP Vision Pro seems to support if you know how to create a custom config file. It 's worth to take a look.

  19. @Anthony,
    that's strange, tracing my connection from outside the lan, all the ip camera traffic goes through HTTP, so it should work. As your router most likely keeps a log of blocked incoming access, you should take a look. You could also run a sniffer like Wireshark and see if it shows something wrong between the source and the destination.

    For you second quesiton, check the CGI manuals in the documentation section here

  20. @Anthony
    I've the same problem, can access the cam over activx in my LAN without problem only from the internet activex access doesn't work.. also i cant get server push working with IE only with firefox...

  21. Hello - I've read most of the posting, pretty sure I have authentic Foscam. Works when connect to ethernet, and after clicking 'scan' 2-3 times, will see wireless networks, but after I select a network, unplug ethernet and reboot (unplug/replug power) camera does not come up in IP Camera Tool software. Odd thing is the mac address that it 'sees' when scanning wireless networks does not match exactly the mac address of my wireless routers (using Open Mesh repeaters). Any ideas?

  22. @Michael,
    I almost never use the ip camera tool, it's limited to the same subnet, and even then, one of my cameras comes and goes in the list. I always use the DHCP status of my router to identify their wifi MAC and then update the fixed DHCP list manually.
    For the wireless network scanning, I think you found a bug: I just tested and it report my router MAC+1

  23. I still have problem connecting the my home network. My router is
    Wireless Dlink DI624 connected cable modem from Videotron ISP (Canada). Anybody has similar configuration and got it working, please advise me a solution.


  24. Can anyone please confirm the router settings (in the Performance page) that works with this camera.
    Mine is as follow, but I do not get stable wifi connection.

    * long preample
    * auth type = auto
    * CTS Mode = auto
    * CTS type = auto
    * Beacon = 100
    * DTIM Interval = 1
    * Fragment length = 2346
    * RST Thres = 2346


  25. I just got a fake from DX, (matches fake base markings above), best to buy elsewhere now.

  26. thanks Steve
    I just notice that my Camera seems to be a fake from DX too, according to the pictures above in this thread. I already loaded the latest version, and manage to make it works. What should I do now?

  27. Using this (or older) firmware the webpage does not seem to work from within a iframe or when redirected.
    I would like to embed the webpage insite another webpage. Somehow this does not work.
    Most items at the pages appear as 'undefined'.
    This happens when using URL-rewrite from within IIS, but also when using the unmodified website from within an iframe.
    Using port-redirection works fine though.

    Does anybody have a solution how to integrate the cam images and controls inside another webpage?

  28. Yes i flashed my camera with the latest firmware, and it works. I am not sure mine is a foscam clone or not, but according to my memory, my camera has 2 QC/OK stickers on the bottom.
    Mine bought from DX and has the red/white box

  29. Anthony, can you confirm which sticker set you have compared to the two images above. Is this the one with the mac ID and username on the same sticker or not?

    This is my one , which appears to be a fake.

    I would like to update the firmware/web but don't want to fry the thing!

  30. i have bought 1 from ebaj for € 65.
    Its working good, no problems with it.. only 3 questions:

    1- Is it possible to upload an image to my HOTMAIL account?
    2- How can i acces the camera from outside the lan ( At work by examp )
    3- Can i also acces the camera with my phone ? ( htc touch pro 2 )

    thanks, best regards

  31. @dada
    1-please check the manual that can be found on this page as well as the 3rd topic in the Q&A.
    2-you need a DynDNS (or no-ip, or such) account and to set up the matching account parameters in DDNS part in your camera settings. Again the manual explains pretty well the procedure.
    3-what you need is the j2me ip cam viewer and the jbed utility to make it run on WM. All can be found on this other page.


  32. @Steve
    Yes I confirm my camera is same as yours. I upgraded and it works, but I am still having trouble with wifi unreliable connection.

  33. Thank yo bubbah. Those were the answers i Needed

    @Anthony: If i was you, i would try an other router to find out what the problem is

  34. For those who do not want the camera turns to the center at start, and remain where it was, you can user the cgi as below

    I got it works on mine.
    This is a google translation of a part in the CGIAppInstV10.pdf

    Description: Set the camera miscellaneous parameters
    Permissions: manager
    /set_misc.cgi? [led_mode = & ptz_center_onstart = & ptz_auto_patrol_interval = & ptz_auto_patrol
    _type = & ptz_patrol_h_rounds = & ptz_patrol_v_rounds = & next_url =]
    led_mode: 0: Mode 1; 1: Mode 2; 2: Turn off lights
    ptz_center_onstart: = 1, starts the middle
    ptz_auto_patrol_interval: automatic inspection interval, = 0: No auto-tour
    ptz_auto_patrol_type: 0: None; 1: horizontal; 2: vertical; 3: Horizontal + Vertical
    ptz_patrol_h_rounds: the level of inspection laps, 0: infinity
    ptz_patrol_v_rounds: Vertical tour laps, 0: infinity
    ptz_patrol_rate: cruising speed benchmark 0-100, 0: the fastest
    ptz_patrol_up_rate: up cruising speed :0-100, 0: The most slowly
    ptz_patrol_down_rate: down to cruising speed :0-100, 0: The most slowly
    ptz_patrol_left_rate: Left cruising speed :0-100, 0: The most slowly
    ptz_patrol_right_rate: the right cruising speed :0-100, 0: The most slowly

  35. I do not think that the VNT refers to the firm Vinet, but the module VNT6656G6A40

  36. Has anyone managed to get the ftp upload test to work? I keep getting "Test ... Failed Can not access the folder. Please be sure the folder exists and your account is authorized".

    The authorisation settings are correct (I can login and upload files using FileZilla).

  37. BTW, the complete control protocol is listed here:

  38. Mine is foscam fake loaded with version 34.
    Got email, ftp, everything working.
    Stable under firefox. I notice when I use IE with ActiveX, after a while, the cam craches and looses wifi connection. I have to hard reset (power off and on) many times to get the luck. IP Cam Tool definitely helps to recover.

  39. I buy ipcam from DX but, after upgrade firmware, it don't work (now I read that DX now send a non compatible FOSCAM ip cam). One question:
    - Do you have a link to buy e FOSCAM, or firmware compatible ? I leave in Italy.
    Thanks a lot for support !

  40. @dada
    You say: "have bought 1 from ebaj for € 65"

    where ??

  41. @Il Basettone
    eBay item #260484470025 seems to be a Foscam, from the box and the user interface. Seller claims to reply to your question in 8h, so you should ask to be sure. Note that cameras produced since September are supposed to have a Foscam sticker now (according to Foscam).
    Also, some customer from DX could flash their camera successfully so you should check with them and return it for replacement, in particular if you bought SKU 26358!

  42. I contact Vinet for my VNT6656G6A40 s/n M092305xxxxx and this is their answer: "is not my company Model No".

  43. @Db3,
    in a previous comment, Josef suggested that VNT would instead relate to the network module. I think he's right, the Vinet model numbers are much shorter than the one on the label actually.

  44. Hello Il Basettone
    Wich item did you bought? sku.26358 or sku.29014?

  45. Hello,
    I want to change the lens for a wild angle. Is anyone knows the thread (12x0.5 , C or CS mount) ?

  46. @Frédéric
    It is supposed to be a 12x0.5, similar to sku.15237 on dx. I've ordered one to try (but it just takes ages from dx).

    There is a comment higher on this page from villamany who did this already and provided links with pictures to show the difference. Definitely worth doing!

  47. @Bubbah
    Could you please open a new thread/survey for the wifi compatibility of the faked Foscam bought from DX with routers on the market. Many people (including myself) bought this fake one and some get into problem with wifi using the Dlink DL-624 router.
    I think it is good if we have a statistic about wifi router compatibility.


  48. @Anthony
    I could set up a poll on the right column. It's quite limited, but it does provide statistics. The problem is to define the right question to make something useful out of it:
    - How stable is your IPCam Wi-Fi connection to your router ?
    - How stable is the Wi-Fi connection of your fake fi8908w to your DLink router ?
    - How stable is the Wi-Fi connection of your fake Foscam to your DLink DL-624 router ?
    - How stable is the Wi-Fi connection of your fake Foscam to your DLink DL-624 router over WPA-PSK ?
    Let me know what you think the best question would be for you.

    Since a forum would be more appropriate for an in-depth discussion on this, we should rather start a specific thread on
    Solutions and tricks could be compiled in my under-construction Q&A page

    For my part I have a Billion router with 2 "authentic" Foscam which are stable since I left them in DHCP and hard-coded their respective MAC addresses in the router's DHCP table. I use WPA TKIP. I had problems before with static IP defined from the camera. It was sometimes changing to another IP address on restart.

  49. @Bubbah
    I think it is
    How stable is the Wi-Fi connection of your fake fi8908w to your DLink router ?


  50. @Anthony

    let see how it goes until the end of November (new poll in the right column)

  51. Hi - I have updated firmware to latest, however it seems the left right pan has ceased to work via the control panel (it does it on startup) and other pan/tilt controls seem 'confused' ie. juddery / not the way they should be

    Any ideas?


  52. @Bubbah

    I now own both a genuine and a fake FI8908W and would be interested in posting a comparison on this or the other Foscam thread.

    I don't want to post my email address in the open, but if you can contact me via this forum and would be interested in helping me get it posted I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks, Tim

  53. @Tim
    You can email me directly to
    The situation so far is confuse: there are fake Foscam that can be flashed with the original firmwares and some that can't. The boxes can be white and red like the original or plain white.
    Because of this I want to remain very cautious in what I post but any additional information and pictures are certainly welcome.

  54. So i got most of this figured out. I'm using eyecam for iphone and ptz works. i use the following links for up down and side to side:


    however there is no built in command to stop. you would have to manually run


    unfortunately eyecam only has 4 buttons so whenever i configure them the camera keeps moving and you can't assign 2 commaands to one button.

    My questions is can you create a url where you are able to for example run the command for the camera to go up, wait 1 second, then add the command to stop?

  55. Alex use
    and so on... it will move camera for one step each time you press button

  56. Thanks Nickolay, it worked. With Eyecam for the iphone this cheapo cam works with PTZ and everything now. I don't think it's a real Foscam either, i got it on ebay from szcapital88 but I was able to flash it to the latest firmware and interface without bricking it.

  57. I need switch off the IR leds.
    Is there a way to turn off the IR lights? Ideas?

  58. @Jeník
    There's no way from the software. I couldn't make the Foscam people to understand the interest of adding this option (when used in an outdoor casing with external flood light for instance), so the only way right now is to cover the leds with something, sticker or paint.

  59. The cam that an eBay seller has on false Foscama webip chamber test is 11-14-2-2. But he still sells with FW I have a print screen to prove it

  60. @ Bubbah Says - thanks, but at this moment Im not able use the camera in the outside during the night :-((, so maybe sticker should be the way, but then I will loose feature of this camera... But anyway, your informations are great for all :-), so thanks for that.

  61. Hello,
    I have difficulties to use wifi with wap-psk encrytion.
    No problem with wep, no problem with my router with wap-psk (I use another ip camera with wap-psk (tkip)in the same domain).
    But I can't reach my foscam in wap-pak(tkip), only in wep.
    What can be the problem ?

  62. Solved problem !!!
    It takes about 3 minutes to connect in wifi wpa. Less than 15 seconds with my Dlink DCS 950G.

    No problem. Just waiting.

  63. Hi, I have tried to upgrade the firmware on my IPCam and now it no longer connects to my network and basically non responsive. The firmware was the same as on this website and the camera seemed to load it fine. Is there a way to restore the camera or do i have a really fancy paperweight? Thanks.

  64. @meherenow7
    Things to check (connect to Ethernet port for these tests):
    - Does your camera green led blinks slowly ? If it does, there's still hope as it's searching for a network. Otherwise if it just stays lit and doesn't do its initial rotation, it's likely bricked, and assuming it was compatible since you had the same software, you should claim a replacement to the reseller.

    - The ipcamera tool (included in this archive) should help you find the ip camera if it changed to another IP address.
    - Delete any fixed DHCP entry for that camera, disable MAC filtering, and check for any DHCP request coming into your router.

  65. Hello - Cannot tell if my two cameras are genuine Foscam or Foscam Fakes. Both work via WEP but two problems. Firstly when viewing scenes outdoors in daylight the pictures are bleached out - ie very white - even with brightness setting quite low. Problem is not associated with IR Glare as even with window open problem exists. Indoors and night viewing is fine - as is darker outdoors.However as soon as there is any reasonable light outdoors the image bleaches out - and of couse I am not pointing towards the sun or sky. Second problem - when viewing over LAN can see both cameras in one screen after signing into just one device - (having set up Multi-device OK. ie Get two green buttons in GUI Device Status. However when viewing over WAN can access either camera by entering correct Port in Browser but cannot see second camera. Just get an error message saying second Device failed to connect.In Device Status one camera button is green and the other yellow. Any thoughts on either of these two issues please?

  66. Just managed to solve the first of my two problems - found I could switch from 50Hz to Outdoors so it's just a case of seeing if anyone can shed any light on my second difficulty - the multi-device WAN viewing.Thanks in advance.

  67. @Bubbah
    Thanks for your reply. When I connect power with the ethernet cable plugged in, the only activity are the green and orange lights on the back, but they are not flashing. The green light on the front isn't lit up at all. I know my network is good as the camera was working fine before running the firmware upgrade. Doesn't sounds good for it.
    How do they get the firmware on it in the first place?

  68. Fake or not??
    Does anyone think this is the real deal for a Foscam genuine camera?
    I note it has a socket for audio out which i haven't seen before? is this new and is it a real foscam?

  69. @meherenow7
    I'm quite confident it's a Foscam, the reseller is even showing a certificate. The audio connector is present on all the newer productions of Foscam (and fakes as well). I think the firmware is initially flashed through the green RS485 connector or an internal jtag connector but Foscam never wanted to communicate on that.
    I know that in the case of open-sources linux-based devices, this jtagging operation is a possible recovery option.
    But since Foscam is not open-source and does not document that, your best option I'm afraid is to return the paperweight to Andy.lig

  70. @Paul
    That doesn't work for me either. I think it's normal since the ip address setup on your lan cannot be resolved from outside.
    If you setup your router to work with dyndns (or no-ip, ...), you could try to enter the dyndns url of your ip cam in the multi device settings. To allow more than one HTTP stream in, you would need to setup a port forwarding in your router for each camera. For instance:
    external port 80 to internal 80 for cam1 IP address
    external port 82 to internal 80 for cam2 IP address
    and so on ...
    It's just not great when using the camera in your intranet, as the data stream travels out to dyndns and back in your lan. I personally don't like this method.

  71. Thanks Bubbah - appreciate you taking the time to look at things for me. Paul

  72. Anyone been able to bypass the login screen and get to the UI directly?

  73. For anyone out there interested in using FOSCAM with OSX. I just set up two FI8903W cameras on a wireless network. They both came updated with the newest firmware. On OSX using a program called EVOCAM I can record in high quality at 15FPS or higher to an MPEG-4 video with no problem. I just connected through EVOCAM using the IP address of the cameras and /videostream.cgi under the path name. And of course a username and password. Works flawlessly! I'm currently recording two seperate streams at once and suspect I could record several more video streams without taxing my laptop.

  74. hi
    i just order this cam

    in the questions in the bottom of the page
    Q: Hi, are these foscam fi8908W?
    A: Dear Valued friend, Yes, these foscam fi8908W, thanks for your order, kind regards for your family
    i send en e mail to the seller to be sure that is foscam

    and this is his answer
    Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 19:52:10 +0800

    Dear old friend

    Sorry to no Foscam

    But quality is same, because from same factory

    Thanks for your forgive
    Good luck

    what i need to do ???

  75. @Tzahi
    If it's not too late, hold your feedback on this reseller.
    1. If the user interface of this camera looks like the screenshots above, then it could be like those fake Foscam from DealExtreme that could be updated with Foscam firmware and you could give it a try.
    Anyway if it fails, you'd return the camera for replacement to that guy. After all, he still claims it's a Foscam on his web page, so I'd hold him responsible if you brick your device with a Foscam fw.
    2. If the user interface is different, don't risk it, and ask him for a source for firmware update to match the Foscam functionalities. If he can't and the camera doesn't do the trick as it is for you, then return it to him.

  76. Bubbah first of all 10xx for your replay
    im so angry i just want the camera to be good one with posible to commit frimware upgarde
    and good image quilty
    how can i tell if i can upgarde with foscam frimware
    only to check the GUI ???
    and the box color ???
    this is the second replay of the seller

    From: Zhen (
    Sent: Tue 11/10/09 1:30 PM
    To: Tzahi Ashkenazi (
    Dear friend

    Sorry , I apologize

    Before we are Foscam agent, now few

    I revise ebay, but I can't find to how to cancel these question and answer

    We have Tai Wan factory, picture more clear than foscam

    what is the name of the company that proviad support and frimware upgrade ?????

    We are New Star company, we also provide new upgrade, if have new, I will email you

    Thanks for your forgive, please don't leave me bad feedback
    Kind regards for your family
    what i need to do can i report this to ebay ???

  77. @Tzahi,
    funny, in his last reply, the guy said it came from the same factory, now it's from Taiwan...
    At least, it's true that New Star exist as an ipcam company, I found their web site.
    The Foscam fi8908w camera is legally re-branded by some, and illegally copied by others.

    Your best chance to find out is to contact Foscam directly, they usually reply quite fast.
    Include the deviceID (it can be found in the interface, under Device Status), the link to eBay item, and mention the New Star "" origin.

    If the interface looks the same, it's probably compatible, but do not be tempted to flash it before they reply, just to be safe.

    Don't worry too much, physically all these cameras clone are of similar quality, it's just that software features can vary.

  78. @Tzahi et all

    I have a cam from that ebay seller "worldbrand" so I can provide some info.
    1. The cam comes with the latest foscam firmware so I don't know if it will be a problem to update in the future.
    2. The interface is exactly the same as seen here from foscam.
    3. Quality is good. From the screen shots I've seen here from an original foscam I would say it's the same quality.

    So the only question is if we will be able to upgrade future firmwares.

  79. Bubbah and tux first of all thanks for your replay you mange to relax me a liitkle bit
    Bubbah -> why does foscam will answer me if the camera isn’t foscam original??
    Below is the last email I received from the seller again full of lies
    Dear old friend

    I already shipped on Nov 9, when you receive, you try quality, if bad, please return back me, I will resend Foscam

    Or I refund USD $ 5 as compensate, right ?

    I sold thousand this IP camera, no bad, before we are Foscam agent, same quality

    Thanks for your forgive
    Kind regards for your family

    1. He will send me foscam ??? if the quality is bad
    2. Why he didn’t send foscam from the beginning
    3. He still said he is foscam agent
    4. Doesn’t ebay management should know all this issue??
    Tux -> when did you bougt your cam along time ago ?
    It came with the last firmware and the quality is good
    I wish I recied a good cam as well
    Did you manage to update your firmware since ??
    From foscam ???
    And did you had any problems with the camera ???

    10xx again to you both

  80. just reciverd a new mail from seller
    Dear old friend

    Tracking number: RBXXXXXXXXHK, Hong Kong Post ship,

    We and Foscam is good friend, if need foscam, I will ship foscam, only package is difference, function is same, because from same IC , designer and PCI card etc, now we are revise,

    Please don't worried, same quality
    Thanks for your forgive
    Good luck

    what i need to do ????

  81. @Tzahi,
    Ask the guy: "Can you guarantee I can safely flash this camera with update from Foscam?"
    And please contact Foscam with the information I suggested, I know they already replied to someone with a fake Foscam, and it's your only way to find out if this camera is compatible for sure. If they don't reply by next Monday, tell me, I'll contact them.

  82. @Tzahi,
    Cam was bought about 3 weeks ago and came with the latest firmware so I have not reinstalled the firmware. It's been working perfectly 24/7 since then. I have had no wifi dropouts, cam resets etc as mentioned here from other foscam owners.
    What I do feel bad about is that it was sold to me as original foscam, only to find out now from you that it is not. I have also emailed this seller "worlbrand" regarding this matter.

  83. Bubbah - < 10xx i didn’t received the camera yet he send the camera on Nov 9 so it will take at least 10 days then i can check the camera ID
    and then i will be able to let you know which ID the camera has
    if foscam will not replay to me I will be more then great full if you would try
    I will check with which firmware the camera wil come
    Tux-> beside you find out just now that you have non foscam camera I mean
    Fake one
    You don’t suffer from any issue with the one you have
    do I or we need to update e-bay or foscam regarding to this seller
    so another buyers don’t fall as we do ?
    10xx both again

  84. @Tzahi
    I couldn't wait to find out and emailed Foscam to see if they know "New Star" as one of their legal customers. (If there's anything really wrong, it's Foscam job to tell and act.)

    In the same time I emailed NewStar to ask if their ip cam can be flashed with Foscam fw or if they can send their own latest fw.

    I wouldn't blame the reseller too much, his only 'fault' is to leave the Foscam mention in his Q&A.
    At the end of the day, if we establish that you can use Foscam udpates, there's no much harm.

    But surely accept his 5$ rebate! This would pay your wide-lens replacement! ;-)

  85. ok 10xx a lot man for both of these emails
    And keep me up to date
    i will let you know as well on the moment the camera will arrived
    and i will check the
    GUi and the frimware ver.

  86. @Tzahi & tux
    I've just received the answer from Foscam:
    "As for the reseller world brand in ebay, yes, he did not sell FOSCAM's camera only, he also sell New Star ip camera since last month.

    FOSCAM and New Star are two different manufacturer, so the firmware between FOSCAM and New Star is different!

    NEW STAR is not a re-branding of FOSCAM."

    So "officially" they're not compatible at firmware level. From what tux said, my feeling is that they're the same though, but it would be safer to await for New Star reply to my email. I hope they will do so shortly.

    Either Tzahi or tux, feel free to email me a picture of the box (probably not a red and white, but a blueish with pictures of 3 different cameras on it) and screenshot of the UI to

  87. 10xx again
    so it for sure different box according to the seller email
    i also try to enter to the starip web site but all the links are broken
    and i see all in gibberish although i choose English in the main page
    so foscam for sure don’t support this company ?
    and I will be needed to install the starip firmware although its not available in them

    I notice that in the contact us section in the web site of the seller of ebay
    His name appears there under
    Long zhu Hua Yuan, A qu, Long Huang Ge, 6 L,
    Bu Ji Zhen, Long Gang Qu,
    - Shen Zhen City, ( the same name in my emails from seller)
    Postal Code: 518114
    Phone: 0086 13128854002

    I think its his website

  88. Thanks Bubbah for your effort in this matter. Actually, the main reason I bought a "foscam" was this site...

    As for the box --- My ipcam was placed in a different model foscam box. (A MODEL:FI8901W)
    The UI is exactly the same as seen on the screenshots on this page.
    Bottom of the unit has the VNT sticker.

    Is there a way to identify these things for fake,clone or original from the device ID?

    But like I said. The cam is working perfectly. And for a 60EURO item I will not bother sending it back. I am now looking for a seller of an ORIGINAL Foscam so I can order another.

  89. I've buy from world-brand. This is the ip cam: . The firmware is and for web

  90. @Db3
    Thanks! These versions are obviously from a different development path than Foscam. So I guess any fw update will have to come from that "New Star" manufacturer. Does the user interface look like the Foscam's ? Does it offer similar features ?

  91. I upgrade with orher screenshot. Works fine with IE, Firefox anf my lg ks20 (WM 6.5).

  92. @Bd3,
    Interesting, the interface is roughly indentical appart for some icons, and all the same functionalities are there. They'll probably also introduce a log utility in their next update.
    This should comfort Tzahi.

  93. im so curious to findout which camera i will recived the same as Db3 or another
    by the way Bubbah in the photos of Bd3 is the last frimware as foscam and also is the gui is near to the original ???
    and Bd3 if you need frimware update from where you get it ???
    the New Star website is not funcution normaly all gibrish and icons broke

  94. Latest firmware from Foscam is : + Web UI
    The gui from the Bd3 is + Web UI which from another manufacturer. From what I see, there's no reason to prefer one or another, they're just similar in terms of functionalities.

  95. 10xx
    but from where i can download future software and firmware if foscam is not compatible with this camera and the New Star web site is not functional

  96. @Tzahi,
    obviously by emailing Long zhu Hua Yuan. If the eBayer and New Star company are the same person, it's your opportunity to ask him to repair his kind-of web site. Good luck!

  97. @Tzahi,
    I received a reply from New Star today:

    "Dear friend
    You don't use firmware from foscam, or device will death
    If we have new firmware, I will email you
    Good luck "

  98. i just got one, colours arnt great i have to say

  99. @Tzahi

    If ipcam work well, I don't need another firmware. And now work well !

  100. hello, can someone tell if the cam sold by goodlucksell (ebay) is compatible with the foscam firmware?


  101. Bubbah & Db3 10xx again

    im still wait for my camera to arrived
    mail did you bought your camera from same dealer ???

  102. @Tzahi

    Yes, is the same dealer.

  103. Hi, Does anyone know how to use the pinouts on the back of the Foscam to drive a relay when clicking on the manual activate icon in the cameras user interface screen? Pins 3 & 4 have a constant voltage across them and when the button is clicked, there is a definite relay being activated on the camera, but I can't tell what it does. Thanks.

  104. @meherenow7

    I've updated this older post with some information on it. This connector is actually a serial RS485 interface.

  105. I it possible to weatherproof the 8908? The domed version goes for $188..Can get 2 plain 8908s for that price--Thanks

  106. @HorsPlyrBil
    You should consider the waterproof 8903 instead. It's roughly the same price. I don't think the 8908 is sturdy enough even waterproofed.

  107. Thank You-- I already own a 8903, was going to add a 8908 to other side of house but thats what what I needed to know. We get 40-50mph winds sometimes so another 8903 will be the way I go.8908 will go inside. Been using View Commander mobile to watch live streams on Windows 6 mobile phone.Latest version supports 8903/8908

  108. Hello. I have problems with the ftp settings. I want to do an ftp nas. I set the server ip (ip NAS) port 21 and user and password. When I say that the test does not find the folder. The NAS works (tried with filezilla). The webcam does not see the folder. Suggestions. Thanks

  109. DB3, I have the same model as yours, thanks for the pictures. I can not get UPnP to get work. I get this message

    "UPnP Failed: Rejected by UPnP Device, Maybe Port Conflict"

    Does anyone know how to fix this? All my other devices work fine via UPnP.

  110. @Deepak
    I never got it to work from day 1. Despite all the firmware updates. Foscam seems to be aware of this. I hope they'll end up fixing it.

  111. Crap, I bought a camera from world-brand, thought it was a foscam and flashed it. Camera is dead now. I had requested foscam in the checkout message when I paid and had seen his reply that it was a foscam so I was sure it was legit even though it came in a green box.

  112. @vxderror32

    Could you tell us or post a pic of the bottom of the camera. It will help us identify if our cams are clone or not.

  113. @tux
    Here are pics of the non-foscam camera and box:

    Anyway World-brand is a good guy he's going to let me return the cam and give me a new one. Here is what he wrote:
    "Dear friend

    Sorry to hear it, I apologize

    I don't open website links, can you copy me ?

    Why do you update ? this don't need to update, this is new ip camera, work well, don't update, this is foscam resort to sale maneuver, this is camera, no computer
    if update, only interface change, this is no any mean, but you update foscam , no change interface, no change any things,

    this is most importance , it is easy to update to death forever, now you update death

    How to resolve ?
    Please return back me , I will resend new

    So there it is guys, just don't update death and you won't have any problems! lol

  114. hi Bubbah
    Remember me?
    Regarding to my issue
    First i order foscam from world band and after i pay he told me that is a clone model not original foscam
    Second he told me that he send the camera on the 9th of November
    Two weeks ago but i didn’t receive nothing and i send him an e mail
    And he said I’m sorry the post office in Hong Kong is very slow
    I send it on the 23th of November 24, 2009

    The mail :
    Destination - Israel
    The item (RXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) left Hong Kong for its destination on 23-Nov-2009

    Sorry to now HOng Kong Post is slow, today left HK

    I shipped on Nov 9, but Hong Kong Post is slowly now

    Please wait for 1 week ? if you receive , you try, quality is same with foscam, if bad, please email me, right ?

    What to do I’m so sorry that I order the camera from this seller worldbrand3

  115. @Tzahi,
    I have several items myself that I ordered on eBay in early November and still not arrived. Since there is a tracking, you're at least safe that the camera has been shipped. You just need to wait.

  116. FYI..............this is an awesome thread............. keep the great work.............I just bricked my Foscam cam while attempting the FW upgrade from .43 to ,46 all and any of the software associated with these cam is unstable............we get what we pay for.

  117. Okey is it possible with this cam to remote control it from another network. Not the local one. Say you open a port and use the external ip adress? Should that work. Anyone have another idea.

    is for the Upnp it works perfectly with me. For those who doesn't get it. Maybe it's your routher that isn't configured to do that:)

  118. Hello all
    i'm from Israel and have the same camera.
    which progam should give me to control trough a symbian mobile phone?

    thanks all

  119. @Itamar,

    In the comments from this post, a reader mentioned a software from but never came back to me to confirm it work with the Foscam cameras.
    Please, if you are going to test it, let me know how it works and I'll update that post with the additional program.

  120. Hi everyone! First of all, thank you Bubbah for your very useful help!

    I bought my own cam from ebay, it is not an original Foscam but I'm quite happy with it. I would customize the software to use it as a live-cam on a website, with free access. To do this, I most probably need to flash the firmware, but I'm scared to do it.

    Before I do it, I would ask if anyone else tried to flash my same model with new firmware from Foscam. Here some pictures of my toy:


    device info:

    web gui:

    I think that the producer's site of the cam is Cam S/N should be: CW073B (hand written on the box).

    Thanks in advance for any reply!!

    Giuseppe (Italy)

  121. Oh, I forgot!! Examining "ipcam.ocx" (the Activex used by IE) I found that the software was developed by The site is currently down, but looking at Google's cache I can see that there were published firmware updates! I hope that the site will be up again, meanwhile I'll try to send an e-mail to, very probably the author of the ocx.

    So, my question still is: anyone else tried to flash this cam with Foscam's firmware?


  122. Hi!
    I have the model FI8901W. It is compatible whit this firmware?

  123. @Giuseppe:
    You camera is definitely not compatible with the firmwares from Foscam. I also tried to contact Maygion and he never replied. You should try the "Contact Us" section @ Kasan. They seem to have firmwares in their download section but, with everything in Chinese, impossible to tell what is what.
    Good Luck

  124. @ naish:
    They're not compatible but you can obtain the latest by contacting Foscam directly. You will need to join your device ID because I think there are two generations of this model using different type of firmwares.

  125. So, I have to contact Foscam?
    I can see my camera model on the Foscam's webpage and a Download button but the button is inactive.

  126. @naish,
    that's why you'd better contact them directly, by email (any on the page mentioned earlier will do). They usually reply within 24h.

  127. Where can I buy an authentic Foscam FI8908W ?

  128. @Evan,
    There is a small list of resellers on the Foscam web site.

  129. Do you have any knowledge of the relation of the FI8908W to this camera:

    Notice that it's made by "Shenzhen Smart-eye Electronics Co.,Ltd", while the Foscam is made by "Shenzhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.

    The Spec list on the NC9800 reads better then the FI8908W on the Foscam site, which things like SD card slot, dual mode compression (MJPEG and MPEG-4), RTSP, 3GPP, etc, but the physicals are very similar, and the company relation.

  130. Shenzhen is just China's most important economic zone, so most tech industries are located there. Over time, I spotted a few other companies having camera models in common: Shenzhen Kasan Electronics,
    Shenzhen RDS Industrial, Shenzhen Rui Cai Video Technology (aka Netwave)
    They indeed have some nice models at Smart-Eye Co. but I can't seem to find them for sale anywhere.

  131. Tanks for this very usfull post. I just received my not foscam ipcam.
    Is anyone be able to configured the cam to send emails. I tried with hotmail and gmail with no success


  132. @Rafa,
    The camera cannot use SSL for sending emails, so Gmail SMTP will not work, you need to specify another non-encrypted SMTP. In my case, I send email alert to my gmail address but I use the SMTP of my mobile operator which doesn't require any login (this is the case for most of them)
    Check item #4 in my FAQ page.

  133. @Bubba,
    Does the Foscam FI8908W happen do anything that the Smart-Eye NC9800 does that Foscam may not actually list on their spec sheet/ I'm particularly looking for something with RTSP/3GPP support if possible. So the NC9800 is appealing. My other option is the TRENDnet TV-IP422W. Someone from Smart-Eye Co. on forum has posted about 10 times advocating their NC9800, saying to contact them directly to purchase. I may give it a whirl.

  134. @Evan
    Their NC511 is similar to the Foscam FI8908W but the NC9800 is of higher spec and probably price. I'd be curious to know the price if you manage to get info from them.

  135. i buy on ebay a fake foscam, and really all cams have a same mac address :(

    i use firmware .42, and i cant use in wifi, i test with none,wep and wpa encryption, but no have success.

    someone have tip to make this cam work with wifi? what firmware to use, what is a best configuration to use in wifi router, etc...

    i from brazil, tks!

  136. @Bubbah
    A lot of thanks. Know my Camera send mails without problems. Thaks again

  137. @Rodrigo,
    Make sure you're close enough from your router, and also that you didn't leave the MAC address filtering active. Once you have setup the proper access point and encryption in the wireless setup, unplug the Ethernet cable at the very first signs of re-boot from the camera. If all goes well, the green led should blink very fast (see item #6 of this FAQ) at some stage, which means that the AP was found. You should then see a new entry in the DHCP of you router.
    See the end of the manual(can be found here), where it is quite well explained.

  138. @Bubbah
    I got info on the NC9800. It's $117/ea and add $10/ea for WiFi, so it's very reasonable. The downside is they only accept payment by Western Union and TT (not sure what TT is). And the worse part, is the shipping for one camera to the USA (FL) would be $70. For 4 units, it would be $80-90. So the shipping cost makes it very expensive to try and get 1 camera. I'm interested in getting one, but I would need to try and get at least 4 guys to make a purchase to make it worthwhile I think. I have to ask them about firmware updates and what not. No info on the website.

  139. Hi guys, great forum, learnt that mine isnt Foscam too, from maygion as well but i got most functions working except for the SMTP part where i tried to use gmail as sender, know that it is not compatible now based on what @Bubbah tested.

    one thing, what is the speaker for, it has a speaker built in apparently? i dont see any button to test that, i am very very curious in testing that function.

    with the price that we are paying, i am quite happy with it actually, though the webUI is pretty dodgy, not to mentioned the IPCAMMASTER too.

  140. @cimb
    that speaker is for sending sound (voice) from a microphone to the ip camera. The result is just awful (the whole case vibrates with the speaker) but in theory you could at the same time hear from and speak to someone close the camera. In the recent hardware versions, there is a jack connector for an external speaker. On the Foscam, this function is only possible through the ActiveX interface, so you need to run IE to test it.

    Some better 3rd party programs that could work with your camera here.

  141. Hello. I bought 2 false IPCAM Foscama. Both have the same MAC address. 00 60 6E 79 86 3A. When both are in the network is a disaster, are in conflict and can not wait either. Can I change the mac of one of the two? If you can. How? many thanks Piero

  142. @Pietro,
    the firmware recovery procedure shown here can also be used to change the MAC address of the camera.

  143. Thanks Bubbah. I was hoping for a procedure without the use of other hardware. I read the firmware. There is a string of text that is perhaps the easiest solution. Search the firmware: str_dev_id = .... Perhaps by changing the value, change the mac? Know him? Some links on the page do not work. My ipcams are still alive. ) Piero

  144. Got a fake from szcapital. updated to 42 no problem. excellent camera. Got FTP working. For the guys with FTP folder problems, put the folder "FTP" on the root of your main drive, and put "/" where it asks "FTP UPLOAD FOLDER: " on the camera interface.

    can somebody help me set up SMTP with hotmail or any other email client. Mine isn't working. Maybe my isp has port 25 blocked? 587 wont work for me either. Please help.

  145. @xpertskier1212
    This site should help you checking for blocked port:
    There are many free public SMTP servers available. SSL is not supported by the camera so you need to stick with port 25.

  146. my isp (optimum online) blocks port 25. i used my isp's smtp on port 587. It worked. finally got the camera set up as it should be.

  147. is it possible to update the Web UI to without updating to firmware Or is this a recipe for a brick.

  148. @xpertskier1212:
    I don't think it's dangerous but the benefit is limited since the new function added in the interface will not respond without the corresponding code in the or 43.

  149. Hi there ,

    first of all thanks for the great support i find here.

    Today i received my Cam (foscam like) and it come's from this factory(?) .
    The bottom of the device is like this : and the firmware details are : with the UI like this

    About a hour ago i have a skype contact with the sale's of that company and ask for a firmware update. He told me that there is a firmware update but he won't send it to me because he has been afraid that the firmware will be send to foscam. Tomorrow he will make contact with my cam for upload the firmware like this .(
    Is this a good idea ?????
    Or is there a person who knows where to find the correct firmware for this device.

    Greetings from Belgium


  150. Helmut,
    I'm pretty sure that you do NOT have a foscam, so you should stay away from any foscam firmware updates. The web interface is very different than the foscam one that I'm familiar with (as well as the bottom of the device, and the firmware/Web UI numbers). It is a little funny that he doesn't want to send you the update, but if you really want to update your firmware, I think you should trust him/her. If he is indeed a sales rep, it is unlikely that he'll damage/brick your camera.

  151. @bubbah
    thanks, thats exactly what i figured. would you know if many people have had success updating fake foscams to firmware 46? Ive updated to 42 from 34, and its been great. I also covered up the green LED with black nail polish, so the ability to turn that off (ver. 43) doesn't really matter to me. Does 46/new web UI have any awesome advantages?

  152. @xpertskier1212
    The fake ones from DealExtreme and szcapital88 seem to update fine. That's also why Foscam is after them.
    Apart from the access log, you're not missing much.

  153. im sorry if this was answered somewhere already, but is there an auto pan setting that does both vertical AND horizontal panning?
    also, will alarm/motion detection only work if the web interface is running on a computer? Ive done a test by walking in front of it with the website open and closed. Only when the website was running did the alarm sound, pictures were uploaded via FTP, and email pics were sent. When the camera is simply on in "standby" mode (website not open), the alarm function seems disabled.

  154. Hi guy !
    Just got Foscam IP camera FI8908W ,
    win Xp pro , firewall , antivirus all turn off
    Enable activeX
    Connect network cable Foscam to DSl router ( 2wire Gateway 2701HGG)
    Open software IP Camera Tool
    Plug in Foscam Camera , camera start up about 20s & the LED green light keep flashing!

    Nothing happen , No IP address in IP Camera Tool

    Please advice!

  155. Today the person tried to update my device but he didn't well. So i asked to the file , and the response was negative. I ask to some friend in shenzghen to call the company and ask in chinese the File's.
    Also a negative Response.

    So the only thing i can say is : KEEP AWAY FROM EASYNP becaue they don't give a shit of their customers.

    After that i ordered i real Foscam , so i have 2 cam's , a Real and a rubbish one.

  156. helmut,

    that's the same cam i got too.

    it is working so well so far, after some problems getting it
    up after resetting it. why do you want to update the firmware?

  157. Actually you have newer firmware than me.
    Model FS-618A-M136
    I have:

    Device Firmware Version
    Device Embeded Web UI Version

    Do you have the easynp contact?

  158. of course i can give you.

    or skype :

    why i want new firmware : because there is new firmware with a 9 grid view at the browser and maybe same updates like Foscam.

    Good luck with taking contact.

  159. I have an old Veo Observer IP camera that no longer works. It has a CCD sensor VGA resolution (640 X 480). The screw in lens is a F/2.0, 5 element glass, fixed focus. Does anyone know if this lens would work on a Foscam wireless IP camera?

  160. @ JFH08088
    I think it should be possible, this model is similar to an older Foscam product, the FI8901W.
    I doubt it will bring any improvement to the actual picture quality. Instead you should check the alternative explained here

  161. I would LOVE to see a firmware WITHOUT the 1 second delay before taking pictures.

    The reason I have a cam with motiondetect - is to be able to take pictures of baddies.

    And then it doesnt make much sense that cam waits for one second before taking picture..........

  162. Is it possible to stream audio (both ways) as well as video using an iPhone with this camera?

  163. @Falcordog
    Check IP Vision pro or Live Cams for iPhone, they are briefly presented in this other post.

  164. herr helmut, i got the latest firmware for the UI from easynp if you're interested. 4_3_3_39.bin

  165. Hi,
    My Foscam works fine on my LAN, but I can see the video on WAN. Is there something I forget to do?

  166. @Roadrunner
    could you give me this firmware (4_3_3_39.bin)
    I have the same camera like helmut

  167. Roadrunner , thats great news.
    of course i am intrested
    mb you can put it on rapidshare or site like that .

    thanks a lot , maybe you can better communicate with chinese people


    As always, use at your own risk.

  169. ok , i've tried it and it works perfect.
    i think i have also better image quality.

    thanks alot

  170. Hi,
    I have just received my new foscam FI8908W, firmware, and changed the admin password, but the new PW doesn't work. I tried doing a reset by pressing on the reset button for 5 seconds, as indicated in the manual, but that didn't work. Then did the reset while power disconnected, power diconnected then powed it up, and while it's powered then diconnected, but unfortunately I had no luck.

    Any idea on how I can get the reset to work????

  171. @nadir
    I would have done the same as you given the unclear indication in the manual, because I'm not sure what they mean by "release the power button". I guess it's a typo and they really just mean "release the reset button", so you'd just need to keep the reset button pressed for 5 seconds (try longer, like 10 or 15") while the camera is powered.

    I'll try to reset one of mine over the week-end. From what I remember it worked like that when I did a while ago.

    Just in case you could retrieve the password: it's case sensitive, maybe you accidentally pressed or released the Shift button somewhere while typing it?

  172. @nadir,
    I've done the test with a fi8908w and here is exactly how it should be done:
    - Plug the camera to the power and to an Ethernet port.
    - With a small screwdriver, keep the reset button pressed, but for longer than 5 seconds! (It took me 9 seconds actually), so keep it pressed for as long as it take for the blinking green led to turn solid.
    - You can then release the button, and in the next 10 seconds or so,the camera will reboot (with it's typical 'click' sound) and start a rotation.
    - Check what IP address has been given to the Ethernet port (either by using the IP Camera tool or checking you router's DHCP)
    - When you access the camera from a browser, you will know for sure that it's reset if you see the title "Device(Anonymous)".
    - You should be able to log on with admin and no pwd now.
    Good luck!

  173. Is there a way to convert the video signal to flash or quicktime so it can be easily embedded in a webpage without having to authenticate the video feed?

  174. Anyone ever find a cheap outdoor dome enclosure for this camera?

    Also anyone try upgrading the actual cam module using a better, auto-focusing one?

  175. @Gene

    andylig on ebay has some domes!

    I bought one one together with my cam. I thinks the price is OK.

  176. Does the dome enclosure eliminate night vision capability? I bought a big cereal bowl ($1) that i spray painted black. drilled a hole in the middle and mounted the camera inside it. So now the camera has a nice little roof. It's been outside in rain and snow for over a month now with no problems and night vision still works.
    / ( o ) \

    kinda of like that... if you can see what i mean.

  177. my picture didn't really come out right...but you get the idea. very cheap alternative if you want some protection from rain.

  178. Finally got my Foscam, doing the first tests now. Image quality was better than I was expecting.

    First "issue" is the limitation on the "smtp user" text box being limited to a small number of chars, and not being able to use SSL so we could use Gmail. (Any chance they might add it in a firmware update)

  179. Just got my camera, I updated the web UI to, and it went fine, got the colorfull login page and everything, but the admin page wasnt working, tried to upgrade to firmware, and now the camera only turns the red led son(like whe the night vision is on). is there anything to do?

  180. Another dougbt is: does a fake cam accepts the webui upgrade?

  181. @Milliotti:
    depends where it came from. Some use smaller memory where the Foscam fw can't fit. To take the example of their sku 26358 is a counterfeit product that uses illegaly the Foscam software and therefore can be flashed with it. Their other sku 29014 is a legal product from which is not compatible with Foscam. They maintain their own firmware and look quite active with frequent updates.

  182. Hello from FRANCE ;o)
    Just for information: i've bought a WIFI CAM and it's a GENUINE FOSCAM FI-8908W
    Ebay product & seller
    After some tests, there is TWO MAC adresses:
    one for RJ45 ETH. and one for WIFI card.
    The CAM stays connect (after reboot or lost) to my WIFI network, ONLY if the SSID is BROADCASTED. The cam works on DHCP with the wifi MAC adress. The quality image is correct.
    It's the latest fw => System fw and WEB GUI
    Thank you for all your comments before.

  183. Bonjour
    Suite à une mise à jour de ma camera via le wifi celle-ci ne fonctionnait plus, j'ai acheté le module de chez Sure Electronic
    Après quelque problème de branchement le module était bloqué lui aussi, j'ai du faire un reset sur la broche 9 du CP2102 a la masse pour le faire redémarrer.
    Il ne faut pas brancher le cable +3.3V sur le module, juste la GND et RXD TXD pour que cela fonctionne et ne fasse pas planter le module,la camera étant alimentée par son alimentation.
    Après le flash de la camera presque tout s'est mis a refonctionner sauf la vision camera, je vais voir si un cable n'est pas coupé.
    Merci beaucoup en tous cas!

  184. @gibert
    c'est vrai, il faudra que je mette a jour mes instructions de flashage pour le +3.3V, un autre visiteur me l'avait aussi fait remarquer recemment.

  185. Hello,

    Our Ebay store is listed as an authorized USA Foscam ip camera distributor at the official foscam site ( under the "Contact Us" tab. All our products directly from NYC and we ship within 24 hours (excluding weekends). We use USPS Priority Mail. Right now we have a special discount offer that is ending tonight. However, send me a message saying you saw my post on Gadget victims and I will hook you up with a discount.. All the best

    By the way our store's name Ravat-Trading-Store (look us up on ebay or checkout the list of authorized distributors on Foscams official website)

    Yours Truly,

    The Team at Ravat Trading Store ( coming soon)

  186. Hey Bubbah,

    I was checking this page you posted link for earlier in this thread:

    There is one review below, that states this:
    "...There's an SDK available to make your own interface if you know how to..."

    How can one get his hands on SDK? I am interested in complete redesign of user interface. Over 20 years in designing business, designing TV commercials for largest auto industry companies, but I also designed GUIs for quite a number of very well known applications (anti-viruses, firewalls, various security utilities) for both platforms, Mac OS X as well as for PC Windows.

    Thanks in advance!

  187. @Ment
    all the documentation is in the Firmware history page of this blog. One of them is partly in chinese but contains the latest commands implemented.

  188. Has anyone any information as to when Foscam are going to release the new firmware for the FI8904 and FI8908. I had hope it was early march, but nothing yet? Is it coming soon?

  189. @bdveit
    same for me, I was told by Foscam that some new fw would be out by March. They're preparing new models and I feared that they would just archive our "old" ones. However I got their confirmation that they're still working on a next firmware. They didn't say for when.

  190. Foscams latest responce to my request is

    We may have new updated firmware in three months. Pls contact me if you need it in future.

    Its seems there customer service is not as good as it was at the begining.

    I hope it does come, the cameras need a few of the bugs sorted and i really need to be able to name the ftp file.

  191. @bdveit
    I agree, and 3 months is bloody long!

  192. Bubbah,
    Does the current mobile software to access the 8908 with a cell phone work? I'm having a difficult time with my Samsung Mythic connecting. It gives me the message "failed to connect to camera". I have the latest fw for the camera. All works well connecting from a remote PC on the internet. Thanks

  193. @Walter
    it does work fine for me on a SE G705, maybe it's a problem with the mobile operator? Once your DynDNS account and port forwarding in place, it should just connect like any other browser.
    Try to access your camera using the phone's internet browser, with url like http://yourdyndnsurl:port/snapshot.cgi

  194. @roadrunner
    could you send me firmware 4_3_3_39.bin to this mail

    thank you

  195. Hi there :-)

    Anyone of you use a software to record a movie with the motion detector? I tried to use GO1984 which is very complete but Foscam isn't in the list of accepted cams. :-(

    Any compatibility? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance. All of you helped me a lot with all your comments during my during my instalation and configuration steps.


  196. Hello,

    I have a FS-613A-M136 (easynp) and last day when I was playing with the firmware .... anybody can send me ( the firmware and Web UI? :p

    The link of Roadrunner (Posted on February 2) doesn't work (somethings of mediafire)



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