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Power Failure Light

There are so many power failures in my area that my next post might well be a review on a clever UPS unit. But the last incident reminded me of a silent but clever gadget I installed some time ago.
Usually these power failures (about twice a month) occur when the weather outside is terrible and the light very low, leaving you in almost total darkness. This is no longer a problem since I fitted these Emergency Led lights turning on instantly.

This particular model, occasionally sold by Aldi stores but also available on the Web if you know where to look, turns out to be the most clever version of led-based power failure torch on the market: beside the obvious advantage of using leds, the Starlight 100 from Topcom is IP44 splash proof and features an induction charger, adding to the safety of use. The torch body contains standard AA rechargeable batteries.

When plugged to the wall in normal situation, it charges and serves as a night light with a single soft blue led. It turns on its 7 powerful white leds  automatically when taken from the holder or when the power fails.

Another good point is the block of 4 standard AA rechargeable batteries that can be easily replaced by unscrewing the lamp handle.


  1. where can I get this lamp on line

    1. I couldn't find a single online shop selling this article. It's still listed on www.ucom.be and maybe you could ask them where to buy via their "contact us" form?
      Aldi recently sold something similar with PIR detector but sealed batteries. I got a set and their quite good although not IP44 certified.
      I think it's a good alternative. You can find it on Amazon.


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