Finding your way on this blog

Feb 11, 2010

It is inevitable that questions already covered are coming back again. In particular as new visitor, you are not supposed to know that there are plenty more posts related to the one you landed on.

So check this quick tour on how to find information on this blog, your answer is likely not that far away...

Let's start by the least interesting one: the main search field
This feature is part of the standard Scarlett template design. It works, but it does not return always the most relevant results.

I have included a better search box on the right column, primarily to retrieve some comments that often contain precious information on how we sorted a problem before. This box actually searches not only the comments but the entire blog, so that's the one I'd recommend.

There's a category bar under the logo contains that will return all the topics on the main blog's categories.

For more label-based filtering like above, there's the tag cloud on the right.

Related labels are shown at the end of each post if you want to read more on the same topic.

Finally a list of related article is generated as well.

Enjoy your visit!


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