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Some official download links to Foscam material

I just noticed today that Foscam web site does finally contain some working links to the manuals, softwares (IP camera tool) and latest firmwares for all models in their Download Center (under "Supports and Downloads")


  1. Hello Bubbah,
    Congratulations on your site! Very nice and informative.

    I just wanted to share that I've just discovered that even though the versions available for download on the Foscam web have the same version numbers for the "Embedded Web UI" they are actually newer (and better from what I've seen so far).

    I'm talking about versions for the FI8908W and for the FI8904W

    The rapid visual differences I have found are:

    - On the "For Operator" screen there's a new entry for "Fps"
    - Under "Wireless Lan Settings", they've removed the "Channel" selection (which is normally only on the Router/Access Point side)

    I've not had the time to fully try it out yet but reconnects seem to also be working better.

  2. @FoscamFan
    thanks a lot! I'll try them out.

  3. The "FPS" setting doesn't seem to change anything. Even when I crank it all the way down to 1/5, my Foscam is still pumping out video at maximum fps.

  4. hey I just got the ipcam02 foscam cam, and I'm running the record on motion. after it recorderd a motion I got an alert from my antivirus saying the recording was deleted b/c of Bloodhound.Exploit.238

  5. I have updated my cam with this firmware and now I can't access it, despite I can see it in the ipcam tool. How can I make it work again?

  6. @max
    if you can see it from the ipcam tool, you could right click on the camera and try re-flashing from there. Just make sure:
    - you have a Foscam and not a "clone"
    - you plug the Ethernet cable and flash through it.
    - you flash the system firmware first, then web-ui second

  7. @Bubhah

    Great! it works again.
    Now the problem I have is that Foscam people configured my ipcam with their smtp server to allow e-mail alerts, now the guy who configured it is not there, so I can't find any mail provider which works. Do you have any idea of which email free service can I use with the cam? Neither Hotmail nor Gmail works.

  8. @max
    check the "FAQ for IP Cameras". No SSL host will work with this camera. You can often use your local ISP's server, or google for "free smtp servers"

  9. @Bubbah

    Already found a valid smtp server, after trying severals...

  10. Hello Folks
    I have 5 Foscams( 3 outdoor and 2 PTZ Balls) and they are working as advertised. I am having an issue with changing the Frame Rate. There is a selction within the IE active X plug in that allows for the change BUT it does not change. I have tried both XP and Vista ( both IE8) I have all on wireless and its a burden on my bandwidth. I only need 1 FPS not 15 or 30. Is anyone aware of a reliable means to modify the Frame Rate without having to go 3rd party.
    Thanks KEVCSR NY

  11. @kevcsr
    You're not the first one to say that, the FPS setting apparently need some polishing. Maybe you can try sending directly a CGI command instead. Check the firmware history page in the documentation section, all the commands are documented there and I think you can change the FPS through one of them.

  12. @ Bubbah


    Thanks for the great site!

    Hi have 2 questions:
    1) I have four 8908 cams plugged on my home lan. I am not able to use them all at the same time. I can just see 2 of them at a time. Where am I wrong??

    2) I would like to buy 10 ip cams withe similar specs to the 8908 but for outdoor use. What do you advise? Where to buy them?


  13. @Ale
    1) maybe you've received some cheaper copies of Foscam cameras. Some of them have been reported to all have the same MAC address. Apart from that, I'd see only an IP address conflict.

    2) the FI8904W is an outdoor equivalent, but no PTZ on that one. It's briefly presented on this blog.

  14. There is another cheap iphone app that supports foscam

  15. for those wanting the email function to work try an aim account. i got it to work. use port 587 and

  16. Need help on 2 issues.

    1) How to turn off the infrared?
    2) Why the date shown on the lower left is not the same as I have input in the admin screen? It shows year 1970?

  17. Sorry meant lower right (comment above)

  18. @airtime
    1) there no software option for that, you must use tape to cover them.
    2) I've had the same at times, sometimes it works again after a reboot. For the moment I don't have the problem with fw but can't say for sure it was solved for good.

  19. dude, finally a source for my FOSCAM.
    keep up the good work


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