June 2010 - Gadget Victims


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Eclair: Update finally available for Irish Spica owners!

Sombrero cable manager

6/17/2010 09:39:00 PM
This evening, I suddenly discovered a passion for things shaped like a sombrero. Or maybe I've been watching too much soccer on TV...

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Blogger's new Template Designer

6/10/2010 12:22:00 PM 0
I like the simplicity of Blogger, but in some aspects it used to be far too simple. The native choice of templates used to be too limited as well as the ability to easily change them.
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Google Navigation on Android 2.1: not there yet

6/01/2010 09:06:00 AM 0
With my Spica freshly upgraded to Android 2.1 (I570EXXJE1), one of the first improved feature I tried was "Maps".

The remarkable changes with Android 1.5 are:
- The ability to retrieve the places saved  with Google Maps ("My Maps") from the list of displayable layers.
- The ability to get spoken turn-by-turn directions with the new Navigation tool.
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