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A point regarding the Foscam recovery files

I published my post, Bring your paperweight back to life, in December 2009 with recovery files received from Foscam at that time.

This worked fine for all users of FI8908W (and FI8904W) until some hardware revision that occurred in Foscam's produced during 2010. The initial files didn't work any more for these newer cameras.

I have updated my post with files (+ mirror) that Foscam confirmed to be compatible with all the generations of FI8908W and FI8904W.
I therefore removed the old files from the post to avoid any confusion.

If you went to that page before, please note that the instructions have been updated as the system file is now must be uploaded to 0x7f0e0000 instead of 0x7f0d0000.

I've received a new set of instructions and recovery files for FI8918W (and latest hardware revision of FI8908W)


  1. Hi thanks for the files, I really hope it can help revive my ChinaVasion Foscam clone. Can you please upload the files somewhere else too, because all slots are full on the provided download provider.



  2. Hi there everyone name is Fernando and i bricked my camera over lan and never came back on browser...
    Tried all other firmwares but no luck...
    My camera is very recent at least i bought it this year.
    I hope these files will help.
    But for that i must download them and i can't the download page is allways full...
    Can you please upload the files some place else? Thank you in advance...

  3. @Ramon & Fernando,
    I've added a mirror in the post above and in the main recovery post.

  4. Does not work for my cam i can get everything ready to go but when its time to download files to the camera i always get "GENERAL FAILURE" from hyper terminal....
    I'm lousing my hopes here....
    Guess ill never buy a Foscam product again...
    So let's see:
    1º-bricked my cam (not over wi-fi) with their firmware.
    2º-they release a way to recover bricked cameras and more than a month later realize that after all the files weren't compatible with all of their cams...
    Disappointed here....

  5. Nope unfortunately no success here either, the firmware seems to load correctly, but my cam keeps hitting a I2C error at the end and the reboots automatically and keeps doing that. So I guess there is no more hope for my two bricked ChinaVasion cams.

  6. @Ramon

    Check for a possible explanation from "than", one of the last comments in this post

    But please also note that for Chinavasion cams, there is a specific set of recovery files and instructions which are different from the Foscam recovery files! This is all explained in the initial post Bring your FI8908W paperweight back to life

  7. @Bubbah

    Thanks for your response! I checked out the post of "than" but I do not really understand what he did. Did he restored with older files that do not check for the chips presence? or did he remove the chip? also note that the procedure for the ChinaVasion cam as found on this site did not work for me, probably because ChinaVasion updated there cam design. The label on the board is: "ES_IP607_ARM_2" The last part of the label makes me think this is a revision version 2 or something of the "SE_IP607" cam.

  8. @Ramon
    Since he had several ipcam he could swap the IC's taking one for a working camera with a recent fw (well that's how I understand it).
    But maybe it's possible to replace the locked one with a blank 24C04 (there're sold by 10x for 5$ on eBay) ?
    But check this other post:
    There's a lot of comments around the Chinavasion and some recovery files urls from Oskys. I wonder if they'd work. Let me know!

  9. Thank you for these explanations, but I want to know if I can plug the IPCam directly on the RS232 port of my PC?
    How do I connect between the RS232 and IPCAM
    What are the parameters for the hyperterminal?
    Thank you in advance for the answer
    best regards

  10. The camera can't talk directly to the RS232 port of the PC, that's why you need a TTL to RS232 converter as documented in the recovery post.

  11. Hi there Bubbah, and thanks for the info on this blog!

    I have one question though: Is there any info on disabling/unplugging the IR-Leds on these camera? I noticed you mentioned it, but I couldn't find anything.

    I have 3 connectors on the camera panel, a large one at the bottom, and two at the top, reading rbgrb and rgrb - but I have no idea which one it is...

    Any information on this?

  12. Nevermind - it seems to be in some wire of the upper two connectors, so I just did it "the hard way" as I'm disassembling the cam anyway.

    Something else, what I'm interested in is a mobile camera: Combining this camera with a very small 3g router would be quite interesting (the router would need an eth port) - does anyone know something like this? Another option would be to connect a "normal" router with usb port and a 3g stick...

  13. @Christoph
    on this forum, there is a method on how to link the leds to the relay of the camera so they could be turned off or on at will from the web interface. You'll need a page translator (it's in French):
    I didn't try this yet but looks interesting.

  14. Thanks Bubbah - but as stated in the second post I don't need it anymore :)

    Any thoughts for the 3g thing?

  15. @Bubbah

    I bought a RS232 TTL (from SparkFun: Breakout Board for USB to Serial FT232RL) and I made the recovery of my two IPcam (DX: SKU 26358) files with the most recent recovery. IPcam both work very well. My only problem is that I constantly message "Failed to negotiate PPPoE connection: 9 Bad file descriptor" on the HyperTerminal.
    Do you know what is causing this message? and how do I fix this?
    Thank you in advance for your reply

  16. @laurent
    doesn't look too good actually, it could be that the operating system is at least partially corrupted. I fyou can access the GUI or the camera from the ipcam tool, you should try re-flashing it the normal way.

  17. @ Bubbah
    That's what I'm doing, but it's still the same.
    Another idea ?

  18. @laurent
    try flashing an older Foscam firmware (<= The newer ones are maybe no longer working on non-Foscam like those from DX.

  19. @Bubbah

    I tryed an older firmare ( but the result is still same. What are the concéquences of this default ? because all fonctions work fine.

  20. Hi!
    I bricked my foscam clone and would really like to revive it.
    I put photos of the insides here: http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/bae3a5053b91854549e8c1bd223e006c/

    The original firmware had a version number or very similar.
    To sum it up: flashed FW, now turns on for 3-4sec, reboots, turns on and reboots.
    Visible in IP cam tool at moments.
    It does get an IP through DHCP. But that's about it.
    Pinging it rapidly, it seems it replies to ping for about 2s and then reboots.

    On the board it says ipcam_pt2_v3.2a.

    Any leeds?

  21. @kosmarnik
    I can't say for sure what sort of clone is that camera (EasyNP, Apexis, EyeSight, Heden, Maygion,...)
    If you look at my "Recommended reading" in the right column, you'll find a link to IntEx's Firmware repository. In there, the Heden firmware is quite close to yours: 0_23_2_5.bin.
    Where did you buy it? That may help me to find out.

  22. Hi,

    Thank you for great instructions on how to bring life back into a bricked IP camera.

    I am really hoping this will work for my camera and need some advice on how to best move forward.

    The camera I have is an IP Camera, model IP608IRW which appears very similar to Foscam's FI8904W.

    This camera is now bricked as I tried to upgrade the firmware and WebUI using Foscam upgrades. It crashed right in the middle of the upgrade so I don't know if Foscam software is incompatible with this model, or, if it just crashed by accident.

    Has anybody tried this before for this camera model, is this considered a Foscam clone, and does anybody know if Foscam software is compatible?

    When running the IP Camera Tool it now shows a blinking message "anonymous - WebUI does not exist dbclick to update" I tried to update with various versions of Foscam software with no effect.

    Does anybody have suggestions on how to best revive this camera? Does it make sense for me to try what is suggested here and in the earlier "Bring your paperweight back to life"

    Thanks in advance for any help,


  23. @Bogaards
    It's seems to be the model sold by chinavasion.com so you should maybe try the recovery files for IP607 (EyeSight) found on the "paperweight recovery" page using a UART interface as explained.
    Check also the Firmware files repository (IntEx) on my recommended reading section (top right), there are more firmwares there.

  24. Hello Bubbah ;)
    a little question:
    do you know if the recovery method (FI8908W) works on a FI8918W ?

  25. Hi paillassou,
    I'm pretty sure you will need a different set of recovery files, but the procedure should be similar, the j2 port is still there. I've been lucky enough not to brick my FI8918W so far, so I didn't test it.

  26. Hey Bubbah - thanks for all the great work here. I seem to have bricked my FI8918W and was looking into going through the recovery process, and your link above does not work. Is there any chance that you have a good link available? I've tried talking with FOSCAM but they have become entirely unresponsive. :-/ Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Brian ( bsbrum at gmail dot com)

    1. Hi Brian,
      I fixed the links

    2. Very cool, thanks! I think Foscam has stopped helping me because the last communication from them, they asked where I got the camera .... I said Amazon, and that was the last I heard from them.

      On my FI8918W there was no header on J2, so I soldered a small ribbon cable with a 4 pin DIP jumper on the end, that I used some perfboard jumpers to connect to my Sparkfun FTDI->USB board. The pinouts are also different from the earlier cameras, so that took a little research.

      I had quite a lot of trouble getting the Xmodem file xfer to work. I am on a Mac running Lion - tried it with Zterm and Hyperterminal in a Windows 7 VM, but the xfers would always fail. I ran across Tera Term in Windows 7 and that has been rock solid.

      The bad news is that my relatively new camera, which had been working before it seems to have bricked itself, is stuck in a loop:

      Wait for auto-negotiation complete...ResetPhyChip Failed
      open video device error

      I removed the 6 7 and 8 files in the boot loader and reloaded everything successfully, but it still just dies at that point of the boot.

      Any ideas? Is this thing toast? It was working, I left town for a week, and when I got home it was in this state. I wonder if our rural power brown-outs took it out?

      Thanks again!

  27. For what its worth, here's an annotated picture of the J2 hookup on my FI8918W http://www.flickr.com/photos/7827692@N05/6743395055

  28. I updated the firmware over wifi and couldn't get in... tried numerous times pressing buttons and trying to get in through ssh and various other methods and finally got in after holding the reset button on the bottom of the FI8918W down for 30 seconds.... sounds stupid but it worked for me hope it helps someone else.

  29. Heres my pic of the J2 on my FI8918W.


    J2 (Square is Pin 1. It goes TX, RX, GND, PWR (not used)

    So for the FI8918W with 11.37.2.xx this is the memory locations:
    Image: 0 name:BOOT INFO base:0x7F010000 size:0x00000038 exec:0x7F010000 -af
    Image: 7 name:linux base:0x7F020000 size:0x000ADFD8 exec:0x00008000 -acxz
    Image: 6 name:romfs base:0x7F0E0000 size:0x000FE400 exec:0x7F0E0000 -a

    I wasn't able to find original firmware for my version of this model so I've uploaded the linux and romfs for here: goo.gl/MfW0p

    1. Thanks for the picture, and files, been looking like crazy.. I was wondering in the picture the white wire, is pin 1 TX? and the green is RX? and blue wire is GND?
      Did you have any luck unbricking your cam? My cam is always rebooting do you think this will help?

  30. @Capcom DDault,
    Thanks for that!
    Regarding your previous comment, I found the Nokia serial cable a bit overpriced on eBay, but it's good to know it works too.
    You can get a simpler version of the smaller one pictured on my other post for 5€ max incl. delivery nowadays.

  31. The link above is not working, can i please get a copy of the file for this link please..
    I've received a new set of instructions and recovery files for FI8918W (and latest hardware revision of FI8908W)

    1. Mmmh, you're right. I've updated the link now. Refresh the page and try it out.
      This is the new link.

    2. Thanks for link, and Thanks alot for the unbrick, if this works for me, I will donate paypal to my friend..
      My cam keeps rebooting over and over again, think this will help?

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Bricked my FI8904W Foscam outdoor camera, anybody have recovery files romfs.img and linux.zip old firmware was - web ui I have tried few files with no luck, most give Kernel panic: error after boot.


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