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Synology NAS just got even better ... DSM 3.0

One of my best purchase in 2010, the Synology DS109 (and family) is getting even better with the release of Disk Station Manager 3.0.

The huge quantity of features added over time during the DSM evolution resulted in a revamped and multi-tasking user interface to make the server configuration even more intuitive than before.

Difficult to tell which AJAX web interface from QNAP V or Synology is the best, but it's clear that the fierce competition between the two leading brands is an excellent thing for us!


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  1. Bubbah,
    Looks like my search of an NAS/Media Hub has led me back to your website.
    In my reviews of various systems that suited my purpose, I believed that Synology makes systems that may best suit my home network system requirements. I’m looking at DS211 (2-bay) running 2TB/Raid1 to support my requirements which involves downloading, storing and streaming video/pics/audio from a multitude of sources (cable TV, internet, security cams, disk files, players, etc.). My GUI’s includes 2 computers and 2 HD TVs connected to the LAN/WAN via Logitech Revue (LR). From by HD TV, I also use the LR’s Chrome browsers to surf the Internet and connect to my FOSCAM cameras, while still watching TV at night. I did this for my wife to check outside via the cams on “things” that go bump in the night. I can write a book on my adventures while playing with all these systems, but need to keep this short else I’ll run into your blog size limit…again.

    In summary, I still haven’t cracked the code on how to store the FOSCAM’s video directly to a NAS without using a browser. My research on NAS’ led me back to your site, after reading a write up on blog from a Synology user who has a solution. Anyway, I still looking for a solution that fits my fits my technical skills…KISS.


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