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Anti-Frustration Freeware

I came across this new system optimization software aimed at reducing the boot time of a Windows computer.
It first needs to add itself to the boot sequence in order to analyse how long each application take to launch at boot.

The program will then interact with an online database and retrieve the most common users practice for each application: pause it (don't load), delay it (load it after the boot sequence when system is idle) or keep in boot). There are safety categories to distinguish the application that can be safely removed from the more sensible ones.

The comparative count of applications in the boot process is updated along with an estimate of the updated boot time. Of course, at the beginning, the Soluto application will itself take its share of the overall boot time.

In its beta phase, the "PC Genome" (application usage database) still needs to be populated but it is already very promising.

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  1. I have improved the boot time in around 50 seconds, nice app.

  2. It rendered my machine unbootable and I had to reinstall. Plenty of other people seem to like it.


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