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FI8908W old and new...

In addition to the new FI8918W, Foscam is now also producing a different generation of FI8908W.
If you buy it today, it's likely to be the one you'll receive. These two lines of products follow their own separate branch for firmwares, and you cannot flash a "non-logo" camera with a branded camera.

The oem product branch has no marking on the box, to leave the option to resellers to re-brand it easely (for instance the zaapa brand sold once through the Carrefour supermarkets in Europe). It goes from firmware to (at the time of writing).
It is hard to distinguish from the many clones that use completely different firmware, so the best move before flashing such a camera is to check with Foscam first.
This is the camera I've got and files available on this web site are for this generation. 

The branded product branch is branded with the Foscam logo on the camera base, and the firmware version starts from onward.

Please also note FI8908W and the newer FI8918W (firmware,and for the moment only Foscam branded) are different and don't use compatible firmwares.


  1. I downloaded the latest firmware (
    and in guide pdf is information:
    "If your camera’s firmware version is or & or now, you can upgrade it to the new version."

    It sounds like it could be used for both: "non-logo" and branded camera!?

  2. Hi There,

    Updated to the latest firmware and it looks like the setting for preset under PTZ is not working.

    Better stay with the old firmware otherwise it will rotate everytime you reboot...

  3. And here are the URL commands for the PRESET function:
    decoder_control.cgi?command=30 = Set preset 0
    decoder_control.cgi?command=31 = Go preset 0
    decoder_control.cgi?command=32 = Set preset 1
    decoder_control.cgi?command=33 = Go preset 1
    decoder_control.cgi?command=34 = Set preset 2
    decoder_control.cgi?command=35 = Go preset 2
    decoder_control.cgi?command=36 = Set preset 3
    decoder_control.cgi?command=37 = Go preset 3
    And the list goes further until preset 16

    Greetings from the Netherlands,
    Alex Nauta

  4. One other thing: Preset stuff is only working in Internet Explorer :(

  5. is anyone having a problem wth the computer freezing up when trying to access the camera using vista and IE?

  6. @jord812393
    you'll find a few possible reasons in the FAQ for IP cameras

  7. Same problem here. Sometimes my computer freezes up completly when viewing the cm through IE. Ussualy when I try to alter brightness settings to fast.

    (although I found out that I have the wrong firmware on my cam. I installed the newest firmware for the 8919 on my 8909)


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