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Firmware updates for FI8908W and FI8918W

The download links are currently active at Foscam Download Center with distincts new Firmwares (complete with both System and WebUI) for models FI8908W and FI8918W.

What's new ?

FI8908W (the old one)
System WebUI
1) A button allows now to prevent the folder where the videos are saved from popping-up all the time.
2) Control for up to 8 PTZ positions.

Important: If your current firmware version is 11.14.1.xx, or 11.14.2.xx, this is the lastest and last upgrade for your hardware revision. There is a higher firmware set, but it is only for the recent hardware and would brick older cameras. This is explained in the instructions joined with the files available @

FI8918W (the new one)
System WebUI
1) Fix for the IR Light bug (some saved pictures were dark).
2) Control for up to 8 PTZ positions.

The firmwares can be downloaded directly from the Foscam download page .


  1. under PTZ setting on 8908W, there is no "goto preset on boot" setting...

    Can someone confirm this ?

  2. changes only visible with internet explorer???

  3. @dinoreinadi & max
    It's currently only in AX, but in one of the readme's they announce that it will be implemented for Push Server Mode in a future release.

    In AX > PTZ Settings, "Go center on boot" is only visible if "preset_disable" is selected, otherwise, it either disapears (on FI8908) or changes to "goto preset on boot" (on FI8918)

  4. Did somebody test the "Send Mail on Alarm" function with the FI8918W model after this update?

    I recognized I receive an alert E-mail but there is no photo attached. Instead I receive a ~160 KB size E-Mail with hundreds of characters/letters in the mail. I tried to reboot, disconnect from power, restore factory settings but nothing helped. All other camera functions seems to be alright.

    What is your experience?

  5. Does anybody know how the "Motion Compensation" function works in FI8918W?

  6. For the update I recommend to use the IP Camera tool instead of the Camera Web Interface (as described by Foscam).

    In case of the "text" of the Preset position function or anything else does not look alright or as usual delete your temporary Internet files from your Internet Explorer.

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  8. works with DealExtreme clone? ( ) I Already update to lr_cmos_11_14_2_17 and gui, Thanks!!

  9. Alex Nauta are you sure the PRESET commands work?

    I mean you would position the camera in the desired preset0 and issue a decoder_control.cgi?command=30 to it and that would save that as preset 0.
    Then you move the cam and when you issue a decoder_control.cgi?command=31 the camera stays in the same position... so it does not move it to the one you set in preset0.
    Has this worked for you?

  10. If anyone is interested then i have listed for sale on

  11. I encountered the same problem on Send Mail on Alarm feature that Matt has posted;
    Before the firmware update this function had no problems.
    Does anyone know when it's released a new upgrade?

  12. @Fabrizio

    I figured out the root cause of my corrupt Alert E-Mails. Reason was my camera "Alias" name. After rename into a different name the problem was gone and all is good now. Please check and let us know if you have the same problem.

  13. Remus

    I forgot one thing: You need to give the username and password to the script via http-auth or through two extra commands &user=...&pwd=....

    so you get:

  14. nd here are the URL commands for the PRESET function:
    decoder_control.cgi?command=30&user=...&pwd=.... = Set preset 0
    decoder_control.cgi?command=31&user=...&pwd=.... = Go preset 0
    decoder_control.cgi?command=32&user=...&pwd=.... = Set preset 1
    decoder_control.cgi?command=33&user=...&pwd=.... = Go preset 1
    decoder_control.cgi?command=34&user=...&pwd=.... = Set preset 2
    decoder_control.cgi?command=35&user=...&pwd=.... = Go preset 2
    decoder_control.cgi?command=36&user=...&pwd=.... = Set preset 3
    decoder_control.cgi?command=37&user=...&pwd=.... = Go preset 3
    And the list goes further until preset 16

    * There is no function to go to a preset on boot
    * The PTZ presets only work on IE

    Greetings from the Netherlands,
    Alex Nauta

  15. @Matt

    I checked the issue of the "Alias" field and I confirm that renaming the device in "Device Management" section, the problem of corruption of Alert Email is gone.
    It seems that if the name of the device contains special characters (like _ or otherwise) or the string is quite long, the alert mail is created in corrupted form.

    Thanks for the tip that you have provided me.

  16. Thanks to Matt and Fabrizio, I've updated my FAQ page accordingly.

  17. Hey guys

    First Alex Nauta my bad man... my firmware and webUI were not upgraded when I wrote you that. I tried now and it works.
    However I have a question for you guys: is anybody out there using the Email function in this with an Microsoft Exchange Server? Meaning my account used to send emails from the camera resides on an Exchange server but when I set up the account do a test I get

    Test ... Failed
    The server does not support the authentication mode used by the device

    When I use my Outlook client which is set up similarly it works... any ideas?


  18. So I am running the latest firmware on a 8918W model.
    Device Firmware Version
    Device Embeded Web UI Version

    One thing I noticed is that if you have in users additional users set in there one as Visitor type and one as Operator type if you go and try to login as visitor (or OP) you type in the password on the welcome page and then you get the browser small pop-up for username and password. And you type it again in there and hit OK and nothing. You need to do this for 3 times in a row and only then it will log you in as visitor or OP. For sure there's a small bug in there I think.


  19. @Remus
    It would make sense that the MS Exchange server uses encryption for the SMTP authentication and the camera don't support any.

    I also get several login prompts from the ActiveX interface as well. Probably a bug.

  20. I am having an issue on the mail service settings. It doesnt allow me to enter in the whole username and it shorts it by 1etter.

  21. updated my dealextreme clone from , to / WebUI , sucessfully.

    only update if you have

    mine is working now pefect.

  22. Great site. Most helpful. Just got an 8918. First IP cam so loads of initial researching. Love the Firefox add-in.

    No built-in mic features that I can hear.

    New lens on order.

    One issue I have is that my drive space is shrinking from 5 gigs free to zero but I can't find the errant process or file. May be Kaspersky keeping an eye on things but since the file size never finalizes from zero I can't locate it.

  23. Bubbah, have you ever had problems with dhcp dropouts?

    I don't think this has ever been addressed in the firmware but it's been a thorn in my side with these cameras.

  24. SUBJ: FI8918W “Set Alarm Path”

    Either, I have a problem or FOSCAM has a firmware bug for the FI8918W file-labeling names created and stored in the “Set Alarm Path”. Granted, if FOSCAM has a bug, then I still have a problem.

    THIS IS MY PROBLEM: The files in the “Set Alarm Path” folder gets locked into the initially set or first submitted “Alias” name

    I’ve tired all kinds of resubmits with no luck. Can’t seem to change the associated Alias label for the files in this folder.

    Updated to latest (re; this forum subject) firmware and web versions, but problem still exist.

    The video files saved in the “Set Record Path” is okay, and reflects the latest Alias name change. So, FOSCAM has 50% of the set record path function working correctly.

    Also noticed that this problem does not exist with my FI8904W. So, it appears unique to the 18W. Don’t have a 08W to check see.

    Although a minor problem, its annoying when moving the cams around, and having the cam located in the patio with video file names saying it’s from the driveway cam. Don’t want to do factory rest just for this.

    Would appreciate if someone can confirm above, or provide recommended solution. Need to know if this is truly a FOSCAM vice my issue. Never the less, I’ll still need to find a path forward.

    Thank you in advance, Barry

  25. SUBJ: FI8918W “Motion Compensation”

    Looking through the follow up blogs, I did not see a response to the question that Wojciech posted on Nov 20, 2010 irt this Subject.

    The documents that FOSCAM provided on this FI9818W upgrade did not cover any discussion on the new “Motion Compensation” function found under “Alarm Service Setting”.

    Am I missing something? Can someone point me to where I can read up on what this function does?

    @ Wojciech: Did you ever get your question on this subject resolved?


  26. I'm curious if anyone has worked on streaming audio in a webbrowser? I'm a Non-IE user and would like to hear audio. I know I can stream to VLC, but then I'm not able to control the camera. I was thinking of coming up with a HTML5 page which would allow me to do all of the above.

    Now that I think on it, I suppose I could embed the asf stream into the tag of the page, and then just make up the controls.

    Has anyone given this a shot?

  27. >“Motion Compensation”

    by wild guess.. it does not trigger motion alarm at the time the camera is moving.

  28. I received the following response from FOSCAM (Ms Sarah Zhang) on the email I sent posing the above questions wrt the new “Motion Compensation” function:

    Sarah Zhang (Miss)
    Technical Support&Service Team
    Foscam Intelligent Technology co., Ltd.

    “… About the Motion Compensation:
    If you choose it, the camera will not give so much flase alarm.
    In old firmware, the camera will alarm even light changes.

    After you choose this function, the camera will not always alarm when light changes.
    Our engineers will improve this in next few firmware…”

    I also included questions on the “Set Alarm Path” problem I encountered on differences between the names of the stored file and Alias. However, based on initial response received, I believe I failed to fully communicate this issue.

  29. Thanks Barry,
    I was wondering as well. Good to know!

  30. Has anyone been able to view their FI8918W using a phone running Android? I just set up my FI8918W today and I can view it using IE and Firefox on my desktop but when I tried to use my phone I just get a black screen where the image should be. Any ideas?

  31. @JR
    The app "IP Cam Viewer" as shown in the Android section of the post "Third-Party software for Foscam IP Cameras" works great.

  32. @Bubbah Thanks! That app worked great. Can you, or anyone else, help me with the presets? First, the way I understand it I should be able to set the presets to point to different areas of the room and then by going to each preset look around the room. We're using our camera in the nursery so I'm thinking 1 preset on the crib, 2 on the changing table, 3 on the middle of the floor, 4 on the door, etc. and then being able to click to move between them. Is that correct?

    Assuming I understand the feature properly, I haven't had any luck using the set and go buttons on the AX interface. I tried the command lines listed above and when I enter them I get a blank screen that says OK. Then I log back in and the camera hasn't moved at all. Any ideas?

  33. Re: FI8918W “Motion Compensation”

    Unfortunately there appears to be no equivalent to this function in the latest( FI8908W firmware!? I hope that this not a sign that they stopped development for the FI8908W.

    Could you check with your contact @Foscam,

    I'd also be interested to know if this "Motion Compensation" actually helped stopping false alarms on the FI8918W. Anyone?

    Thanks for your great Blog, Bubbah!

  34. @Tintin

    So far, I’ve not seen any significant improvements in the level of false alarms from my FI8918W with the Motion Compensation turned on. However, I’ve not done any systematic testing (i.e.; playing with alarm settings and light levels), but merely under normal operation, observing the number and types of files that gets stored in my Alarm Path folder.

    When Sarah Zhang said that the Motion Compensation function prevents false alarms caused by “light changes”. I was hoping it applied to my situation, where I always get two alarms and associated files, whenever the motion sensitive lights located in my backyard turns on whenever someone passes by.

    The first file usually contains a video of that someone who tripped both the light and camera. There’s always a second camera alarm file, associated with either the first or second of two motion sensitive lights turning off. In general, lighting going from light to darkness is triggering the camera.

    In summary, I’ve had the Motion Compensation enabled for over a week, and I’m still getting the same type of false alarm.

    I still haven’t been able to quantify what this function does!

  35. Hmm, how can I embed this into my webpage? Can I edit the layout?
    I want online users only to access pan/tilt and ofcourse the video.

  36. I've looked far & wide to no avail--is there any way to adjust (extend) the recording time on motion detection, which is now just a minute?

  37. I have both a FI8908W and FI8918W. The FI8918W allows me to turn off the IR lamp. Is there any way to do this on the FI8908W. I have a vague idea I have seen a cgi script or some other script that acheives it but I have searched the website with no luck.
    Any ideas about this?

  38. Bubbah, thank you SO much for this site!!! You should be on Foscam's payroll.

    After reading all the posts and comments, I still have a couple of questions:

    1. Trying to use http://[camurl]/videostream.cgi -- I get the same image as on the regular browser screen, BUT there's a very annoying strobe effect for the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the image. I first experienced it while using the Firefox add-on, but found that it occurs any time that the videostream.cgi is called.

    2. I would like to update the firmware so I can get the preset positions, which are not available to me currently, but I am 6 hours' drive away from the camera location. Can this be done safely remotely? Will I be able to reconnect to camera afterward? I can access the router and an attached router via, but am concerned about losing connection with the camera post-update.


  39. @Susan
    1. I've seen that problem as well and it's probably due to the bandwidth as I only have that problem from outside my lan.

    2. Never flash your camera from far away, even from the wifi connection inside your lan, almost guaranteed to brick the camera. Do this with the Ethernet connection only.
    Next, to be really safe, email Foscam with your current firmware version and DeviceID (found in Device Status screen) so they confirm which latest fw is compatible with your device.
    All the best!

  40. @marcoscu
    I don't think the function is there for the fi8908, maybe in a future firmware. I've seen method on a french forum (see the recommended readings section) where they diverted the relay switch to turn off the leds, it requires soldering inside the camera. I'd just tape the led ring instead!

  41. Thanks Bubbah,

    my memory must have been deceiving me..

    I am using one Foscam inside and the other pointing outside and for that one I also need to try and sort out the I/R filter problem. Of course for a security cam the false colour caused by the lack of an infra red filter is no big deal but I want to use my external facing cam for more general use.

    It seems that I/R Cut filters are as rare as hens teeth. (Do not confuse them with I/R Pass filters which are widely available). Elsewhere on your forum a user has pointed to a link selling filters for just 5 Euros but when I came to order there was a minimum order cost of 50 euros.
    The best alternative I could find of use to me in the UK is this one priced at £14.29.
    Here is the link:

    If you or any fellow Foscam users know of a better or cheaper solution to fitting an I/R Cut filter please let me know.

  42. Marcoscu:
    try swapping the lens. Have a look at dealextreme sku.47018 or possibly sku.44101. Looks like they have IR filters built in.

  43. @Marcoscu -- Can you turn off the IR lamp all the time on the FI8918W? I am not seeing that option and am finding that even when turned off, it always comes on with alarm. This is a problem for me because the glare from the IR is making the alarm images all white and impossible to view. Thanks! Susan

  44. Michael - thanks but I have tried that I bought this set - at a bargain price it must be said - but the set supplied to me were also at least partially uncoated. You will see the review I wrote of them on the product page.

  45. Susan,
    I am using firmware version and it works OK for me. Your turn the lamp off and on by means of the two buttons below and to the right of the large PTZ control when in operator mode. However, I think this setting needs to be reset after rebooting and by the look of it after other operations. At least it is a start.

  46. Thanks, Marcoscu. Yes, I can do that, too. It does, however, come back on with reboot or on alarm. I'm looking for a means to keep it off unless/until turned on by me, but not to disable it permanently. Maybe I am asking for too much. :)

  47. @Susan

    Regarding the IR-Light issue: You need to install the latest software (see top of this page). This will fix the problem.

  48. Marcoscu:
    yep, the lens set (15774) comes without IR filters. but 47018 apparently does have a filter:

  49. Michael,
    many thanks for the tip-off about the lens. I have just placed an order for one. At $4.90 including shipping you can't go wrong!

  50. @Marcoscu: FYI found IR Cut and Pass filters being offered at below linked Ebay site for about $11.00 US + shipping. This looks like the type of IR filter that’s described in the DX 47018 Forum pointed out by Michael.

    IR Pass (Item: 370312574186):

    IR Cutt (Item: 370379149308):

    Looks like the DX lens with filter is a good deal, at $4.90 you get a lens and filter for less then ½ the cost. Plus, in the above case you need to still find a way marry the filter with a lens.

  51. Thanks for the info Barry, I may well order one of these filters also. It would be easy enough to mount the tiny gel filter behind the posterior element on the the lens with a touch of glue.
    The problem with the DX lens with the integral filter is that it is a wide angle lens with no rectilinear correction (ie barrel distortion) which is not really what I want. Also, some people on the DX forum have been complaining of this item being out of stock.

  52. @marcossu & Barry
    About your comments not appearing ...
    I was suspecting an undocumented size limit for comments on Blogger around 4K charaters. It seems to be confirmed on some forums. I'll check if there is a way to increase that limit a bit.

  53. I found I was unable to post my last message through my Google Account profile and received an oversize file error message. I was able to post smaller messages OL previously with Google. I switched to a Livejournal profile and was able to post the large message.

  54. I know,stupid!
    I upgraded the FI8908W with the wrong firmware of the FI8918W. Now the System Firmware version shows and thw WEB UI shows
    If I try to upgrade with the firmware of the FI8908W it says error, illegal file and I can't upgrade.

    Please help!


  55. @Bubbah:
    I last file size was about 2K. This should be within the size limits allowed. I suspect that the Blogger server may be blocking my gmail account. I say this because when I attempted to post my comment yesterday, I received “suspicious activity alert” from Google, and got temporarily locked out of my account. Ask Marcoscu if he have encountered similar experience with your gmail account?
    In the mean time I'll try finding another route to see if my suspecions are correct.

  56. @Bubbah: I totally confused as to what's going on with my postings. I did not expect the last blog sent to make the posting. The blog I tried sending immediately after the above did not get posted. I not sure if this will either. I know it lands in your dead email pile. Sorry for all the junk mail! r/Barry

  57. I like this camera. It is cheap and affortable. But .. absolutely no support. I have email Foscam in Houston and even call them and they dont reply back.

    I just update this using the WEB interface. Everything is working fine.

    I bought one for my parent and the wireless part would be lost after 1 day. But my webcam at home is on wireless and never disconnect. We both have the same Asus router with tomato on it. I wonder that the problem is?

  58. @Philip is just a reseller. For contacting Foscam for support, you need to check
    Did you try swapping your two cameras? At least it would tell you if one is defective or if it's a problem in your parents LAN...

  59. I didnt know is a reseller. I bought all my Foscam from a reseller in ebay and it says it is an authorized reseller. I read there are lots of scam out there on the Foscam.

    I got the email thing to work. Why do I have to use SMTP Port of 587 ?

    I cant swap out the camera now cause we live in 2 different places.

  60. I just had the same problem as Arnold.
    I upgraded the FI8908W with the wrong firmware of the FI8918W.If I try to upgrade with the firmware of the FI8908W it says error, illegal file and I can't upgrade.
    Is there any solution?

  61. Dear friends, after upgrade my CAM to FW when I try to upgrade WEB UI I get the nessage: Error File of WEB UI! I´m using WEB UI FW Please help me !!! :-(

  62. SOLVED !!! I´m upgrade IP Camera tool, and after thar the upgrade complete SUCCESSFULLY !!!

  63. I've just updated my DX clone to / and just about everything works brilliantly. On the old firmware that came with it I had Wireless (WPA2/AES) working ok, but mail alerts and a number of other functions didn't.

    While everything else works fine, I now can't get the Wireless connection going at all, despite using identical settings.

    Anyone else struck this?

  64. @Gerard,
    someone else posted a similar problem, look for my reply at the end of that other post.
    If you only have one camera on the network, then it's probably some sort of copy protection from the Foscam firmware to prevent it from working on non-Foscam cameras.

  65. Found the problem: The older clone firmware was fine with non-broadcast SSID, but the latest Foscam firmware ( / requires the SSID to be broadcast! The scanning function found the network but with no SSID. As soon as I switched broadcast on it connected immediately.

    That's just sloppy programming, and I would have expected better.

  66. @Gerard,
    I didn't think of that problem because it has never worked with non-broadcast SSID for me. But yes, it's a well know problem and I've emailed Foscam several times about it. Don't know why they don't fix this.

  67. Sadly it's a moot point now: the loose power connector appears to have bricked it after I unplugged and moved it to a new location. :-(

  68. After reading many types of upgrade feedbacks here, and before making my own upgrade, I've decided to make some inquiries to Foscam technical support. I have a FI8908W CLONE and my firmware is and WEB UI: Target is the newest

    Following, I am copying the messages:

    1_Question (Apr/9/2011)
    I was reading information on internet and I would like to confirm. Once my actual firmware version is and WEB UI Version I found a recommendation that the upgrade process should be step by step, It would be about four steps to get the most updated version. ( -> -> -> -> it correct ? Can I go directly from to ?? tks,

    1_ Foscam Answer (Apr/10/2011)
    You are right to upgrade firmware with notice from manual. Yes, there are serval firmware version for FI8908W, After confirming, you can upgrade your camera directy from to, as there is bug with currently. so please upgrade your camera as to files attached this time. during the process, please also remenber to do it under internet and power on.

    2_ Question (Apr/10/2011)
    In your last email, you told me about a bug with This newest version is my final target but I am concerned about this bug and I would like to double check:
    Can I go from to ?? Os should I wait for a fixed ?? Is that bug related to a direct migration from my old ??

    2_ Foscam Answer (Apr/11/2011)
    I am sorry that you still need wait for the fixed 28 firmware. our engineer will develop 28 firmware without bugs step by step now. so i suggest you upgrade your camera to 17 firstly. Thanks

    Despite an express recommendation on this post to upgrade step by step, version by version, I would like to know if anyone has upgrade directly from to, as recommended by Foscam. It works ok with our clone cameras ??

    Someone could tell what the bug found in version ??

  69. Leandro,
    sorry for the late answer, your comment has been filtered by Blogger spam engine, I don't know why.
    There's a similar topic about upgrade order on DX regarding their clones. I think the bug in 2.28 is about the camera producing black pictures as the IR lights kick in too late. Something fixed a while ago for FI8918W in 2.30. I can't see why they didn't just produce the same upgrade for FI8908W. Now, since they never tell things clearly, there might be also issue with upgrading fw.

  70. Hi Bubbah,

    i´ve succesfully established a HyperTerminal Connection via USB2TTL adapter, everything is just fine: what is the simplest way to change/replace the file in home/images/loginbg.JPG
    is there a way to send my edited loginbg.JPG to the cam like in the unbricking procedure.
    Many thanks in advance.

  71. I have upgraded my Foscam clone from firmware ( and web ui to and web ui even though the included pdf said it was only safe to do so if you had ( or & or Everything seemed to work fine I didn't have any problems however one problem I see with this latest firmware is that my presets don't stay the same. I save a preset and it doesn't stay, it changes slightly after using presets over time. Anyone have this problem and is there a fix? Thanks, Stephen

  72. @ventax_two
    I haven't tried tweaking the firmware but the best approach would be to mount the recovery img from a linux box and replace the picture file with another the same size. However I don't think it's worth the risk.

    I believe it's a bug, I also have strange results with the presets but I don't use them so the resent in fine enough for me.

  73. well indeed, you´re right.
    But it´s more a Proof-of-concept tweak rather than a necessary modification.
    Anyway Bubbah: you said i should mount the recovery file, replace the image or any html file, but the needed files i wish to replace are not inside the recovery files, i´ve done several recoveries exactly the way you described, every time the WEBUI file has to be loaded afterwards via the IPCAM tool. what about a Startup script in like debug.cfg or something like that in which the patched file(s) are downloaded from any FTP SRV and be replaced temporary...

    Many thanx & regards


  74. That's true, I shouldn't write replies on Monday morning, the logo is in the webui indeed.
    You could also make your own portal on an http server by just re-using the ip camera html sources, which are easy to grab from the push server interface (right click in the browser page -> View page source)

  75. Thanks, one other question, to help minimize the false alarms due to the fact that I have trees in my backyard and they cast shadows on the ground which seems to be a slight problem the manual mentions that you can use a PIR infrared motion sensor device as the trigger instead of the built in image based motion sensing. Has anyone tried this and where would one get such a device. It is strange that foscam doesn't sell these as addons.

  76. @Stephen
    since I can't find specific PIR detector for Ip cameras, I suppose that any cahep wired PIR detector found on eBay (like Item #190532520617) would do. That would be connected to the (green) RS485 connector at the back of the camera. Only thing is, I don't see outdoor models for these, only indoor, and it should ideally be placed outside.

  77. @Stephen
    you should try asking them directly, they do reply most of the time:

  78. I upgraded the firmware, and after the update IPCAM no longer appears on the network, or the IP Camera Tool, how do I undo the update?

  79. Thanks Bubbah, you've been very helpful. Also @Vinicius before you worry too much about having to restore your camera, reboot your router/network to make sure that it is truly not showing up. Sometimes that can happen after an update. Also when you do make sure to turn off your camera and back on as well.

  80. new fw is out:
    Firmware version --
    Web user interface --

    Below are the enhance new features & resolved bugs list:

    New features of this firmware:
    1)Add msn function(old cameras cannot use this function);
    2)Add daylight saving time;
    3)Support audio on firefox;google chrome
    4)Support special characters on wireless SSID,wireless key and alias;
    5)Support hidden SSID in router;
    6)Support gmail for sender on mail service settings(old cameras still not support);
    7)Improve UPNP function;

    Resolved bugs:
    1)Fix the Sunday bugs;
    2)Fix receiving scrambled codes in emails when alarm

  81. @Mick
    Thank you for the good news.

    Unfortunately the Homepage is under reconstruction. Also refers (after e-mail registration) to the download page from

    Can you or anybody else provide the latest firmware for download?

  82. @mick
    Thanks Mick, I'm waiting to receive the files from Foscam. I'll test some of the significant improvements (hidden ssid, audio in push server mode) before posting something more detailled.

  83. Can you send me a last ip camera tools ? Unfortunately the Homepage is under reconstruction !!!

  84. @Guilherme Seco
    I recently discovered that there's malaysian Foscam web site:
    Check it out, they have it in the download section.

  85. Hi,

    After updating the main firmware I lost the ability to access the web ui. If I try I get a 404 not found error.

    It is not bricked as I can access the webcam fine via other programs such as Evocam.

    Problem is I want to setup the Wifi connection. IP Cam Tools does not see the camera, but this may be because I am running it via virtualisation on my MAC.

    Is there a way to run the web ui update via the command line or another way?

    Any suggestions gratefully received.

  86. Hi all
    is it any possible to see it on IPHONE?
    where can i find the script command for the ipcamera


  87. RTouris said...

    Issue this while in a terminal window to upload the webUI

    curl -u admin -F file=@ YOUR_CAM_IP/upgrade_htmls.cgi

    Take notice of the file=@ [current path -> do a drag and drop of the file onto the terminal window if not familiar with the CLI command] and YOUR_CAM_IP section, where you should do just that, replace that with the IP of your IPcamera.

    Hope this helps

  88. Alternatively you may download the infamous IP Camera Tool for OSX from the address below:

    and give that a shot

    Word of caution: I have never tested this tool on OSX, use it at your own risk

  89. Hi,

    Thanks guys for the tips. I took a chance and used the IP Camera Tool for OSX and it detected the camera straight away. It identified that the Web Ui was not loaded and prompted for the new firmware. Update went fine and I have a fully functioning camera again.


  90. Hi.

    I'm trying to update the Webui on my FI8908 from DX with 2Mb flash.

    When I run this command:

    curl -u admin -F file=@ YOUR_CAM_IP/upgrade_htmls.cgi

    I got the message:
    error: illegal file

    This is the same message from IP Camera Tools.

    Please... help me!

  91. I wanted to upgrade my fi8908w to the latest firmware. The link above is now broken, so I contacted Foscam. They sent me firmware and WebUI I would like the additional features of the newer versions - how can I get them?

    Thanks for any and all help.

  92. @Rehcsif
    It depends on the hardware revision of your FI8908W. I've updated the post above with some clarifications (see the new "Important" section).
    You can find out from your current firmware version if your camera can upgrade further or not.
    The files are all freely available from, you just need to register once.

  93. So are you saying I should be able to safely upgrade to from that link? I wonder why they didn't send me that instead of


  94. I don't know your current version so I can't say.

    Just be aware that 11.14.x.x can only upgrade to another (higher) 11.14.x.x and never upgrade to 11.22.x.x...
    Did Foscam ask for your DeviceID before sending these files ??? That's the only way for them to confirm that you have a foscam and not a clone.

  95. This is what I heard back from Foscam support:


    Please upgrade the firmware i sent to you in last email. as our 28firmware with sunday bug, will you upgrade?

    sunday bug: when you set alarm scheduler, you cannot set sunday scheduler correctly.

  96. Then it's up to you. If the Sunday bug in the alarm scheduler doesn't matter too much go for 2.28. Otherwise it's 2.17. Most significant improvements are already in this one anyway.

    See this post for the change log between versions.

  97. I thought I had read that audio was now allowed on Firefox, but maybe that was for the newer cameras?

    Thanks for all the help & info.

  98. I have a 8908 with the older hardware so I can't say for sure. I have a 8918 though which has the Audio function in Push Server mode (requires VLC to work). If you upgrade, you can check this in the Live Video panel if you see 2 links: "Audio" and "Stop Audio"

  99. I also flashed my 8908 with the firmware and webui destined for the 8918. So far everything is working perfectly. (although adjusting brightnes sometimes sends the camera into a reboot, but that's just sometimes, not everytime).

    Would it be wise to reflash to the latest 8908 firmware? (although a few posts go someone mentioned that they where not able to. I've not yet tried myself)

  100. Yes, I'm probably bumping a far-too-old thread, but does anyone know of a way of getting the datestamp on the FTP image for the FI8908W (the old one)? I'm running the final firmware for it: System WebUI

    1. There's no such option as far as I know for the FI8908W. The filename is the only indication of time and date.

  101. My FI8908W went CRAZY! It still makes horizontal patrol. I stop it but in a few seconds it will starts again, again, again... I tried to change soem setting regarding PTZ etc but nothing helps. Do you have some advice?

    1. Try a factory reset (Press the reset button while re-plugging the power cable and keep it pressed for up to 20 seconds). If that doesn't work, try re-installing a firmware.

    2. The IP setting will be lost during both procedures?

    3. Yes, in both cases you will need to use the ethernet connector.

    4. It worked THANKS. The SW reset was enough. Strange the previous atempts to upload new firmware ended succesfully but with no IP change (so no change in fact). Seems like a bug in FW caused by electric shock or something.

  102. I have SRICAM001 which has small problem. If I use any external android app (IP cam viewer, IP cam remote, original SRICAM etc) to see the camera the image flickers. Via web is image OK. FOSCAM cameras are OK, but this one just flickers. Does anybody has some advise?

  103. OLDER MODEL-FI89119W WEB UI rollback. System updated without consent. Result was loss of external sensor input leaving only the camera. Shadows can set it off. U/D that screwed me - back to
    Found a working copy here (this date)
    SHORT SHOUT-D/L file-open camera-Admin-Upgrade Device Firmware-Upgrade Device Embeded Web UI>EXECUTE. Takes a minute or so.
    Worked for me. The U/Dated GUI lost me several parameters. This brought them back and I feared to brick, but it worked! Hope this helps someone.


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