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Another note to myself: HL-340 (USB to Serial adapter)

That's how I started this blog: keeping a trace of the drivers, firmware files and installation methods in case I'd need them again, saving me from having to figure out the whole thing again. This post is another place holder for the always-vanishing drivers for my USB to Serial adapter

Item description:
I purchased this thingy two years ago off eBay for ~€5.
It provides a way to create "virtual" COM ports on recent computers that only offer USB ports.

The model appears on the serial connector as HL-340.

As for most Chinese accessories, the drivers are not provided
and I first had to spend some time searching the forums.

I'll keep my findings here so you won't need to go through this yourself.

The item sold by DealExtreme is also based on chip CH340 so it should use the same the drivers.

 The drivers for HL-340:
Manufacturer page:
I've stored a copy on FileFactory as well.

Side note:
These drivers are compatible with Windows from versions 95 to 2008 R2.
On OS from Vista ansd up, the installation program may not work.
Instead: unzip the exe file (7zip can do this all right),
go to the device manager and right click on the USB-Serial entry,
then select "Update Driver Software..." then browse to the location of CH341SER.INF

This adapter works for connecting Terminal Emulators via COM port.

You use the paper clip test to check that your serial interface is working fine.
It also work fine with the old X10 Computer Interface CM12U that came with a RS-232C connector.

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