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Installing Recovery on Onda Vi40 Elite

It's now an old habit, I only start to feel safe with any Android device once I managed to install a Recovery partition such as ClockWorkMod.  This is how to do it on the Onda tablet Vi40 Elite...
There are several ways to install the CWM recovery on your device.

Option 1
An easy way, documented on is using a set of batch files. This method for Elf Novo7 works perfectly for Vi40 too:

- Make sure the ADB drivers are properly installed on your PC (They come with the LiveSuitPack utility).
- Plug the tablet -with Debugging enabled- to your PC
- Unzip the file and execute install_recovery_for_ICS.bat

Option 2
Get the  recovery program and scripts from
Look for the "Latest Files" section, and download the file from the link ClockworkMod Recovery 5 for Novo 7 Advanced.
Install a terminal to execute the script, Android Terminal Emulator from the Play Store is just fine for this.

- unzip the file on the root of your tablet's sdcard
- launch the terminal and go to your sdcard root, then type
- su <enter>
- sh <enter>

Since the VI40 Elite does not have volume buttons that are part of  the standard keys combination to power on your device in recovery mode, you'll need to use a script (sh provided above)
or any tool on the market such as Quick Boot to do so.

How to navigate:
Your display will be in landscape position, with the 3 hardware buttons on your right.
To navigate UP, use the Home button (the one at the bottom)
To navigate DOWN, use the Menu button (the one in the middle)
To go back...use the back button (the one at the top)
To validate a choice, press the power button briefly


  1. Hi,
    I think we can use back button, menu button and the power button simultaneously for boot in recovery mode.

    It works for me.

    1. Hi allEn, with CWM installed, just the back button while pressing power is enough to bring up the recovery mode.

  2. Hi,
    I have a onda vi40 and tried back button, menu button and the power button simultaneously for boot in recovery mode but its NOT working. Also, debugging mode is not enabled. Kindly guide me how to enter into recovery mode.


    1. Hi Athar,
      I don't have this tablet any more but booting to recovery with those keys is only possible if CWM recovery is installed. Another easy method would be too install an app like "Quick Boot" from Google Play.

    2. Hi Bubbah,
      Thank you very much the reply. Actually the tablet is locked due to incorrect password retries and displaying message "too many pattern attempts!". When i searched Internet and found the solution to "Reset to factory setting" using the volume button but unfortunately this model did not have Volume button. So i was asking if it can be recovered to factory setting and the procedure.


    3. Hi Athar,
      Usually the "too many pattern attempts" error is followed by a prompt for entering your Google login, which requires a network connection of course. If you have that prompt but Wifi was off, you could try to connect the tablet to a USB-RJ45 network adapter.
      Otherwise a way to Factory Reset without the need of Recovery would be to use LiveSuite update utility. has a good slideshow tutorial and some files (includeing LiveSuite pack and drivers) to do that:
      If I remember well, triggering the driver installation when connecting the USB cable was a bit tricky, something like pressing the power button repeatedly while pressing the middle (menu) button and plugging the connector. This is explained in this other excellent guide from Colonel Zap:
      I hope that it will get you sorted!

    4. Hi Bubbah,
      Thank you very much for the reply. NO LUCK
      read and downloaded livesuit. As per procedure, i pressed Power button while pressing Menu button but nothing happened and the same screen with "too many pattern attempts" appeared. I read somewhere that this procedure needs debugging to be enabled which in my case is NOT enabled. Kindly guide what other action can be taken to reset the tab.


    5. The tablet need to be powered off to start the procedure, if you keep the power button pressed for about 15 seconds, this should force power off the device.
      Since I don't have that tablet anymore, I'm limited to help, maybe you'll find more help on the slatedroid forum here:
      good luck

  3. Sorry but once in recovery mode I cannot move with the menu buttons, any idea?

  4. Hi mujahid any luck with ur tablet.....I m stuck with the same issue