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CyberNova WIP604MW Firmware

A new firmware ( has been released by CyberNova on 19th of November 2012.
While they didn't publish any changelog, so we have to figure out by comparing with an older version, like

I decided to re-baptise my new CVLM-I234-2GEN as CyberNova WIP604MW, because that's what it really is and since the firmware upgrade to their version went so well.

The most obvious addition is in the main page (IE interface only), where the Aspect Ratio can be changed: 4:3, 5:4, 16:9

In the same area, the Video Size can be set as low as 160x120

On non-IE browsers, Mirror and Flip have been added to the interface.

The /www folder on the camera contains a videomask.htm file which is not yet integrated to the camera interface, but this seems to indicate that we may have soon the option to define zones to hide on the picture.
Preset.htm file is still there but nothing new in the interface neither. These two features would bring this camera almost on par with the Tenvis IPRobot3. 

The French language has been added (it was previously commented out in lang.js because the translation was not partial). However, the current version is a 'bit funny' and I'll send a reviewed lang_french.js to MayGion  or CyberNova when I have time. Until then, using English is preferable.
The IR led problem is not resolved and the relay will go clicking endlessly at times. I've tried to isolate the light sensor with black tape in case it would be reacting to the IR LED but it didn't help (Update 15/01/13: After some time with this fix in place, it seemed to reduce the frequency of it but did not eliminate the problem completely).

Contacting the customer service: I recently emailed CyberNova and they replied promptly. According to them a new firmware version should be available around the 29th of November.


  1. Have they made any provision/changes to include OSD when recording on SD card or on E-mails? (I see the OSD on the Alarm screen but no place else)


  2. @Emilio Sturino

    I contacted Cybernova earlier this week with some question, mainly just to see if they'd ever reply (pending).

    I think you should contact them as well with that request for OSD:

    Let's see if their customer support actually exist...

  3. @Emilio Sturino
    I've just received a reply from CyberNova, good point for them!
    Looks like there will be a new firmware version tomorrow.
    I'd say it's worth emailing them with suggestions.

  4. I did sent an E-mail. Thanks for suggesting that. I am impressed by the image quality of this camera!


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