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CyberNova WIP604MW Firmware

And yet another firmware from CyberNova. The version 05.20 brings a user interface localized in French.
This latest update include a reviewed french file for the user interface.

Alternatively it is very simple to add / update a language to your camera:

Take the updated file, like this lang_french.js and upload it to www folder via FTP

Verify the result by accessing the login page of the camera (no reboot necessary)
If the French language does not appear in the language list of the login page,
ensure that lang.js (also in www) contains the following line at the end, and that it's not commented:


  1. Good day!

    When you update the firmware IP camera WIP604MW failed.
    Now I can connect to the IP camera only on ftp ( I can not connect to the IP camera via the Web UI.
    What should I do?

  2. you could try maybe this method from Maygion:

  3. Thanks for the reply. I tried this method. I have access to the IP camera to ftp. I upload firmware MayGion vs3.1. On this firmware ip camera does not work. I can not upload the firmware Cybernova on ftp because files are packed (*. bin) and I do not know how to unpack them.

  4. be aware that the firmware on Maygion is quite old and likely not compatible. However the method should be similar.
    The best at this stage would be to contact directly and see if they could provide you with some file and instructions to repair. They do reply, I've been in contact with them recently. Let me know how it goes.
    Good luck!


    file for firmware in ftp

    1. Can you upload the files again? Please? My camera is bricked :-(

  6. I was same problems with my camera,i upload this file in FTP ,and now my camera work good.

    1. Can you please reupload the files? Thanks...

  7. Yes! My camera work again! Thanks @vasycara!