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Tenvis IP Robot3 - v264 Format and Demo Videos

It is difficult to find videos recorded with the IPRobot3 because of the v264 format (not h264) used by the camera. So I'm sharing some native files for an accurate demo of the video quality.

v264 video format
The adoption of v264 format for saving videos is a strange product management decision and makes difficult to publish demo videos taken with the IPRobot3 the traditional way (YouTube, DailyMotion, ...).

v264 is different from the h264 format and no tool known to man (VLC, MPC, Quicktime, ...) can play it except the V264Player.exe provided by Tenvis.
Since that viewer is a Windows program, v264 files cannot be viewed on any other platform.

The V264 File to AVI File Tool on Tenvis website is supposed to allow the conversion of such videos, but output is limited to 352x288, so it's not an option at the moment.

Capture tools like Fraps or Ultra VNC Screen Recorder could be used but the result won't be exactly the same as the original.

IP Robot 3 is build around a GM8126 SoC which natively supports MPEG4 encoding so I hope that Tenvis will be able to implement such video format.

The demo file:
IPR3_DemoVideo.zip (6.81MB) contains 6 files:

High resolution video with PTZ action
See the Main Stream section of the picture below for details

Medium resolution video with PTZ action
See the Secondary Stream section of the picture below for details

Low resolution video with PTZ action
See the Third Stream section of the picture below for details

High resolution video with transition from Night Mode (IR ON) to Day mode (IR OFF)

This Windows program is needed to view the videos.

The last file, Settings.jpg, is the picture below. Please note: these are not the default values, e.g. frame rate for Main Stream has been changed from 30 to 24fps.


  1. When I click the v264player.exe file I get the error that I'm missing the file "hi_h264dec_w.dll". Do you know what else I need installed for it to work?

  2. @Djon

    That file should have been installed with the player. On my x64 system it is located in \windows\SysWOW64\

    In case the files are corrupted somehow, try downloading the player here

    Make sure you install with admin rights.

  3. Got it working now. Thanks. Anyway, which of the new HD cameras do you recommend as the best all round?

    1. How did you get it to work? I get the same error - doesn't matter which download site, I choose ;-(

  4. There are too many disappointing aspects to the current stage of the IPRobot3, so for the moment I find the Cybernova/Dericam reviewed earlier less frustrating (although far from perfect too). It will be interesting to see how it evolves on both sides, IpRobot3 has the biggest to-do list but they seem willing to make a name.
    A third option would be the HD cams from Foscam but I couldn't test one yet (well remotely only so far), they look good though.

  5. I was considering Foscam too. Then I found this list of bugs:


    1. yeah, and with the recent uproar about these cams so easily hacked into


      I also kinda have doubts

  6. Please I can't to play the .v264 file extension from Momentum IP Camera

  7. I can't play it either.. it says i'm missing the file and i can't find it

  8. Hi guys,
    Still cannot install the player, tried everything mentioned above.
    Please helllpppp!

  9. use any video coverter AVC to convert them into mp4 :)


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