2013 - Gadget Victims


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New Firmware for Visture V97HD (20131120)

12/12/2013 10:23:00 AM 0
After nearly 6 months without noticeable activity around the RK3188 devices from most tablet manufacturers, any new release is good to take...

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RK3188 Tablet: Visture V97HD review

8/30/2013 11:30:00 AM 2
The Visture V97HD is the quad-core successor of the V5HD and shares the specs with most RK3188-based tablets on the market like the Cube U9GT5, Chuwi V99, Yuandao N90FHD, and Hyundai Play X900.
With so many similar tablets on the market, the difference is in the details...

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RK3188 Tablet: Pipo Max M6 review

8/05/2013 12:31:00 PM 9

I have a preference for the 9.7" tablets, but almost changed my mind earlier for the 10.1" because Pipo only had the M9 available.

But all is well now as the Pipo Max-M6 is here, and with interesting twists that made it worth waiting for...

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Setting your Android device to your Language

8/04/2013 10:38:00 AM 0

If your brand new Android device was not set in your own language, finding the right settings can sometimes be challenging without visual clues.

This very short illustrated guide can be used for Android smartphones version 4.x onward.

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THL W100: The noLED workaround

8/01/2013 03:38:00 PM 1
The THL W100 phone does not have any notification LED for missed phone calls and text messages.

A simple software solution exists if your phone is rooted.

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Firmware v6.0 for "MayGion" H.264

7/29/2013 09:32:00 AM 11
The latest firmware from Maygion brings various improvements and a special attention to non-IE users.

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Logitech Harmony Smart Control

7/25/2013 10:23:00 AM 2
I've been using the Harmony remotes since their very start with the SST-745 from Intrigues Technologies, and several Logitech remotes later, decided to try the Harmony Smart Control, convinced that I would return it to the
shop early, but it seems I'll keep it after all...

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Connecting IP Camera Viewer to Synology Surveillance Station

7/12/2013 03:34:00 PM 2
HitMob's IP Camera Viewer for Android and iOS can be configured to access the IP Cameras through Synology Surveillance Station, with the distinctive advantage that such connection can be encrypted.

The process is not over-complicated but deserves to be properly documented.

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Hacking the Dericam H502W

7/01/2013 12:01:00 PM 47
The Maygion H264 IP Camera is a very open device with great customization potential.
This article contains some examples of hacks that enable telnet, load an alternate ftp daemon, extract
information, etc...
If keeping the camera under guarantee is no longer a concern for you, please read on... (-:

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RK3188 Tablet: Cube U9GT5 Review

7/01/2013 12:00:00 PM 7
I had to use patience to avoid repeating my previous Onda VI40 misadventure with a new tablet.
Now, time has come to try one of the first, long awaited RK3188-based and 9.7" tablet on the market.

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Firmware v5.60 for "MayGion" H.264

6/27/2013 03:59:00 PM 0
This latest firmware from Maygion is mostly a security update in reaction to vulnerabilities documented by
coresecurity.com last month.

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THL W100 Quadcore Android phone

6/21/2013 02:15:00 PM 31
One of my favourite games is to find the best price/performance values.
This is particularly challenging when it comes to Smart Phones. The new THL W100 (aka Changjiang W100) quad-core Android phone has many strong points to stand out as a safe choice amongst the huge crowd of Chinese phones.

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MayGion H264 IPC: A look at the new release

5/29/2013 11:33:00 PM 15

Since the first release of the Maygion H.264 IP Camera in 2012, there's been a lot of progress made both on the software and the hardware side.

While the price didn't change, the value has increased...

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"Invalid License File" message after a firmware update

5/21/2013 03:09:00 PM 5
Several users of the Dericam H502W (Cybernova WIP604MW, and equivalent...) have reported the appearance of an "Invalid License File" warning in their System Information page after a firmware update.
While the exact cause is still undetermined, some precaution should be taken before applying a new firmware.
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Wifi SD Cards: Transcend vs ezShare

5/08/2013 05:32:00 PM 15
Wi-Fi SD cards are becoming more democratic with some decent Class 10 around 45€. I've tested 2 of the most affordable ones on the market.

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Firmware v5.53 for "MayGion" H.264 (Dericam, Cybernova, ...)

4/22/2013 02:35:00 PM 13
For once, this update was not published by Cybernova but directly posted on MayGion web site.
It brings further improvements to the ONVIF compatibility with special attention to Synology DSM 4.2.

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ES File Explorer 3.0

4/19/2013 01:10:00 PM 0
If you updated your apps lately, you may have noticed that ES File Explorer icon changed. Version 3.0 is out and the most remarkable changes are not always the most visible...

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Adding DIY drivers for Maygion H.264 to Synology Surveillance Station

4/15/2013 11:27:00 PM 0
The current ONVIF implementation in Dericam H502W/Cybernova WIP604MW IP Cameras does not allow High Resolution and Pan & Tilt control in Synology Surveillance Station.

This method initialy published on the Polish web site, webcam4.eu, will  bring some improvement on that regard.
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Firmware x.7.19 for JPT3815W 2013

4/15/2013 11:45:00 AM 0
Tenvis has released another firmware update for their 2013 editions of JPT3815W and JPT3815W+.

This one brings more fixes plus the VLC support.
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New firmware for JPT3815W 2013 Edition

3/20/2013 02:27:00 PM 0
Tenvis has just released the update 1.7.17 for its new JPT3815W 2013 Edition and the JPT3815W+

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Onvif Firmware for Cybernova WIP604MW

3/19/2013 01:18:00 PM 2

This official 05.39 update from CyberNova is a first step to bring the ONVIF compliance to the WIP604MW, well...sort of...

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Another Probox2 firmware update released this week

3/07/2013 09:32:00 AM 0
A second, newer release of Android 4.1 is now available for Probox2. 

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Synology DSM 4.2 is out

3/04/2013 11:05:00 AM 1
After a beta phase slightly longer than usual (2 months), DSM 4.2 is now officially released.

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Probox 2: Smartify your TV

2/28/2013 04:54:00 PM 0
Android sticks are a great way to convert a normal TV into a "Smart" one,  with some of them available from ~40€. However it is worth reading the forums to avoid those many with antenna, power and overheating issues...

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Recovering a Dericam/CyberNova HD IP Camera

2/25/2013 04:06:00 PM 29
This article applies to Dericam H502W, Cybernova WIP604MW and compatible models.
Although they're hard to brick, some operations may sometimes produce similar symptoms.
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Tenvis JPT3815W: 2013 edition

2/06/2013 04:30:00 PM 14

According to Tenvis, the JPT3815W was their best seller in 2012 despite of the emergence of IR-cut and HD models.
So they decided to give the 2013 edition a little refresh.

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1/23/2013 11:38:00 AM 47

This update is not from CyberNova, neither from Dericam (who didn't publish any firmware for the H502W yet), but has been successfully tested on my WIP604MW.
It brings a few interesting changes actually...

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Improved support for IPRobot3 in the latest Surveillance Station

1/18/2013 10:48:00 PM 3
The latest release 6.0-2383 of Synology Surveillance Station brought some further support for the ONVIF-based IP Cameras.

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Quick fix for light sensor problem

1/10/2013 10:04:00 AM 12
A common problem seen in Dericam H502W and Cybernova WIP604MW is the LED turning on and off continuously at times. In my initial review, I suggested that isolating the light sensor with a tube of black tape would help. There's now also an updated version of the LED ring that does just that.

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Synology DSM 4.2 Beta

1/08/2013 12:13:00 PM 0
I've set  high expectations on DSM 4.2 to boost my now old DS109 with more features and improved performance. The beta is out!
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