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This update is not from CyberNova, neither from Dericam (who didn't publish any firmware for the H502W yet), but has been successfully tested on my WIP604MW.
It brings a few interesting changes actually...

The 05.28 release is the first update for 2013. There's still no option for preset positions but some nice improvements still:

An OSD settings section has also been added with option to "Show Time". I'm not convinced the option itself has any effect, but an OSD always shows in the MJPEG resolutions (with time regardless of the option), an no OSD ever in h.264 resolutions.

- The camera can now work with P2P for those allergic to IP settings. The latest Master IP Camera client (also here) takes advantage of it.

- If you followed the previous episode about the light sensor problem, the switchSeconds parameter is now supported. It  adds a delay for the activation/deactivation of the IR LED. Along with the trick documented earlier, it might conclude the incident for good. 

The file cs.def.ini in side the app folder contains the following section:

That section can be copied inside cs.ini which normally only contains the 2 first lines of that same [board/irled] section. Hopefully, the switchSeconds will effectively forbid the camera from switching its LED before the defined delay. 

Important Notice: 
Before performing any firmware update, read this post to learn about potential problems that can result from this operation as well as how to backup the board.dat file. 

Since the firmware is not available from the usual providers, I've made a share on my Google Drive for it:
Download location: Firmware0528
Usual precautions applies: don't flash through wireless, know what you're doing, don't blame me if..., blah, blah...
Update: see this article if you think that you bricked your camera.

As advertised on, a free IP Master client is available on Apple store (Android equivalent is available from CyberNova but still give some FC's).

But the best is yet to come: ONVIF compliance is planned for a future release!

Big thanks to Microsat for providing me with the files and all the information!


  1. At last
    The huge annoying OSD, turned off!!!
    The only issue is when I reboot the camera it appears again, but its not a big deal.

    The "switchSeconds" command must be in both files (cs.def.ini and cs.ini)?

    I copied also to the cs.ini, save it, but when I opened again it says "switchseconds" not "switchSeconds" with capital S.
    Is this a problem?

    Great firmware.
    Thanks Bubbah and Microsat

  2. If you have update the software
    then the IR Delay is already there!
    if you cover the sensor you should hear it switching after the delay.
    INI is not case sensitive, so not a problem.
    The OSD Mix requires extra hardware and cost to incorporate. It was a feature that was requested by many customers. We dont think it is that annoying ;-)
    The config settings should be saved, will check with soft engineer.


  3. I said annoying because it is written with big and bold fonts. If it was discreet (small fonts), it will be ok. I preferred off than too big ;)

    I am waiting the new ir board to test the switching delay.
    Mine ir board has problem. Only 2 ir leds working and the photocell is not working at all

  4. I have 3 cameras WIP604MW , 1 old and 2 news. Camera old not have osd. New cameras have osd , and now ,with this new firmware, osd can activate or deactivate, and this works. This osd is hardware and mi old camera not have osd ,that is.

  5. Thanks Bubbah for fhis good firmware!

  6. Does anyone ever tried to pull the h.264 stream over rtsp?

    So far I can only use VLC but nothing else by visiting to link: RTSP://admin:admin@IP:port/0

    The maygion V3 profile in IP Cam Viewer only pull the stream in mjpeg and not H.264.

    I am looking for a real h.264 stream solution.

  7. @Jackson Chan
    Your link works for me, as well as:
    ...but I noticed the resolution streamed corresponds to the resolution set under the IE interface. So if you set it to 1280x720, vlc will show the same in Tools>Codec Information.

  8. @Bubbah

    Many thanks for trying. Yes I know VLC works.

    I am trying to see if anyone can get rtsp streaming (NOT MJPEG) to work with any other software, on any platform.. windows.. android... IOS...

  9. Sorry I misread your comment. You could try with the "Generic URL" make in IP cam viewer. There you can use one of the Generic RTSP... "models".
    I can't test that right now but will later on.

  10. Bricked my brand new Dericam H502W with this firmware, watch out people. Was running 05.09 from factory.

    Currently I can only access the camera via recovery FTP as per MayGion site:

    Have tried various firmware cs files but no luck so far.

    If anyone has a copy of Dericam 05.09 firmware as the raw cs file, not the app.bin please let me know. Is there a way to extract the cs file from app.bin?

    I am considering buying a second camera just so that I can ftp in and get a copy of the firmware.

    Expensive mistake, live and learn.

  11. see this previous post, someone shared an older fw that helped in similar situation, look for the comment from "vasycara"

  12. Bubbah & vasycara THANK YOU!

    At first I had some trouble, the camera showed up in IPCamTool with a fixed IP and it was named "VASY cam CYBERNOVA". The admin/admin logon didn't work and I thought I was stuck again.

    Problem was that I uploaded vasycara's cs.ini file which has various config setting coded in. I needed to delete this and do a reset so that the camera would make a fresh cs.ini with defaults.

    Anyway, short story long, the Dericam is working again!

    Once again I warn anyone else with a recently purchased Dericam H502W (the sticker on mine is marked 12 and 11 for 2012, November I'm assuming) DO NOT LOAD Cybernova 05.28 firmware! Or at least be very careful, I did mine over ethernet and followed usual methods with not good results.

  13. This is default file from mi camera cybernova, for firmware in FTP.

    If help ...

    1. Hi - please please please can you re-upload the firmware? I can only see the FTP and my camera is bricked...

    2. Thanks vasycara and Bubbah, the files really help me to make my bricked ip-cam alive again.

  14. Bubbah, Perhaps we need to make it a bit clearer that this 05.28 is not 'Cybernova' Firmware? I know that it probably can be used one the various models, but as always the risk is there.


  15. Hi Pete,
    I've just changed the title a bit.
    Apparently my device from is an older hardware version as I don't have any OSD.
    I'll probably end up buying one from you to compare their components.

  16. @Bubbah

    The "Generic RTSP" in IP Cam Viewer doesnt work... Do you have any joy?

  17. @Jackson Chan
    I've tried about all the url I could think of yesterday with each rtsp model, no luck at all!
    I ended thinking it would only work with MJPEG stream but the hit-mob forum contains topics where people could use it to get h.264 stream from an Axis camera, for instance.
    When I can give it more time, I'll trace it with tshark to see what's going on.

  18. Can you still use manual record camera since this firmware? I noticed that it won't listen when i click start record. It worked before...maybe its something else? The local folder is ok.

  19. @David B
    I noticed the "Start Talk" stopped working earlier but wasn't sure if it was related to my recent upgrade to win8.
    Actually it looks like there's no sound in/out at all.
    I tried with h.264 and mjpeg with same results.

  20. In any firmware this cameras not works good with windows8/32 or 64.In windows 8 not work brichtness, contrast,hue,saturation.
    In ,windows 7 it works good wiht any firmware.

  21. Hi vasycara,
    indeed I've seen that as well lately since I'm on Win8.
    For the sound, I've further tried to get the audio stream (Ip Cam viever, Chrome, vlc, and the latest "Master" IPCamera Client...all silent, in this case no matter the OS is try from.

  22. Hi Bubbah,

    I have sound in windows7, windows8 ,and in VLC, latest "Master" IPCamera Client, in Ip Cam viever.I have audio stream anywhere.
    I have 3 cameras of them, and I have sound at all.

  23. @ Bubbah,
    check if your have sound dryver in windows8.

  24. I have noticed the IR relay on my Dericam makes quite a loud click. Not so good as it's currentlybeing used to monitorour sleeping baby.

    Has anyone done anything to quiet theirs? Apparently there is such a thing as a solid state relay which makes no sound, but I'm not sure if they are exchangeable in a device like this. I don't know very much about electronics.

  25. @craym0nk
    The only way I see to make it completely silent is to set the IR mode manually to either ON or OFF, instead of Auto.

  26. @vasycara
    Sound in/out is back, I just had to reboot the camera.
    At the moment I also can adjust Brightness/contrast/... in Win8 x64 with IE 10, but know I've seen these settings frozen earlier...will keep an eye on this.

  27. Actually, it turns out that video settings only work well in W8/IE10 actually when enabling the compatibility view, that the logo at the right of the url bar looking like a broken page.

  28. Hello,
    I managed to watch a 720p stream using VLC with this URL in my Eyesight ES-IP902W from with 05.20 firmware:


  29. yes I know VLC works. But why this doesnt work on any other software? e.g. anyone got rtsp to work on mobile device at all?

  30. Also, is there any way to verify that these camera do indeed has the so called megapixel cmos sensor?

    I suspect that these camera actually only have the old 300K sensor but up-scaled to 720P.

    Please post your comment.

  31. After reading all those post I'm really surprise about what is hidden inside such device. I'm in Italy and can you suggest an on line store where purchase dericam h502w or equivalent or dericam m801w or equivalent..any suggestions?

    1. Check the last line of my post above "Thanks to...", click on "Microsat", it will bring you to that shop. He's also on ebay.

  32. Is this firmware said us that dericam and cybernova is different cameras? And what is better? Cybernova I think, because new firmware available.

    1. so far I think they're same and interchangeable. There seems to exist a old and new hardware version which includes or not the hardware OSD capability, mine is an older one without this, but this won't affect the compatibility of the firmware, just OSD function might or might no work.

    2. craym0nk had written "Bricked my brand new Dericam H502W with this firmware, watch out people."

    3. Strangely I had not problem flashing my Cybernova with different firmware from Dericam and Cybernova including this one.
      I'll produce soon a set of recovery files to minimize the risks. That camera is very easy to repair if you first downloaded its content via FTP.

  33. Newest firmware from cybernova with Onvif support

    If I install the firmware, I will loose the "OSD settings" and the "the switchSeconds feauture"?
    Can I add them later, editing the www and bin files via ftp?

    Or is better to wait for Microsat to give us another firmware including these changes and Onvif support? ;)

    1. Hi, I've just published this post for the 05.39.
      I think you'll have to re-enter those settings in cs.def.ini via ftp. Mine was reset, but I can't say from what point and I have done several tests recently. No big deal anyway. Onvif does not work for me. Please let me know if you're more lucky!

  34. I have updated succesfully my Eyesight ES-IP902W from with those firms. Now I have running. Thankyou guys

  35. @30: Using that URL worked for me too to watch 720p video in VLC, albeit with frequent dropouts and corruption. Remember to always specify the port in the rtsp:// URL, even if it's port 80!

    Interestingly, comparing this to the 640x480 stream reveals the camera does in fact appear to have a 720p sensor in it, but the 640x480 view is *cropped* rather than resized. So when you switch to 720p mode the quality remains the same, you just get a wider field of view.

  36. Has anyone tried the "p2pmaster" app from Maygion? This works for my camera and I believe it uses the same software stack, though I didn't purchase a Cybernova branded camera.


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