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Improved support for IPRobot3 in the latest Surveillance Station

The latest release 6.0-2383 of Synology Surveillance Station brought some further support for the ONVIF-based IP Cameras.

As a result, now both the PTZ and Audio work for the Tenvis IPRobot3.


  1. I'm unable to add my IPRobot3 (ver 2014, latest firmware) camera to the Surveillance Station on my Synology NAS 413J. It doesn't work with [ONVIF] or [User Define] options. Having looked through forums, I saw a section that advised that ONVIF has to be set to "Do not require password" in the camera setup, but that option is not available in the camera interface (perhaps 2014 version has that option disabled). Do you guys have any ideas on how to setup my camera within the Surveillance Station? Thanks for the help!

  2. Unfortunately the model I reviewed is quite old (2012) so I can't compare with the current one. But I have this option in the old software so it's strange that they didn't keep it.
    Try to see if you get any success with the Onvif device manager, it sometimes allow access to options that the UI does provide:

  3. Hi Bubbah,

    Thanks much for the direction! Using ONVIF DM, I was able to see the URI and the port being used by the device as 8080, which wasn't mentioned anywhere in the device' web UI. All I saw were port 80 and 554. Using 8080, I'm able to connect my camera to the Surveillance Station seamlessly!

    Thanks again!


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