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Onvif Firmware for Cybernova WIP604MW

This official 05.39 update from CyberNova is a first step to bring the ONVIF compliance to the WIP604MW, well...sort of...

Before you jump on it, let me moderate your enthusiasm by saying that I could not get the camera to work with Synology Surveillance Station nor Hit-Mob's IP Camera Viewer.

I have one of the oldest hardware version of this camera, so maybe this is why my tests failed...

Strangely though, the Onvif device manager does find the camera all right and gets the picture back from it.

Inline images 3

Important Notice: 
Before performing any firmware update, read this post to learn about potential problems that can result from this operation as well as how to backup the board.dat file. 

Download locations:
Cybernova: Firmware0539 , mirror

Dericam: Firmware03 (also v.05.39 but Dericam-branded)
Official changelog from Dericam:

1.Brand new outlook of Dericam webpage.
2.Fix the OSD bug,you can control the time display now.
3.Add the Onvif function,you can connect the H502W to NVR for record.(Such as Synology NVR).

Note: according to various tests, the Dericam release contains a bug whereas a logout will not effectively close the connection, still allowing direct access to camera via manually built urls like /sysinfo.xml
(more info: see French hardware.fr forum)


  1. KNR NVR recognize ONVIF GENERIC with 640x480 H264 but can't get stream finally ;-(

    Onvif device manager recognize ONVIF 2.1 with PT function without any problems.

  2. New firmware

    Software Version
    GUI 2013.04.17
    Fixed NTP synchronization
    Allow P2P with 1280×720 resolution


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