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Firmware v6.0 for "MayGion" H.264

The latest firmware from Maygion brings various improvements and a special attention to non-IE users.

 The changelog for the v.6.0 update from Maygion is as follow:

  • Full support Chrome/Firefox on Windows,have full functions as in IE browser
  • Improved ocx.please update both app.bin&www.bin,then download ocx and reinstall
  • Add VOD for sd record files.
  • Add support for ddns
  • Add DST(daylight save time) option for NTP
  • Adjust video bitrate according to fps,lower fps will get small bitstream(with lower video quality)
  • Show RAM and flash space in system info page
  • Improved http server
  • Small improvement for IPCamTool.exe

  •  The main change is the integration of all the controls normally reserved to Internet Explorer into Chrome and  Firefox via the Windows Media PLayer Extension for HTML5.

    The OCX has also been updated and needs to be re-installed.


    1. Hi really enjoying this blog, does the H502W alert on sounds it picks up over the mic? On a seperatate note I think my motion settings are too sensitive, I get lots of email alerts during the night and there is no movement. Maybe a lighting change? Have you heard of this before?

      1. Hi Chris,
        I agree that sound detection, like in the Tenvis IPRobot3 would be a great addition to the H502W. The developer is open to suggestions and you should contact him for that:
        False alarms would typically occur during the lighting change at dusk and dawn and the only way currently to reduce these would be to define detection zones.

      2. I just see that v6.1 has been release with improvement to Motion Detection, you should check it out on

      3. Hmm, I think I've just bricked my H502W cam upgrading to v6.1. My cam is wired to the router and I upgraded through the web interface. Any chance I can get it back working? I've used FING and can't detect the cam on the network anymore, holding down the reset button on the back of the cam doesn't seem to do anything either. Any ideas?

      4. Back up and running again. It changed the ip of the cam to (had to change router settings to use new range in order to detect). I then created app and www folders and ftp'd them to the cam. All seems ok now.

      5. Good to hear. I'm away with infrequent access to the web but I was about to suggest an article on this blog focusing in different ways to recover the device. It's quite hard to brick anyway.

    2. Yes, new features for motion detection added
      will ignore certain 'events' for 10 secs.
      Tweeked for IE10

    3. Hi,
      I recently purchased this IP Cam from amazon:
      "DSN-D9 Wireless WiFi IP Camera"

      The web app is like Maygion firmware, it's true?
      Software Version:
      Web Version: ipcam(2012.11.26)

      May update the firmware with v. 6.1 Maygion, or my ip cam is another product?

      1. DSN-D9 is mentioned in several sites as a Maygion,so,as long as you don't update via Wi-Fi it should be fine.

    4. Hi all, is there a outdoor camera that uses this Maygion firmware ?

      1. I think the Dericam H216W or Cybernova CN-IPE03W are based on the same software, but it would be best to ask Maygion directly.


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