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THL W100: The noLED workaround

The THL W100 phone does not have any notification LED for missed phone calls and text messages.

A simple software solution exists if your phone is rooted.

This solution for smartphones without notification LED was  released some time ago on and consist in a small app that hacks either the power LED or the back-light of the soft buttons to give a visual indication of missed calls.

It works perfectly on the THL W100.

After the installation of the noLED.apk app, the setup will try to locate the files to tweak.

Off the 3 locations detected, two are actually usable:

The first one, will hack the power LED for notifications...

... and the third option will use the back-light of the soft buttons.

Once tested from the app, the ButtonLED feature can be enabled from the Accessibility section of the system menu.

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  1. The ButtonLED is no longer developed.
    I'm using MTKButtonLed, but your MTK Device must be rooted.
    download link - (Page in Spanish)


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