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Ulefone Be Touch 2: October OTA Disaster

The latest update  20151012 for Ulefone Be Touch 2 seems to bring more problem than it resolves.
It is intended to add only a few gimmicks and no real improvement, but in fact, the changelog is much bigger than expected...

The official 20151012 update changelog for Ulefone Be Touch 2 is as follow:
1. Improve battery life by optimizing battery consumption and indication.
2. Lift max volume in earpiece.
3. Add U-launcher which can be applied under “Home” settings.
4. Add U-browser.
5. Delete Ulefone website and facebook page from app drawer.

Small Update...Big Disaster!

However, once the 39.11MB file is installed, more changes are observed:
1. Wi-Fi turns off with screen regardless of the "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" option.
2. Continuous ring on incoming calls, requires battery removal,
3. Difficulty to answer incoming calls
4. Mixed reports on finger scanner improvement
5. Apps launch automatically after their installation
6. Antivirus scan may reveal a banker trojan in U-browser.

What was really expected and did not change:
1. Still no real Android 5.1, in reality it is 5.0.0_r2! (build ID is LRX21M)
2. Proximity sensor still stops working randomly
3. Proximity sensor calibration problem (temporary workaround here)
4. No significant improvement to the battery life.
5. Slow-motion video playback still not working.
6. Hall sensor still not operational.
7. Stagefright vulnerability

After taking the "smart" out of smartphone, this update, to some extend, the device doesn't even qualify as a phone either (as it does not behave normally on voice calls)

Obviously this update was rushed (although it took almost 5 months to get there!!) to reassure the increasingly angry  "Be Touch 2" customers who rightly feel they've been forgotten already with the Paris being all the rage for Ulefone!

My humble advice...skip this update! Wait for a real one (if ever)!

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  1. HI, bad luck for you.. i installed October OTA and there is only two issues remaining, a little lag on keyboard for fast typing and the auto run applications when upgrade. Never had problems in calls or wifi.


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