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Ulefone: Be Touch 2 a failure? Be Touch 3 is there!

Unfortunate owners of Be Touch 2 rejoice! Be Touch 3 is about to hit the market (translate: you're history)!

Owners of a Be Touch (#1) and Be Touch 2 who are still hanging on Ulefone promises to fix everything soon will be happy to discover yet another release: 
The Be Touch 3! (Tadaaaaa!)
uForget, but customers won't!

It seems that a new Be Touch model is released every quarter as a response to the users complains about their phone. Of course, the phone seems to work flawlessly as a hammer or as a nut cracker. Using it as a phone is another story.

Ulefone failed so far to update the Be Touch 2 to Android 5.1, and despite being still advertised as such, it comes only with a 5.0 (Build ID LRX21Mmasqueraded as 5.1! 

After announcing MIUI and Cyanogenmod ROMs for soon (back in July 2015) , they eventually produced a minor update as a way to calm the users. Unfortunately that turned into a major disaster for those who jumped on it. Not only failing to fix bugs with the proximity sensor and implementing the Hall sensor functionality, that OTA release reportedly broke further basic phone functions.

To some extend Ulefone blames Mediatek for not providing the proper drivers on time for release, but why have other MT6752 devices like iOcean Rock been updated fine 6 months ago?

Yet, Ulefone advertises Be Touch 3 with Android 5.1 (let's hope it's true this time), now with a slightly cheaper MT6753. 
If this new release is only about a different chipset, it sounds like some major road blocks with the MT6752 forced Ulefone to drop the curtain on it for good. 

...to be continued


  1. The on-going saga. We can sense that you getting a bit cynical about it ...


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