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Adding RTSP stream in Synology Surveillance Station got easier!

A major improvement in Synology Surveillance Station came in almost unnoticed (at least from me) since the release 7.1-4056.

For years, users have begged Synology to implement a way to add RTSP URL's.

The reason: most P2P entry-level IP Cameras don't come with an HTTP server anymore.

Synology has finally granted our wish!

Back in August 2015, I was reviewing the XiaoYi (aka Small Ant) IP cam from Xiaomi, one of those tiny and cheap cloud based IP cameras that does not have an embedded web server.

I got some success in getting its rtsp stream into Surveillance Station 7 by manually editing the configuration files but this method was of limited interest. Since then I concluded that an IP camera without HTTP server would not be good enough for Surveillance Station, ...

It turns out that 2 months later, Synology eventually responded to its begging customers by adding H.264 & MPEG4 video formats for user-defined cameras with no more advertising than a discrete  item #9 in the 7.1-4056 release note.

So, now you can add any 20 bucks IP camera to your Surveillance Station, as long as you know the right RTSP URL, which can often be found by checking web sites database like, or by scanning them with utilities like Onvif Device Manager.

For example, the Sricam SP series use this URL: rtsp://ipaddr:554/onvif1
and /onvif1 will be used for the Source path with H.264 as the Video format:

The EyeSight IP810W uses the same main stream URL.

The Xiaomi Yi main stream URL is: rtsp://ipaddr:554/ch0_0.h264 
The suffix /ch0_0.h264 will have to be entered as the Source path.

There are some limitations though:
- HD stream via rtsp is not always available (Sricam does, EyeSight does not, ...) 
- SS 7.2 currently does not intercept the audio even while VLC will get it using the same URL.


  1. Thanks for the post. This information helped me to get sound from my ONVIF Chinese bought cameras to Synology DS216j Surveillance 8.0. I use the "Onvif Device Manager" to find the right information.. rtsp:// .. So ip:, port 555, Brand: user defined, Path: /mpeg4...

  2. Thanks for this blog. I got "Test connection" to work with this but it wouldn't let me click Next as I get a message "Failed to load camera capabilities"- this was with an SV3C 5MP camera. Some manual config still needed I'm guessing.

    1. Synology tend to be picky, even with some perfectly compliant Onvif cameras. If your SV3C works fine under ODM (, then you know it's Synology's fault.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Newer SRICAM cameras, try
    Brand : User define,
    Video format : H.264+,
    Sourcepath : /onvif1
    Works on Surveillance station 8.1.4-5498
    SRICAM SP013( device version , System version 24 )

  5. This didn't work for me, but with a bit snooping around and Onvifer (for Android), I quickly found out what settings I needed to get my Digoo W02F working.

    DIGOO W02F (cheap ass camera from BangGood)
    Brand: User define
    Videoformat: H.264
    Sourcepath: onvif/snapshot


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