October 2016 - Gadget Victims


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Stop smart cover from turning off the screen when folded on the back of the device

10/26/2016 10:50:00 AM 1
The "smart sleep" function is a convenient battery-saving feature that turns off the display when the cover is closed, but with the cheap cases, that the magnet is too strong and also turns off the screen when the cover is folded behind the device.
This can be easily solved at very low cost.
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Do your IP cameras put your privacy at risk?

10/15/2016 06:00:00 PM 9

IP Cameras are getting increasingly smart, easy to use and affordable.

They are convenient security add-ons but they also have potential to be exactly the opposite!

Are you the only one watching your cameras?
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"UFO Detector Hidden IP Camera": Flawed by design?

10/12/2016 03:05:00 PM 1
This is not a smoke detector, but it is hardly a usable IP camera either!

What were they thinking?

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Download Station extension for Chrome

10/07/2016 03:50:00 PM 2
If you ever wished that you could add download tasks to your Download Station directly from any page in Chrome, (iow without having to go to the DSM interface), this is now possible with this neat extension.

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