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Download Station extension for Chrome

If you ever wished that you could add download tasks to your Download Station directly from any page in Chrome, (iow without having to go to the DSM interface), this is now possible with this neat extension.

The Download Station extension for Chrome offers a really simple way to assign any download task to a Synology NAS straight from any web page. This is much faster than having to login to DSM.

The active download can be monitored directly from the drop down menu of the icon.

The setup requires a user login with rights to use Download Station and File Manager in order to browse and select the destination on the NAS. It is always good practice to create a specific user with no more than the required permissions for this kind of utility.
HTTPS is of course supported.
The configuration is computer-specific, so you can set your computers within the LAN to use HTTP, and those used outside your network to use HTTPS.

The version I tested is 2.2.12, and works great with DSM 6.0.2-8451u1
For DSM 4.1 and below, the older plugin 2.1 is required.

Room for improvement and current limitations;
- There should be a way to set predefined destinations to use from the drop down menu (I'm quite sure it will be added in the future)
- Quick connect ID is not supported, but the developer is working on it.
- Two-factor authentication is not supported
- Only one Synology server can be defined
Read the FAQ for details.

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