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Escam Wall-E QF601: Cute but terrible!

Buying this one was a typical case of buy-first-and-think-later reaction, but I got curious about this new compact design (foldable, 77x77x50mm) and also wanted to try an Escam product for once.
A tiny compact ONVIF 2.4.2 compliant camera would be convenient in some situations.

However my hopes were gone seconds away from unpacking the QF601...

Ok, the setup itself is simple and features a cool "audio link" method to send the router's details to the camera, but, again, this camera shows the same irritating limitation seen by many Sricam users: the HD resolution can only be obtained from the Yoosee app, and while the claimed ONVIF 2.4.2 compatibility implicitly suggests that the same video quality can be achieved through RTSP channel, it actually only streams in low resolution (640x360).

Ports 554  and 5000 only, no HTTP, which typically limits the compatibility with 3rd party applications.
Another annoyance: the camera must be registered to their P2P service before use.

Picture quality: bad, even in HD!
I had to open it to verify... believe it or not, this camera is based on the popular Hi3518 chipset and cannot even render a proper HD picture!
The excessive compression affects the picture quality with staircase noise and color quantization (it's a bit like watching a GIF picture). This very bad factory tuning cannot be adjusted in Yoosee.
The strong barrel effect and an obvious lack of sharpness (probably just needs manual focus adjustment) obviously come from the lens.

What a waste of good components!

Conclusion (What? already!)
The Escam QF601 (Also sold as Lekemi/Z-Ben IPBM22) is a typical Cloud IP camera dedicated to the smart phone users, but
the HD resolution in Yoosee is wasted by the factory settings, so it's not even recommendable to them!.

I've recently reviewed a much better camera that is also cheaper.

Good for:

- App wants you to register before using it.
- Power cable in the way of the articulated stand.  Would need and angled one.
- HD only in Yoosee, 640x360 if used with anything else.
- HD video compression results in a mediocre picture quality.

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