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Veskys (and Digoo BB-M2) IP Cameras: ONVIF, PTZ, HD, IrCut, Night vision and... Web interface!

The Veskys "P2P WiFi IP Camera 1.0MP 720P" and Digoo BB-M2 are new PTZ IP cameras that recently appeared in the shops.
I decided to order both of them to see if they are really the same.

I initially wanted to review the Digoo because it was the only one giving a detailled description and stating the presence of a HTTP interface.
However the Veskys arrived first while the Digoo BB-M2 was still in pre-sale so that's the one being tested in this article.

The Digoo BB-M2 started on pre-sale at the very attractive price of 15€ (now 19.55€) at Banggood. Its twin brother, branded Veskys is priced 22.63€ at Gearbest.

Appearence and design:

The camera looks small on pictures and this is probably due to its proportions. In fact it is comparable in size to the other PTZ competitors.
The base holds the pan and tilt motor, the antenna, and the Mini-USB power connector. Providing that kind of connector allows various ways to power the camera, as long as it receives 5V/1A.
The head holds all the camera part with microSD slot, PCB, sensor, lens and LED.

Are they really identical?

I had reservations on Veskys because of their brief product description as opposed to Digoo, but it appears that both models have the same Web interface, work with the same mobile app (Netcam360), and share the same components and features. They're basically the same APKLink-based product, only the price differs, with Veskys about 15% more expensive.
Visually, the only difference is that Veskys is equipped with an antenna. 


The ridiculous leaflet is insufficient to make a easy start with this camera and many users will find the lack of details frustrating. A user manual can be downloaded for the Netcam mobile and PC viewers, but with only basic software usage information.

Setting up:

When powered on the first time, the camera greets you with a chinglish prompt "Welcome to use, please connect"
The first thing to do is transmit the local router address to the camera, which is done through Netcam360 (The good news is that you don't need to register for a user account on-line to use this app.). Several ways are available. The "One key to add" and the audio link method seems the most straightforward.

Note: Each time the camera is powered up, it says "Welcome to use, connection successful". Voice prompts can be muted in the settings.

Once configured, the camera can be used directly with Netcam360, or located on the network with a search tool and accessed via the browser or a 3rd party viewer.

Netcam360? any good?

Netcam360 has a very low rate of satisfaction in the user reviews. However, despite having hardly evolved since I first tried it in 2015, I found it complete enough, with access to most features in quite the same way as the native web interface.

PC Client: An old "Device Client", that didn't work for me, and the newer "Netcam/U-Home X" PC viewer can be downloaded from The functions are mostly the same as the mobile app but without the access to the camera setup.

Native Web Interface
Web interface in IP Cameras is unfortunately getting rare nowadays and it's great to have one for several reasons:
- It contribute to the compatibility with 3rd party viewer, including the Onvif compliant ones.
- It (generally) provides control over the P2P configuration.
- It's also a great way to learn more about the camera's CGI functions by inspecting the page sources, and in turn, control some parameters that are not promoted in the user interface.

The drawback is that it represents a security weakness when, like here and for most low cost models, the HTTP access is only protected by a password so easy to sniff off the un-encrypted data stream.

This interface remains quite the same as the older versions I tested in the past, with IE (ActiveX) interface being the most complete, with HD resolution (1280x720) and 2-way audio support, while the applet-less simplified interface (for Chrome, FF, Edge, ...) only providing 640x360 video and no audio.

Finally, the web interface is the only place, for this model, where the firmware can be updated, in the unlikely event that the manufacturer publishes any.

Video and Audio

The video quality is good by day although, again, the picture is tuned for mobile phones and a bit too compressed.  The focus can be adjusted by turning the lens and I had to do this for the Digoo. Once done, the picture is perfectly clear.
I thought initially that the automatic night/day mode didn't work but it is fine but and just can takes a long time to return to day mode (turning off the IR LED). This is particularly true for the Veskys while the Diggo changes mode much faster.
The audio quality is clean but regrettably only available through Netcam360, which leads us to the next topic.

Third-party and ONVIF compatibility

The non-standard attribution of ports for the various services keeps the camera from being detected straight away by the 3rd party viewers and requires a bit a searching.
The RTSP port can be found in the settings, but the Onvif port is not specified.

The camera is made by Netcam Inc. around a Hi3518E from Apk-Link Technology Corp, from which I tried 2 other cameras in the past (SL-C702 and E6830), so I could figure out the correct port from these previous experiences. Inspecting the html source of the web interface also confirmed this information:

Try 17927 if port 81 does not work

Streaming URL's (bmp/640x360) (MJPEG 640x384)

rtsp://user:password@ (H264 1280x720)
rtsp://user:password@ (H264 640x360)
The framerate depends on what has been set in the web interface 

Unfit for use as Onvif camera: 
The camera is unfortunately not a good candidate for use with ONVIF clients: Since the RTSP channel don't stream the audio, nor does ONVIF.
The ONVIF channel also tends to drop after a few minutes.
When that happens, there is no way to reach the camera with any Onvif agent anymore on port 10080 before rebooting it. Strangely enough, everything else remains operational via Netcam360 and RTSP.
If PTZ does not work with your onvif viewer, try selecting the "against pre-bit" parameter in the camera web interface.

Finding more about the camera:
Most app and documentation can be found on the Netcam360 page, but the Chinese page has more information like the IPC_SDK!
This is useful to perform actions that are not permitted through the user interface, like tuning video or re-assigning default ports.

Below are some URL's found by tracing the Netcam PC client:



Network security/privacy (“Perfect paranoia is perfect awareness” -Stephen King)
Why do I hate Peer-to-peer and Cloud-only cameras?
For the casual user, this is cool! (translates "easy to set up").
For control freaks, this is a nightmare! (translates "who else is watching me?")
Chinese IP cameras tend to be chatty, and not only with their owner. These models are no exception and, while their outbound traffic, facilitated by the uPnP protocol, is initially designed to interact with Cloud services, who knows what else they send and where?

Below is a list of outbound connection attempts from one of the cameras.

Fortunately I keep them in a pool of IP's that is only allowed to talk to my NVR, so any other traffic is dropped.

There is no difference between Digoo BB-M2 from and Veskys sold by Gearbest.
They are decent cameras for use with their Netcam360 app if you manage to buy them at their lowest price.
Those, like me, planning to extend or renew their ONVIF camera network should pass due to the lack of audio support and stability issue affecting the Onvif channel.
Next in my list is the Wanscam HW0036 (priced around 20€) which is likely another clone.

● USB powered
● Audio and video quality
● Price

Not so good:
 IR LED's turn ON automatically but never turn off (stay in night mode) Works fine, just can take a while to change mode.
 No Audio through RTSP/Onvif channel
 Unjustified outbound udp traffic
 Unreliable ONVIF service (crashes)*
* update 22/02/2017: I have assigned Veskys and Digoo cameras to behind 2 window locations (where the IR is turned off  and where the absence of audio does not matter) and I must say they didn't crash once in several weeks. It seems that the stability issues are mainly met during the initial fiddling with the settings. They're also both quite far from the routers and there's been no issue with the Wi-Fi range (even for the Digoo that doesn't have an external antenna)


  1. Thanks for the review. Nice indeed to find a camera with a web interface, these are getting really rare now ! No option for a 1280x720 still picture with a direct url ? Does it send 3 (or more) pictures in an email alert like the good old Foscams ? Thanks !

    1. Hi, pretty sure there's no HD still picture but I still have to check the sdk. I will test the email alert when I'm back from travel, but I think it's just 1 picture per alert. Cheers!

    2. I confirm: 1 picture per email. Web UI has an option for the number of pictures to upload but that's only for FTP. Cheers.

  2. Thanks for checking, that's too bad. Got to hand it to Foscam for having really good options/software.
    It seems you have the new Xiaomi, I have a couple on order myself, how do you like it?

    1. IV had to put my review on hold for this one as I could not make it detected by Xiaomi Home, but I suspect that they still had to update the app to support this new model. It seems to be of good quality though and I hope to get it to work when I return.

  3. Such a low cost!
    Just for info -
    "The non-standard attribution of ports for the various services keeps the camera from being detected straight away by the 3rd party viewers and requires a bit a searching.
    The RTSP port can be found in the settings, but the Onvif port is not specified."
    The 'ONVIF port' can be found in the URI at the bottom of ONVIF Device Manager. You will no doubt know that - but worth mentioning for others.
    As you say - it is rare that it is documented in product literature, and varies quite a lot.
    Best Wishes for 2017!

    1. Actually, ODM did not detect the camera until I specified this unusual port manually in the URI.
      All the best for 2017 Alastair!

  4. Nice review! I have the Digoo BB-M2. It turns out it can not connect to a wifi network with a hidden SSID.

  5. Anyone figure out a username and password for telnet?

    1. Mine came with usernames "root" and "default". No password.

  6. Very good review! My has arrived yesterday and I can't make it work from outside my LAN. It also has usless DDNS because there is only china DDNS services that you can't use and dyndns that you must pay! There is no free service like

    Is there any advice what to use so I can get motion detect notifications?

  7. Download the android app on play store "netcam 360" or the OEM onde (and buggy) "Digoo".

  8. I have the Digoo BB-M2 and for it's purpose, it's worked good so far. I've just got this running through Blue Iris for monitoring our egress window. Has anyone figured out how to control the PTZ in Blue Iris? I can get the video feed fine, but haven't been able to control it.

    1. I could not make it work either with my Synology but I saw it working with Onvif Device Manager
      If you can see the same with ODM, that might be something that the Blue Iris devs could fix.

    2. Ok, I got it working by selecting an option under PTZ settings in the web interface called "against pre-bit". Now PTZ works with Synology, HappyTime onvif client (Windows) and Onvifer (Android). That should also work for Blue Iris.

    3. Thanks Bubbah, with the help of someone on Facebook I was able to get PTZ working by using the Sricam. PTZ works great, just not presets, which I'm OK with. Have you seen audio working through any of the ONVIF clients?

    4. Unfortunately the audio is not at all streamed with the rtsp video channel (/tcp/av0_0) and Onvif relies on that. Beside the fact that I found the Onvif channel to drop randomly (while everything else remain operational), the lack of audio is really frustrating. I contacted Digoo and Wanscam (their HW0036 is just a clone) about this and their answers gives very little hope to see this fixed anytime soon.

  9. Would be nice a new firmware, what fix the lack about connect to other onvif recorder (like synology) with ptz and audio support without freezing

  10. Noone figured out telnet user/password yet?

  11. Is it possible to change the RTSP port on the Digoo BB-M2 or are we stuck with the 10554 one? I want to watch the RTSP stream of several BB-M2's at the same time.

    1. Yes, it can be done using the "set_rtsp.cgi" url mentionned above. However it should not be necessary. From the LAN, they all have a different IP and for accessing outside the LAN, you just need to set some port forwarding in the router. I explain the principle in this thread

    2. It should not matter that they've got the same port, they'll be on a different IP after all.

    3. It does when accessing from outside the LAN as there's only 1 public IP exposed (to represent all the internal LAN IP's), so port forwarding allows to open a set of arbitrary ports that each gets redirected inside the LAN to the intended private IP's and their identical RTSP port.

      I forgot to comment however that using RTSP is the most insecure method for sharing IP cameras accesses outside a residential network.

    4. Thanks for the replies guys! I already tried the "set_rtsp.cgi" command Bubbah but it gave an error. I however, completely forgot about each camera having it's own IP in the LAN, because I'm using a DNS forwarder (e.g. to have easy acces to my IP cams outside (and inside) the LAN. My problem is solved when I just use the LAN IP of the camera. I only need to access the RTSP stream of my BB-M2 inside my LAN, because I'm using it as a cheap and wireless webcam.

      Oh btw Bubbah, although the "set_rtsp.cgi" command gave an error on my camera, I just found out that it actually worked! Too bad only that it still says "Rtspport: 10554" in the settings of the web interface. Oh well, can't have everything :)

      Going to order other BB-M2's now, now that I know that what I want is going to work. Thanks again!

  12. You don't have a source for firmware updates by any chance?
    Received my BB-M2 this week.

    1. There are 3 potential sources sharing the same firmware for their camera:
      Digoo themselves ( They reply, even if it was not very pertinent in my case.
      Wanscam ( they didn't have a newer firmware when I contacted them and their answers to my questions were even more senseless than Digoo.
      Veskys: their camera came with the newest version of firmware but I could just not find any way to contact them yet.

    2. Thanks, will give it a few months and see if there's something new out there.

      Wish everybody was as open as the Mobius guys with firmware.

  13. Am I just missing it, or is there no way to set up the night vision on any sort of a schedule? If I leave mine in night vision mode, it will flips out and start flashing the video feed bright and dark at random from the bright light in the room. Right now I have to manually log into the camera and switch the IR open or closed depending on the time of day.

  14. Hi guys,

    anyone any idea how to set up bb-m2 with IPCamViewer app? Model is not listed. However, there are several models found with the SCAN function. Unfortunately, none of them allows PTZ or Audio control (only the picture works). Any help appreciated!

    1. I have this camera set up using the Wanscam HW0025 profile on an iPad and Android phone and the PTZ settings work fine with both apps.

  15. I have the bb-m2 up and going on PC, Android and iOS. Can I set the camera to take a shot say every 3 seconds and have it ftp to my server. I want it available with my weather station.

  16. Whenever I see these ultra-cheap cams I wonder what is the mechanism for pan tilt. I suppose they do not include servos or steppers, do they?

    Great review, by the way!

    1. Hi Alfonso, I didn't check the motors type when I opened the camera but at least I tested the position preset and found it quite accurate, so I only can rule out the cheap e-motors/micro switches combination that the old Dericam H502W was using.

  17. I have a problem my IP can keep asking password and user id error even when I introduce the right password and id it keep saying the samething error

  18. Thanks for the article, without it I couldn't get my camera working.
    One issue; is it possible to turn off the OSD info?

  19. just got a netcam off gearbest for a bargain. Much better than the couple of horrid sricams that I've got. connected straight up to ispy at 720p - which is all I want.

  20. root password for M2 is hslwificam

  21. Here are the disadvantages of Netcam that I hate it (after more than a year of use):

    1. You can not setup a duration of record less than 10 minutes, if you want to record continuously (record 24/7). This will be very difficult for you when you want to browse the video files recorded on the SD-Card by the camera.
    2. You can not upload video files to FTP through camera. You can not even setup the FTP Path. If the thief steals the camera, you will lose the camera, lose SD-Card, also lose clues.
    3. You can not set the length of IR-Cut, so the camera's Day/Night mode is considered as a waste.
    4. You can not set up the camera with a hidden SSID.
    5. More and more.

    P/S: A nice review.

  22. Hi!

    I have a 3 months old Veskys 720p Netcam and now when I plug it in, it just moves a bit and then stops, so it looks like the bootup procedure is interrupted, so there is NO connection to WIFI at the end.

    What to do? How to make hard reset? How to install latest firmware?


    1. It usually is the motor that get stuck and draws exessive current. Try with a bigger power supply or use a power bank as a buffer.

  23. Great INFO here... Thank you and your 2010 premonition (RE: Hacking the Foscam FI8908W) about Bi-Directional Audio (seems to be the big Marketing Trend" for all these IP cams. Personally I have a bunch of ZMODO's surveilling our dungeon. I also have two hidden cams, 1 in the form of a Smoke Detector (1080) and the other a Motion Detector (720). and I use the native WebUi's from my PC and a free "P2PLive Cam" app (from Google Play) that I am sure allows all of China into my WAN.
    Thanks and Keep up the good fight!

  24. I love these 'affordable little cams even if they are... "Chatty".
    Very thorough and detailed info... Well done! Thank you!

  25. Do you know how to contact Vesky's ? for firmware updates. I have the 1080p wcam orange .The time keeps flaking out . Thanks for any assistance

  26. (corrected)
    Hi. I have a DIGOO DG-BM01 (I believe) and since a few months ago I stopped being able to connect to my camera outside my wifi network (mobile access). But it works well on my wifi network.
    I'm using NETCAM. I tried it with YCC365 PLUS but with this app I can't add a new device: it seems to be made for a new firmware capable of responding to this software.
    Any suggestion?


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