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Keep your privacy under control on Windows 10

Many privacy threats come in the form of "services" claiming to make your life easier. There are actually so many potential data collectors on Windows 10 that it would take a dedicated app to control them all.
Well, a solution came up just to do that.

Most of us know that when an application wants to know your location, it's not just to improve the "user experience", when Microsoft logs all your keystrokes, it's not just to improve the predictive writing, and when they collect whole chunks of your data, they don't just stress test your laptop battery life by keeping your HD activity maxed out for several minutes (that how I met the dreaded telemetry services).

There are many privacy guides dedicated to Windows 10 which are worth reading (at least to understand which feature does what), but the lazy geeks (which I entirely assume being part of) may prefer to skip the reading and use a dedicated app that takes care of all that.

W10Privacy is a German initiative to regroup all the privacy-related settings in one easy-to-understand interface. The authors warn that it's still in early development phase and a Restore Point will be created before applying any change.

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