April 2017 - Gadget Victims


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Are Fitness Trackers Accurate?

4/21/2017 07:21:00 PM
Author: Logan Strain
Once upon time, only athletes cared about their heart and metabolic rate during workouts. They had to go to scientists with a laboratory full of special equipment to see how well their body performed during strenuous exercise.But thanks to modern wearables like Fitbits, anyone can get the athlete treatment. Information like heart rate, calorie burn, steps taken, and hours slept per night can be collected through your device and displayed in a smartphone app.
That all sounds nice in theory. But can a device the size of a watch actually replace all the fancy medical equipment that athletes use? And if your fitness tracker isn’t perfectly accurate, how close does it get?
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RTSP hack for Xiaomi Mi Square (XiaoFang)

4/06/2017 04:52:00 PM 28
I reviewed the Xiaomi Mi Square aka XiaoFang recently and I regretted that this excellent IP Camera would only work with its dedicated app.

Well... this has changed thanks to some talented hackers...

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Calibrating a drifting MX3 Air Mouse

4/05/2017 04:07:00 PM 23
The MX3 Air mouse is a inexpensive 3-in-one (~10€) 2.4Ghz remote, keyboard and wireless mouse.

Its weakest point is the documentation and many users ignore that a calibration procedure exists to cure SDPS (Self-Drifting Pointer Syndrome)!

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Solution to disabled Bluetooth Call Audio

4/05/2017 03:31:00 PM 1

If you're on Android 7.0 Nougat and your car hand-free mode stopped working, just check this out...

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"Latitude" is back! (Real-Time Position Sharing on Google Maps )

4/02/2017 02:34:00 PM 1
It seems like an eternity since Google took the strange decision to discontinue Latitude in 2013.

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