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"Latitude" is back! (Real-Time Position Sharing on Google Maps )

It seems like an eternity since Google took the strange decision to discontinue Latitude in 2013.

I've been regretting the lack of a real-time location sharing like Latitude a few times in the past years, and again more recently, with family members going on a trip soon.

On that 1st of April, I remember having said something like "Cool...they added Ms Pac-Man but still no location sharing ...mumble, mumble, mumble...".

Just in cases I googled for any recent change in Maps and discovered that this feature was re-introduced in Maps just a few days before!

Not only can you share your real-time location, either for a limited time, or permanently (or until Google decides again to shut it down...) with selected contacts, but also the trip progress and ETA.
Sharing with people who don't have Maps is also possible.

Although it was already auto-updated on my phone, the new menu categories did not appear in Maps until I restarted the phone.

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  1. Interesting - many thanks for the heads-up. This could be useful.


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