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5 Last Minute Gift Ideas Under 40€

It's already that time of the year, and in a few days we'll realize in panic that some people have been omitted in our End of Year shopping list.

Here's some last minute ideas that could get you sorted.

Depending where you live, it's already your last chance to get the latest gadgets from China on time for Christmas.
Most of the ideas below are already in my shopping basket so expect some short reviews here in the  coming weeks.

1. A pocket drone with HD camera
The JJRC H49WH SOL Mini Foldable RC Pocket Selfie Drone, is a cool and light (36gr) little flying gadget that fits in your pocket. 
It's 720P (2MP) camera and range are quite good for a toy-grade drone and is controlled by either Radio Control or WiFi APP.
Also known as Eachine E57 (and some other names), it sells for less than 30€. I intend to review it when it arrives but in the meantime, check this video from Quadcopter 101!

2. A bigger foldable drone. 
The Eachine E58 offer a bigger alternative for flying outdoor. It looks like a scaled down DJI Mavic, but for just below 40€. Of course don't expect comparable performance but something more in line with the one above.
Video? Quadcopter 101 ...as always.

3. A 6 Port USB Fast Charger Station with LCD Screen
Once smart charger for up to 6 USB devices that automatically identifies the right charge and gives you a reading of the power output for each port is more than just a gadget. The LCD display is very useful to help detecting the bad USB cables. It conveniently replaces several bulky chargers when you travel. The WLX-889 is priced just below 20€. 

4. An USB tester with LCD display
For less than 5€, this device would quality as a Kris Kringle. And if you bought one some time ago, it may be time to get a better one.  
What is special about the UT658 is its wide operating range: 3-9V 0-3A 0-9999mAh making it an ideal tester for the newest high capacity (fast) chargers and batteries. For a bit more (~10€), the Daniu is a cross shaped multi-tester with USB type C connector with similar capabilities.

5. Non-contact infrared thermometer by Xiaomi
The Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer is a stylish non-contact thermometer using an advanced German Heimann Sensor and a clear LED digital display.
It is powered with 2 AA batteries, far more convenient than those CR2025 button cell batteries used by most similar devices.
This one is just below 30€

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